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Wednesday Poll: Verizon’s Roadmap Leaks, Which Phone will be Yours?

A roadmap for Verizon’s Spring lineup of phones may have leaked out this morning giving you the schedule for a one of the most impressive collections of new phones we’ve seen on a carrier in a while.  You’ve got dual-core options, 4G LTE options, 3G-only phones, 4″ and 4.3″ screens, Gingerbread, skins, gaming pads, and a ton of power.  How on Earth will any of you decide?  And I have a feeling I know which phone you are all waiting for, but let’s vote it out and see.

Which of Verizon's Spring phones will be your next?

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  • Rpalais

     am waiting for a 3D phone. I had an opportunity to play with the new Sprint Evo3D and it is AWESOME!!!!!  It is very simialr (but better) then the Verizon Thunderbolt, but has GREAT 3D fatures both with the camera and with the phone itself…no glasses needed. If Verizon does not offer one soon, I may need to defect to Sprint.l This is NOT AT ALL what I really want to do, but if VZW does not offer any 3D phones, I may have to go! As much as I love VZW, they are being followers, rather than leaders when it coms to new phones. I am tire3d of seeing a bunch of new “me too” Android phones; I want a 3D phone! I want it NOW!

  • Anonymous

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  • Soulogos

    So…why does AT&T have the better Moto Phone (Atrix)? When will Verizon decide to stop letting the have the better phones? Why couldn’t the Bionic have 1G Ram? I mean after they create the android craze the let AT&T have the better phone. The most RAM any of the phones has is in the Thunderbolt…..it’s sad that a tech company does not understand how the bottleneck affect works….I mean what’s the point of a dual-core blah….blah…blah…if my RAM still limits the speed….look…maybe I’m wrong…if so I’d like someone who knows lots more about the subject to shed some light.

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  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    Xperia play is what i am getting 🙂

  • Thunderbolt! Come on. give us the choice at least. …that and a 10inch HTC tablet.

  • Mmoreimi

    I want the Droid Bionic’s specs, but in an HTC phone with sense 2.0

  • FortitudineVincimus

    if it has a physical keyboard, it’s out for me.. that is so, 2009

    on this list, it is the Bionic. But NE2 is up in Oct, so who knows what will be out then

  • I’ll be sticking with my Droid X rather than spending any money on one of these devices. Minor hardware upgrades just aren’t worth much to me, considering the speed of 2.3 on the DX (I don’t live in a 4G area and FFC are valueless to me). I guess I’ll be one of the guys who saves their money for a newer tablet while keeping this generation’s phone.

  • im all for the Bionic if it comes with that laptop dock…which if i remember correctly motorola said it was going to, if not at launch but eventually

  • Anonymous

    Incredible 2 has a 4″ screen and appears to be the same size as the other phones (assuming that picture is to scale). Makes me rethink going with Incredible 2 for the smaller screen (and, I assumed, smaller phone size). It’s going to come down to battery life for me. I don’t want a phone that can’t reliably make it through a day of average use.

  • Ben

    By the time I can get a subsidized phone again from Verizon we’ll be nearing Tegra 3 phone territory, so I’m waiting for an HTC slider with a Tegra 3 and more than 512mb RAM (let’s get it up to 768, please?).

  • Ballisticn8

    unless moto unlocks the bootloader allowing custom roms I’m done with them… HTC Incredible 2 specs look nice, dont need 4g where I’m at right now so could be the perfect phone for me.

  • Anonymous

    I want a tablet with a phone (radio) in it!!!!! Until then, the only advantage I see in these phones are speed and front facing camera. When the dev community gets through with the gingerbread leak that will take care of the speed on my droid x. +1 dev community.

  • Anonymous

    Depends – if the Droid X2 has a FFC and 4G then Its my phone, otherwise its the Bionic. GO LOCKED BOOTLOADER!

  • HTC Pyramid is what will be mine 😀

  • Grasshopper

    SGS2 FTW! Keep your locked down Blurred Moto. The SGS2 is the most impressive phone on that list. TouchWiz 4.0 is pure WIN.

  • Chone

    What are YOU waiting for Kellex?

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see the crowd not capable of flashing custom roms came out to vote in droves for the Bionic! 😛

  • Jawshua

    I would have said the X2, but it’s basically the same damn phone as my DROIDX, I want to stick with it but just not feeling any pluses. I’m going with the Droid Bionic, at least until my contract comes up next March, and by then they will have 50 phones newer than the Bionic. But if I decided to pay full price, I would get the Bionic, followed by the Charge, only sticking with official “Droid” phones. You know what though, minus the features, I’d have to say the Droid Bionic will sell better on name alone. I mean it’sa cool name and as the results show, people prefer Bionic to Charge. Charge just makes me think of my battery dying and having to “Charge” my damn phone. Really, they aren’t being smart enough naming it that. A name can make or break a product, especially a customer that isn’t as tech savvy about smart phones, particularly men, will almost always pick the Bionic, it just sounds more techy and appeals to the geek in people as well.

