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How to: Get Rooted Gingerbread on DROID X

As many of you know by now, Gingerbread for the DROID X and 2 was released over the weekend giving all of us a taste of Android 2.3.3 and the new blue Blur from Motorola, only there was one thing missing.  Root access.  Well, that problem has now been fixed by our friends over at My Droid World, and we’ve got full instructions for you after the break if you jumped on GB early.  Yep, we walk you through every single step including flashing an SBF file which is something you won’t find anywhere else.  

In these instructions, you are essentially reverting back down to Blur build 2.3.340 and then re-upgrading to rooted Gingerbread.  The process looks intense, but again, we outlined every step to help you get there.

Instructions for DROIDX:

*WARNING* – You will lose everything on your phone by following the process.  This wipes it all people.

*WARNING 2* – This is NOT for the DROID 2. Those instructions can be found here.

*Note* – If you didn’t jump the gun and flash the non-rooted version and are still running something like say, Liberty ROM, all you have to do is flash the .zip file below just as you would any other ROM.

Download:  dxgbrooted.zip

*Note Again* – If you have not already upgraded to Gingerbread, simply download the .zip file, flash it like you normally would a ROM, and ignore this entire process.

1.  Download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.
2.  Download the 2.3.340 SBF file for the DX. [Here]
3.  Download,  install and open RSD lite 4.8. [Here]
4.  Plug your phone into your Windows PC and turn your phone off.
5.  Boot into the bootloader by holding Volume Up + Camera + Power.
6.  Your computer will likely install new drivers at this point.
7.  Once RSD lite recognizes your phone, hit the “…” box and choose the 2.3.340 SBF file.
8.  Click “Start.”
9.  When it finishes and gets to 100%, power your phone off.
10.  Boot into recovery by holding Home + Power.
11.  When the triangle appears, hit the Search button.
12.  Navigate down to wipe data/factory reset, select it with camera, say “yes.”
13.  When it finishes, reboot your phone.
14.  Download z4root 1.3.0 and root your phone.
15.  Download DX Bootstrap and bootstrap your recovery.
16.  Reboot into recovery.
17.  Choose “install zip from sd card”, “choose”, then the dxgbrooted.zip.
18.  Your phone will now install Gingerbread with root.
19.  When you reboot, your phone will appear to bootloop.  Let it.
20.  If it does it for say, 5 minutes, just pull your battery and reboot.
21.  To Boostrap after installing Gingerbread, you’ll need to use the D2 Bootstrapper.
22.  Enjoy!

Full support can be found at My Droid World.

  • Anonymous

    where is the *nix joy?

  • Divolb

    Win 7 users make sure to run RSD lite as admin.

  • Nathan7atchison

    So, if I am already on GB from the official release I just have to start from step 14 right? But what if z4root won’t root my phone? I’ve tried z4 and gingerbreak and neither of them worked! I have my apps and data backed up on titanium backup and my backup pro so if I do a date/factory wipe, will I be able to root it then and also get my apps and data back?

    • Oing

      No… you will have to start from the first step and roll back to Froyo… then root. Then install the rooted GB… Good thing you had everything backed up… Ive gone through most of the process but havent installed the rooted GB yet.

  • Placebo

    Thanks for the post!  I loves my new rooted GB!

  • jose!

    I’m stuck on STEP 6! The computer doesn’t read my phone, AND the RSD doesn’t read my phone either! This is so frustrating! I’m stuck on REBOOT and the only thing I can get to is: Bootloader menue on my PC 🙁 Can someone help me out?

  • 08stang87


  • SteveSO

    I get to step 8, but the Start button is grayed out (inactive)
    Could some one please tell me why?


  • Jrud05

    This is not the latest version of Blur anyone know where we can get the latest version?

  • GZero2010

    i was running stock droid x rom (rooted), set factory defaults through clockwork, cleared cache, installed gingerbread (rooted) via zip on sd card. Worked great for the first 5 mins or so, now is SUPER SLOW! Almost non functional. I’ve done a battery pull several times and still SLOW!

