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Download: Rooted and Deodexed Gingerbread for DROID2

A deodexed Gingerbread was released on Tuesday for the DROIDX, but we almost missed the version for the DROID2 that came out yesterday.  Wouldn’t want to leave out any D2 owners would we?  A big thanks again to the guys at My Droid World for this.



*DROIDX version is here.

1.  You HAVE to already be running the rooted Gingerbread.
2.  Read step 1 again.  Good? Proceed.
3.  Download:  d2gbrooteddeodexed.zip
4.  Drop the file on the root of your SD card.
5.  Using the D2 Bootstrap, reboot into recovery.
6.  Choose “install zip from sd card”, “choose” the file from above.
7.  When finished, your phone will reboot and appear to bootloop, which is fine.
8.  If it bootloops for more than a minute or 2, pull the battery and reboot.

Note 1 – If it doesn’t work the first time, try wiping data and then re-flashing the file.
Note 2 – If you are having syncing issues afterwards, perform a factory reset a couple of times.
Note 3 – If you are missing apps from your market, here is the fix.  [courtesy of JRummy]

Full support can be found at My Droid World.

Cheers Owen!

  • Hbenitez32

    the contact quck task widget and the swype are not working on my D2 after this gingerbread download. help

  • L00n232

    what do you meen i
    HAVE to already be running the rooted Gingerbread.

  • Ryan81192

    This is awesome! Worked perfectly and also gave my droid 2 the crt screen off animation seen on the nexus s!

  • Devan

    Is there any news on when Verizon will send the new upgrade out?

  • Paul

    so when i restore my stuff from titanium would i restore the apps with or without data i tried with and it ended bad lol

  • Mark

    umm do you have to be rooted for this. lol i know, i know the comments will follow this post so far running this on my old D2 and no promblems was a since to install and also put the DX version on my DX. now if i can only figure out how to put gingerbread on my wife’s samsung fascinate she’ll stop nagging me.

  • How can I flash back to regular rooted GB for Droid X? Launch Bootstrap and install “dxgbrooted.zip” from SD card?

    Does anyone else have problems with getting google voice to vibrate when they receive a text?

    • you have to sbf before flashing the regular rooted version

  • Fpitkat

    anyone having a problem with visual voicemail not working????

  • This is probably not the place to ask, but is anyone aware of ROMs available for the D2G besides Fission by Team DeFuse?

  • aj210

    I have the rooted gingerbread installed on my D2, and when I go to check how much space an app takes up I get a message that says “Connection problem or invalid MMI”. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Fho

    Stupid question but what the heck; why would I want the deodexed version of Gingerbread? What are the benefits over the regular rooted version?

    • tiberiumdj

      Your still rooted on a deodexed version, with it you can theme just about everything on your phone.

  • Scea67

    DONT DO IT !!!! BRICKED my Droid X !!!!! This came from My Droid World. BEWARE !!!

    • tiberiumdj

      lol, could you please explain how you think your bricked your X?

    • i could have sworn this was for the droid 2 dude.

    • This is for Droid 2. The Droid X version has a link at the top.

  • David

    Any news about when D2 Global gets this?

  • GeeDee82

    Is there any cool themes out yet for GB on the D2?

    • GeeDee82

      Anybody know if the DX stock Gingerbread theme is available for the D2 also?

  • John

    people still have d2’s? hah.

    • CaptainHowdy13

      Well when your under contract for 2 years, you cant upgrade till 2012 🙁

      • John

        ah, good point.

        • Also the time when Droid 1 owners were given Droid 2 because they were out of Droid 1s

          • Devin Jones

            That’s what happened to me.

    • Anonymous

      I feel sorry for you douches having to type messages on a smooth glass screen

      • John

        i just talk & it types for me. just sayin’..

        don’t go down that road. it’s a dead end. & why are you calling people names now? relax man..

        • Anonymous

          Im joking man, sheesh oversensitive, probably stems from DX insecurities

          • John

            ya that MUST be it

        • Anonymous

          Im joking man, sheesh oversensitive, probably stems from DX insecurities

    • GeeDee82

      What do you mean “still”? The d2 came out like 4 or 5 months AFTER the DX. Tons of people still have the D1 even. In fact, those who bought the OG Droid on its release date are still not eligible for their new every two upgrade.

      And just fyi, when I bought my D2 I could’ve just as easily got the DX, but I prefer a slide out qwerty. Although I do love me some Swype though, so for my next phone I might think differently 🙂

  • bmaz

    Will this essentially wipe the phone again or does it just deodexe the existing ROM?

    • Tim242

      It does not wipe. Just deodexes.

    • Tim242

      It does not wipe. Just deodexes.

  • Dshudson

    Wissh I could have this for my TB

  • Well, there goes my Friday night…

  • Droid x users are almost missed the version for the DROID2 that came out yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    can someone explained a deodexed rom compared to a liberty 1.5rom?

  • Anonymous

    So how much of a difference in performance is this compared to froyo?

    • Asa


      • Anonymous

        Cool, flashing it now.

        • napes22

          That didn’t take much convincing. I have some amazing waterfront swampland in Florida that I’m selling. Are you interested?

          • Devin Jones


    • Risenequinox

      on my DX i was using liberty 1.5 and i must say this has been quite an improvement over that. and extremely better than froyo