    But like I said, I know I’ll have something new on my plate, ten fold, come next March, so not much point thinking about it, beyond fantasy.

    P.S. what the hell happened to the Mobile View? The new build of it was running yesterday, in all it’s advertising make me vomit glory, yet today, not even an option at the bottom of the page?

    • Anonymous

      Yea, I too would like to know where the mobile view went….

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm, mine seems to work perfectly.

  • QQMore

    I’d love to say Bionic at this point, but in reality if I stick with Android (loving my Droid 1 since last year especially with SS 5.2) it will be whatever is newest and best in October when I’m up for the 20 month upgrade timepoint. However, I see that Verizon will be getting WP7 phones. I hate to be branded a “traitor” but I might at least look at them due to the zune integration since I use the subscription service already for my desktop and having one of the older 8GB flash models of Zune. In other words, it would be nice to get a hardware upgrade and consolidate two devices at the same time.

    • Johnny

      Yeah I have the zune HD and I think it’d be pretty sick to have the integration like that. But Idk I love android too damn much.

  • Uplink

    Im switching to iPhone… Im tired of fragmentation

    • Tim242

      Yeah, sure.

    • MK17

      I have honestly put some good thought into it. I have been using apple products recently and they have really grown on me.

      Then I look at the price of their laptops… and then I remember they don’t support FLAC… and then I remember they don’t support Flash on their phones… and then I remember they don’t even have widgets.

      The only thing I see that apple does is dominate the music sector. Too bad they do it by not supporting FLAC. However, looks like Amazon is on the move. They scare me with fragmentation as Google was coming out with a similar system, but Google is in it to make money off their ads. Amazon is in it to make money off the system [paraphrased from some online article]. Which tells me that Amazon should produce the better product and maybe we could get some teamwork out of the two.

      I’m excited to see what the future holds, while I will definitely still be holding my Droid in the future

  • Ur asking me which black slab phone to choose? They are all the same phone pretty much… WTB Droid 3 Global LTE Tegra 3

    • Tim242

      If you think they are all the same, you have some learning to do.

      • The form factor is pretty much the same. If you are using Launcher Pro then the experience is pretty much the same too.

        The average consumer going into Best Buy is not going to be able to see the difference between these phones. They are all just updated black slab Android phones.

        I’d like to see more innovations like NFC, Dual screen, better keyboards, better cameras (like Nokia), military specs, ability to dual boot

        • Tim242

          The average consumer will be seeing the skins in stores, not LP. Everything
          you mentioned isn’t visible. You have to play with them to see the

          • Droid X •

  • I got 2 emails from Verizon today, one advertising the TBolt for $249 and another saying I qualify for an upgrade (even tho I’m only 1 yr into my contract with my OG Droid). So I login to verizonwireless.com and lo & behold there’s the Tbolt for $199! Not sure how or why but I snatched it up plus the extended battery for 25% off! With taxes & everything it was $300 out the door. I’m anxious to see if LTE really went live here in Sacramento.

  • Ray

    Droid 3 for me

  • Finger

    Whichever one has a stock Android UI.

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving my DX with GB. I’m waiting for a flagship Windows Phone 7 device, really digging the UI.

    • Ray

      WM is so dead where have you been.

  • droiddoes

    I’m cool with my overclocked Razr

    • Chris Nimon

      lol, I did a speech for a class last week on rooting and afterwards someone asked me about what it would do for their old flip phone.

      • This just reminded me of my class presentation I did on Nextel and Motorola’s iDen network back in the day. haha

  • LunchBokz

    Nerds! “I won’t acceppt locked bootloaders.” Reality check: only you dorks care! You are the reason the fruit phone people slam Android for being too techy.

    • Tim242

      It’s only as techy as you want it to be. Nobody forces it upon
      you. You are the reason apple people make stupid claims about Android.

    • Anonymous

      your the reason companies get to pull this stuff, your uneducated, blind, and worse than that you just dont care what your buying

      • Droidzzz

        Ahhhh hahahahahaha “your uneducated”…..AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! No seriously that was hilarious, thank you!

    • Chris Nimon

      The “Nerds” you speak of are the ones who make all the awesome roms/themes/apps we use. Now assuming you haven’t used any of these and are not interested, what the hell are you doing on this site?