  • G40Chief

     Getting a new Droid X in mail tomorrow,  Should I root phone before using it? I don’t know anything about these things but I am researching as much as possible. Any recommendations??

  • Jmkrug80

    Anyone else having issues with not being able to change the default notification sound. It won’t change for me.

  • Amtrainz

    I want to root myDX .Are there ant issue with any of the roms? which should i use? I rooted my eris before and things like camera and such didnt work. i have an issue with mms sending and recieving, alot of the time i get “nationwide coverage not available”I’ve had a “trouble ticket open with verizon now for 4 months…does anyone think rooting will help?


  • Tmoorerts

    is anyone having dead pixels on there screen after doing this or did it just happen to me? it was fine for the first few hours, but someone dropped my phone and it has been really hot where i live so i thought maybe those could have done it too. Other then that i love it

  • Tmoorerts

    is anyone having dead pixels on there screen after doing this or did it just happen to me? it was fine for the first few hours, but someone dropped my phone and it has been really hot where i live so i thought maybe those could have done it too. Other then that i love it

  • hamguy

    Do you lose wifi tether going to GB root?

  • d2222222222

    That should have been flash GB. Sorry

  • d2222222222

    Please help me. I have stock rooted Droidx and have done everything just the way is says but when I go into recovery to flash FBI it says aborted. Zip bad. Why am I getting that and what can I do. I really need help. Thanks

  • So in What order do i do i do this to get Rooted GingerBread on my Droid X STOCK ROM, Rooted.

  • Worked great. Thank you.

  • d2222222222

    I have a stock rooted droidx and when I go into recovery and install the rooted gingerbread it keeps saying aborted and then says zip file bad. I know I have done everything right and I just don’t understand. Please someone help me

  • Drewrox2009

    Am I the only one who lost wifi tether?

  • some how….rsd said fail, i unplugged and it was still installing, i pulled the battery, and now it says code corrupted low battery cannot program…help? im almost sure this is bricked but advice? i how no clue how to google this

    • Alan

      retry installing the sbf file, i had the same issue and it took one more time to get it back to work. It will go back to 2.2.1 but at least its working again.

  • Alan

    Question: How long does it take to get out of the 97% Loading RAM Downloader for bootloader? Its been 15 mins and im not sure if this is normal?

  • Zach

    I apologize if this has been covered, but after at least half an hour of reading all these replies I haven’t seen this problem exactly… I rooted 2.3.340 and basically followed the steps exactly and everything is fine, GB’s looking great and smoother than ever, did NOT do a data wipe beforehand. The only thing I didn’t do is the last step, bootstrapping with D2 bootstrapper, and my SD card cannot mount. When I put the phone in USB debugging mode plugged up to my computer and reboot the phone, it then mounts fine – for about 5 mins, then for some reason unmounts. I also notice when it is “mounted” temporarily it takes forever to load anything from the SD card. What do I need to do?

  • N_Farray

    rsd lite wont see my phone. i tried putting it in pc mode, i enabled Usb debugging and put it in the bootloader.

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  • erik

    what clock/powercontroller is that on the picture above!

  • How do i go back to 2.2 stock, i have the rooted gingerbread 2.3 that you guys supplied, but want to go back to 2.2 so i can download the OTA 2.3 gingerbread from verizon/motorola. I have a saved sbf from the install.

  • garrett

    is there an rsd app for mac computers. please i need help here guys. all help is appreciated

  • Ice Flyingsheep

    This is great because I read that jrummy, kejar, et al are working on a new liberty rom for gingerbread.
    Also, what’s the power control widget in the screenshot above?

  • ReignDroid

    I pressed search and it wont move from the triangle screen

    • Firegeek

      are you on the phone activation screen or in the bootloader? If it is the phone activation screen after a sbf you have to let it activate on VZW’s service. if you are talking about after you flashed, try hitting the power button instead og the search button.

    • Firegeek

      Did that work? Please let me know so I can answer if anyone else has the same problem.

