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Amazon Appstore Receives Update to Version 1.08

An update to the Amazon Appstore just went live, and it doesn’t appear to be all that pretty.  Once you are pinged through your notification bar to update, you’ll be asked to replace your old Appstore with the new one bringing you up to version 1.08 which you can see in the screenshot below.  When I call it unpretty though, I mean that it appears to break almost all of the images that belong to apps.  App installing still works, but damn is this thing ugly with all of these “No Image Available” placeholders.  And still no word on what this update includes, but it doesn’t look to be anything major.

Update:  Non-updated markets are also seeing broken images.  What up, Amazon?

Update 2: I guess this is the second update. Whoops!   

And this is what it looks like now…broken.

Cheers to everyone who tipped us!

  • Rain_king46

    Another issue I have seen with the Amazon market is that if I uninstall an app, the Amazon market keeps wanting to reinstall it. Its annoying. I uninstalled for a reason Amazon.

  • Why does this app require to “read phone state and identity”? As annoying as it is to show up on my status bar every few hours, im going to dig deeper before I hit “update”. And the really, I don’t care for this app store, the android market was perfectly fine, I just installed it to get AB Rio for free…

  • Anonymous

    That’s strange. I get icons for all of the apps on the Amazon Appstore.

  • RW-1

    You all panic too much.

    The main amazon site had issues yesterday, and the app had image issues because of that way before this upgrade to the appstore.

    Corrected now, in fact, when had the “issue” yesterday, I just waited and slowly the images came on, which meant to me that it was just a site issue.

    I’m all for googles market, with auto synching, etc. BUT …

    Having two markets offers competition, choice, etc.

    One is offering a paid app for free every day (sometimes two … anyone else notice that while the football app was in the top free for a day spot, that in the list beliw that “Airport Mania: First Flight” regulary 0.99 was also free?)

    I dare anyone to compare Google to Amazon in terms of an online marketplace, and CC security, it is a no brainer right now. Google would have to make changes to it’s market to compete.

    So far I like having both available to me, and there is no issue when flashing to a new rom either, once reinstalled and one logs into their amazon account, your apps are available for install, not done automatically, which I kind of like … if you have a huge amount of apps, having them all redownload and install can be a pain, by not doing so you can pick/choose (yes, a pita as well but IMHo the lesser of two eveils) what you may want.

    What amazon’s market still needs is a way to remove an app from the list if you are no longer going to use it ( I understand the issues involved, but let’s say you take a free app, and don’t like it, you no longer need it in your listings)

    What both need is the ability to “turn off” update notifications for apps you may not wish to update, Google especially, as that app then sits in your face until you do so on my apps.

    Enjoy this! No one is forcing it upon you … yet. (You never know, a manuf/carrier might mak a deal to include it on a newer phone, don’t know how Google would react to that, but you heard that idea from me FIRST… so if it happens I’m comin back to say I told you so 🙂 )

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      I agree completely… I haven’t tinkered with the web version of the store much yet… and am unable to while at work. But does it push an app down to your phone like the Android Market website does? Chrome 2 Phone style? I rather like that…..

      And I’ve also noticed developers have matched their Amazon prices to their Market prices too… since Amazon initially was cheaper.

      • RW-1

        I haven’t tried it to see if the website pushes it to the phone just yet.

        Initially I am like most others, I would check the app and see what’s new, check for updates and what the new free one is for the day.

        What I do notice is that if you flash to a new ROM, you will show a second droid device in your listings on the site.

  • Anonymous

    I like the fact that I can purchase an app from the amazon appstore, even if it is a free one, and not have to immediately install it to my device.

  • Mygolazo

    No more free stuffsss in this update, thats why,,,:(

    • TLDspectre

      Not the case for me – I’m seeing (and downloading) PicSay Pro for free right now…

    • Chalino

      you right, but 1 more reason to stay away

  • Michaealamiller777

    Did the update, but have all my images intact; however, I’ve got a Thunderbolt that isn’t rooted (yet). Is it possible that it has to do with android update version, skin (Blur vs Sense), or rooted vs not?

  • NovaeMeme

    I suspect Amazon has more up its sleeves. Their entire homepage structure has changed. And their video on demand page no longer shows the old compatible cell phones that used to be able to access it. Now it shows “devices” in general. This is a work in progress.

  • Anonymous

    One of these things is NOT like the OTher

  • 11knives

    Amazon app store is worthless. Without the free paid apps I would never use it. Hey amazon… how about SPB shell for free tomorrow!

  • 11knives

    Amazon app store is worthless. Without the free paid apps I would never use it. Hey amazon… how about SPB shell for free tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the updates

  • MtnDew

    This is like the 5th or 6th update I have received lol

  • T Rodriguez68

    Got some of the free daily apps but after updating my ROM all the apps disappeared and my amazon account shows no apps….but my android market apps reinstalled as usual…

  • Anonymous

    The amazon.com webste is having problems with images for i’s merchandise, it’s not the app.

  • Coaster36

    haha dumb market, another reason to stay away.

    • Chris

      I only use the mazon market for the free app a day. which is a selected paid app for free on amazon app store everyday. thats all i download if the free app is good

      • Coaster36

        Thats cool except you have to enter credit card information for a free app. No thanks amazon. Then if you uninstall the market you lose the free game. No thanks amazon.

        Id rather pay the developers a buck or two and get the app from the real market.

        • Alphabets13

          so far Ive downloaded over $20 in free apps from this market that i would have never paid that much for. this app store is an epic win. and if someone doesn’t already have an amazon account with a credit card on file then it’s time to crawl out from under the rock they have been living under.

        • I HAVE an amazon account and I won’t use this market. Just like I won’t use the amazon cloud. buying stuff on line and letting a GIANT corporation have access/control to your digital media can’t be a good idea. Also, I hate that it runs in the background and I have to have it on my phone to use the apps.

  • AlwaysSunny

    the amazon app store reminds me of the apple app store i have yet to see any apps rated 4 stars and up

    • Anonymous

      bible right there in the last collumn has a 5….lol, like id ever use a bible….on a phone….if i was well…nvm….but still would love to see those 50 games for the xperia play on the android market for some selection…

      • Anonymous

        so MOTOX, did you grab the THUNDAH? 🙂

  • I’ve had an update available for SoundHound that I got from the Amazon AppStore but every time I try to install it the AppStore FCs.

    • I am having the same issue with soundhound. Everytime I try to install the market will force close.

      • Maynard Rob

        the only way i got the soundhound update to install was to move it back to the phone from the sd card. although i didn’t get fc’s, just “unknown error 18”

        • mine was already installed on the phone. Guess I’ll have to try to reinstall it.

  • Zach

    This is the 2nd update, there was one for it a few days after it launched.

  • Carpatus

    The update wasn’t what broke the images. I haven’t even gotten the update notification and I still have tons of images broken.

    • Anonymous

      same here. though much fewer broken images than what Kellex has in his screen shot. maybe 1/3 as many

      • Carpatus

        Yeah, I guess I don’t have as many as Kellex either.

        On another note, is there any way to force the update?

  • The image not available has nothing to do with the update. i’m getting those all over the place and have not updated.

  • SniperKing97

    Same thing here… Hopefully this gets fixed soon

  • Guest

    Your full name is in a screenshot…just giving you a heads up, never know about some of the posters here…

  • I thought there was one before? I got one on my OG like 3 days after it came out? Interesting none the less!

  • Guest