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Angry Birds Seasons Easter Update Coming Soon, Rio and Regular in May

If you are just now finishing up the St. Patty’s Angry Birds Seasons update, you might not want to put your device down as an Easter edition is right around the corner according to game maker Rovio.  With Easter falling on the 24th of this month, we could probably target the week of the 20th for a release, couldn’t we?

Oh and if you were wondering about Angry Birds Rio or the regular edition, they’ll be seeing updates some time in May.  So yeah, no slowage of flying birds any time soon.

Via:  Twitter, Android Community

  • Angryman
  • Angryman
  • Aperk72

    I love angry birds but im not happy that the may2011 level didnt come out yet and its may!! Whats up guys

  • I needed the break before May 2011 in order to detox correctly. The AB break has allowed me to regroup, get in touch with family and friends again and stop shaking. Finally.

    Of course, that will begin soon with updates to Seasons and Rio. “I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue” …

  • Deadly Blues

    Y’know, I don’t care for basketball. But, since I don’t care for it, I don’t read articles about it. If you don’t like Angry Birds, why did you read this article, and why are you taking the time to post comments that belittle those who do? I respect the right of basketball fans to enjoy the game, and believe I have the right to enjoy this little time wasting game. Please, don’t defend basketball to me. I’m simply making a point, which may be lost on those who simply like telling others things like, “You must have no life.”…

  • MK17

    I agree with most. If we want a simple game to play for hours and hours they should make Snood for Android


  • Justin

    Yay..more angry birds..yawn

  • Anonymous

    I’m just sick of Angry Birds!

  • Jawshua

    This is good as long as they don’t start charging for updates, which I have a sneaking suspicion that will.

  • Mr.Joe


    That’s in like FOREVER =(

  • Salsa_33

    I like playing Angry Birds whilst pooping at work.

    • Dee

      Me too …how many rounds do you go through….

      • Salsa_33

        Poop rounds? One time I shat 4 times in 1 day at work. I literally shat an angry bird.

  • dont even remember the last time i played this game. maybe last year. pretty boring.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one getting sick of hearing about Angry Birds all the time? The android community obsession is a clear sign that games are limited on the platform eh?

    • no you are not the only one. they act like this game is like the ultimate thing.

      • Mr Incredible

        Yeah I also do not understand why kellex keeps posting this garbage. The game is not even fun, it is boring and gets old very fast. Start a separate blog for angry birds if you want to keep people updated about this extremely overrated game.

  • will be waiting patiently since I already beat everything

    • Eric

      you must have no life. I only beat half of the 1st game

      • my thoughts exactly lol

      • nobheadEric

        @Eric u must be retarded i did both months levels in a few days. its not exactly hard.

  • Mike

    Angry Birds needs to add some new elements to gameplay than just new scenery as its getting rather stale.

  • Mike

    Angry Birds needs to add some new elements to gameplay than just new scenery as its getting rather stale.

    • Jawshua

      Absolutely agree. I know Rio wasn’ta true sequel either, but I thought they really dumbed it down and they missed out on the opportunity to be innovative and add new types of gameplay features or really just anything new, that wouldn’t seem like the same just being repackaged.

  • Wow…nice!

    Now…when will the Mighty Eagle be available on Android?

  • Wow…nice!

    Now…when will the Mighty Eagle be available on Android?

    • Sep

      What, exactly, is the Might Eagle? Is it just another bird that you get for each level (that you have to pay for)?

      It seems incredibly lame that they would charge for DLC to make the game significantly easier if that’s the case.