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Liberty ROM 2.0 Released for DROIDX and 2

JRummy and Kejar dropped Liberty ROM 2.0 on us this morning for those of you that have not upgraded to Gingerbread or are willing to flash an SBF back to 2.3.340.  This new version includes a revamped theme by @davekover, new wallpapers, a tad bit of Blur for stability issues, and a crazy new Toolbox.  The previous versions of Liberty were top notch, so you can bet this will be too.

In order to get it right now though, you’ll have to donate $5 by purchasing the Liberty Toolbox Pro which will then download version 2.0 automatically.  If you aren’t down to drop $5, then just wait a couple of days for it to go fully-public.   

Download Liberty Toolbox Pro.


Changes in 2.0:

– Redid some of the base of the ROM
– added some blur framework back which was causing battery and stability issues
– New default Liberty theme by Dave Kover 
– A TON of changes to Liberty Toolbox. So much I can’t remember
– Updated wallpapers
– sysctl enabled by default. HUGE!
– Raised default minfree
– Set dalvik vm heap to 48m
– Add interactive and conservative governor support
– Redid init.d and cleaned up startup and other scripts
– Update busybox to v1.17.2
– Remove kang check script
– Enable cron schedular (Thanks IMosey On)
– Set default colors in Terminal Emulator to Liberty gold/yellow

Full support can be found at this thread.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone seriously help me? So gingerbread is faster than liberty (based on the mass saying so in the comments) and I have a rooted gingerbread droid x, how do I just get the wifi tether capability back!?! im dying without it D:

  • Dabootsan

    Will Liberty make a Rom that will flash over GB?

  • Leeman43

    i have no mic on my keyboard. please help me

  • Ok, i tried SBF again…so, im back at Verizons SBF; installed donate version of Liberty Toolbox; downloaded the suggested 2.0.1 rom and installing..

    Im now at bootanim. Hope this’ll work… Dont want to have to SBF again!!!

    Ok so, no Im on Liberty 2.0.1… which, to my surprise, is still FROYO…

    I have to say, it runs pretty smoothly..

    Lovely build… Best Froyo Yet.

    Downloading Liberty Toolbox donate again…  i will download and install the latest nightly build on GB… and ill backup this setup first, as i liked it quite a bit it the GB nightlies screw up my 3G again…

    Ohh, toolbox asked to install 2.0.1, i said yes, Go ahead..

    Booting up… what?! Welcome screen? AGAIN!? Geez, had it told me id have to restart everything I wouldve said NO… So, no UPDATE from 2.0 to 2.0.1? that aint so nifty.

    Does this mean that every time i update a nightly, ill start over?

    Ok, fine; downloading Liberty Toolbox AGAIN (like, for the fourth time…)

    Alright; im back at the nightlies page.. Read the warning that GB is work in progress… already backed up my 2.0.1

    Downloading FULL install for Liberty Gingerbread v0.1; I wont whine about full install this time… 

    OK, i WILL whine… It stays on bootanim Loop… waited for more than 30 minutes.. Im going back to Liberty 2.0.1 and ill have to wait for an official GB version… hopefully it wont take long…

    DAMNIT!!! Could someone please help me? I really liked Liberty GB0.4


  • Guest

    Great.. didnt work… 
    Ill try loading Liberty 1.5 first; then installing liberty toolbox donate, and THEN instal the latest build…