  • ReignDroid

    someone please help

  • ReignDroid

    just loaded the new gingerbread but I can not bypass activation screen I am STUCK

  • Firegeek

    I have gone through this twice. With success. However, when I do a factory reset using the D2 Bootstrapper I am stuck in a boot loop. So here I sit at 0500, doing another sbf so I can have a functioning phone while I am at work. If I have to live with the sync icon for a little while it’s all good. Is there any other way to wipe the data without going into the bootloader?

    • Firegeek

      I finally found the apk and renamed it and it went away. Does anyone know if Google Contacts or VZW sync will still work?

  • Guest

    does anyone know how to get the LED light for handcent to work? also specific ways to get unlimited/free wireless hotspot since WirelessTether cannot work? and know any reasons as to all of my apps I had downloaded are no longer in the My Apps section in the marketplace? any help would be appreciated…

  • Well I’m running away from Gingerbread too many reboots and random crashes without being able to kill apps. It’s very apparent my Verizon rejected this build…it sucks.

    Anyway: http://www.droidxforums.com/forum/droid-x-help/6494-64-bit-driver-anyone-i-have-sbf-2.html has links to drivers if your computer fails in driver installations as mine did.

  • Chris Moreno

    I Installed Gingerbread and Got it Rooted. But For Some Reason When I Boot Into Clockwork it;s just a Black Screen. I’ve BootStrapped Over and Over But Still a Black Screen?

  • dotachin

    Worked like a charm. 🙂

  • john

    I wish Vignette worked on this too… 🙁 It also keeps rebooting the phone…argh

    • I just tried Vignette, and you’re right! It rebooted the phone too… what the hell? So it must be something in this ROM, not TapeMachine. Crap. I hate to go back to Froyo now… 🙁

      • john

        Yeah and I just found out about Vignette… but oh well, I’ll still explore GB

  • ATTN: Anyone that can spare 2 minutes….
    I have been running this rooted Gingerbread on my DX since the day it was released and can honestly say I only have one recurring issue; TapeMachine from Samalyse instantly reboots the phone every time I run it. Only this one app does this… I have tried it on a fresh install even.

    Could some kind soul that is also running this rooted Gingerbread on their DX please take a moment to install TapeMachine from the Android Market and see if it causes you a reboot? I’m using the paid version but there is also a free version that works the same.

    This would mean a lot to me as the developer and I have been trying to figure this issue out for a week now. Also, it’s my favorite app. Thanks in advance!

  • Why would I have to download the 2.3.340 SBF file my Droid x is already that version?

    • tiberiumdj

      If your already on 2.3.340 you don’t need to follow the top steps start from step 13

  • Jray1

    I just installed without wiping data. Everything is set up just as it was before and is all working great. I was on the stock 2.2 rooted with z4root.

  • Downloading Gingerbread right now for my DX. Wish it didn’t take an hour (lol VZW tethering), but it should be worth the wait. Need to read up for the right directions though, I’m on Apex 1.4 so not sure if I can flash straight to GB.

  • Calmond2108

    The RSD didnt flash the SBF, any suggestions?

  • My Droid X will not install the gingerbread 🙁 it says “installation aborted”

  • Acr_scout

    Sorry for the noob question but what is DX bootstrap and D2 Bootstrapper doing?

  • joe oberster

    Bricked my phone doing this. Fantastic. New one coming tomorrow, but I will be waiting for the official GB this time around.

    • tiberiumdj

      You know its morons like you that make carriers want to crack down more on this community. You didn’t brick your phone, if anything you soft bricked it which is an easy fix if you can read. Then again if you could read you would not have messed up the install process.

      • you think you can help me??? i might have soft bricked too, i dont know how to google my problem though =/ and i most rooterd just to take seen shots use wireless teather and flash awesome liberty roms but i think i bricked…(im only asking casue it seems like you know whats going on)

  • Pallain

    Anyone have an issue with usb tethering?

  • Koivy

    Works great except headphone jack no longer working… Suggestions?