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Custom LauncherPro Plus Widgets Updated with Gmail Widget

signals23 has already updated almost all of his LauncherPro Plus widget themes to the newest version of LP ( which includes the Gmail widget.  If you were looking to keep your phone’s overall theme intact, but didn’t want to downgrade to a stock LauncherPro, you are now good to go.  I chose the Blurps Blue themed LP in the screenshots above since it matches up well with the new blue Blur on Gingerbread for the DROIDX.  You can download that version here.

Full set of custom apks can be found at this XDA thread.

  • Geko95gek

    Solution to the FB Widget issue…. uninstall facebook app. Then the widget works without any problems 😀

  • Tyler Cunning

    where did you get those twitter facebook and bookmarks widgets from because i dont see them in the updated launcher pro plus

  • Travp624

    Where does one find the lp Icons you got in the dock????????

  • Kevin

    Nevermind, I found a link.


  • MK17

    Is there any way to use LP widgets outside of LP? I always feel like launcher pro slows down. I have been using ADW and have had no such problems, but I really miss the calendar widget that LP offers.

    If I can’t get the LP widget, any suggestions on a replacement?

    • I use Go Launcher EX and replace LPP Widgets with Colorize Widgets. Signals23 themes these as well. Everything is super fast, but Colorize doesn’t work quite as efficiently as LPP Widgets.

  • 019

    I have been seeing that wallpaper all over, but for the life of me I cannot find it on Google. Anyone know what it’s called?

    • Pyroranger21

      Its called. Light grid pro. Its a live wallpaper there is also a free version of it. Just search light grid in market

  • Only thing that makes me not use the LauncherPro plus widgets is the battery drain.

    • rockmonkey

      My og d1 already has a terrible batt life so ive never really noticed the difference- And the honeycomb theme is just too sick

  • Camerondccrawford

    My Facebook keeps saying invalid key

    • Log out and log back in in the widgets section of the LP settings.

    • You have to first log in and set everything up with the official install of LPP from Fede (either PayPal or Market version) then make a backup of your settings. Then uninstall official LPP and install your chosen themed apk from signals23. Restore settings from your backup and poof, facebook should work on the widgets. You will still get the invalid key error if you try to re-enter your login information. There is no way to eliminate that error.

  • John

    although you prob don’t use the bookmarks widget (& only displayed it to show the themed widget?), make sure you go into widget settings in lpp & make it refresh all bookmarks to show thumbnails 😉

  • Anonymous

    That blue is sexy.

  • Anonymous

    nice Hot Clicks, Kellex 😉

    • Anonymous

      The man keeps his priorities!