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And the Droid Life Bracket Challenge Winner is…

It’s hard to believe that March Madness has come and gone so quickly because that also means we have a winner (or two) in our Droid Life NCAA Bracket Challenge!  Even though my bracket went bust some time in the elite 8, many of you still had more than 1 team heading into the final weekend.  With UConn coming out on top, two players tied with a total of 1230 points, so it came down to the tiebreaker to decide the official winner.

So who was it?

Rafael G. is your DL Bracket Challenge winner with 1230 total points and a final score of 142 for the tiebreaker, beating out B. Russell by just 6 points.  Rafael will be awarded $100 cold hard PayPal cash, but I decided not to stop there.  Both of our top two players will also receive 2 Android mini-collectibles (1 original and 1 series 2 mystery box) for being dominant forces in this year’s challenge.

Congrats guys!

And thanks again to the 1,079 players that joined in on the fun!  The DL community is the best you’ll find anywhere.

  • Solarpolitiks

    Whoa. My name is Rafael G. as well. I knew I didn’t participate though haha

  • Rafa

    I can’t believe i won!! I was in the 60’s and then moved up to 6th after the Elite 8! Luckily i had my wife pick them for me. Her picks were based off animals she likes and school colors! Good thing she’s not into cats or devils! WINK-WINK!

    Thank you Kellex!

  • Congratulations to both…

  • Congrats guys!

    And btw, UCONN!!

  • Justin

    Very happy with 8th!

  • Anonymous

    Kentucky cheated against my buckeyes. Lol

  • Anonymous

    COngrats guys, It was a great tournetment but, a bad Championship game. But hey, who ever wins, wins.

  • Kevoskee

    Congrads, those Buckeyes let me down… Again
    And yes, Droid Life is the best community around 🙂

  • cheaters!

  • Blackmar_cdla

    congrats to the winners

  • Dmarriott93


    • Jawshua

      First what? Nothing you said in that wasted post meant anything, nor will it ever mean anything besides a representation of net-nerd jibberish!