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Amazon Announces Cloud Music Service and Player on Android, Your Music from Anywhere

Talk about awesome midnight news out of the Amazon camp.  How does a new cloud music service sound?

So here is the deal – it’s a new cloud-based music service that allows you to purchase music and decide to upload it to the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere, or save it directly to your device.  Obviously the smart thing here is to attach all of your purchases to your personal Amazon cloud so that you can later download them onto any device of your choosing.  Here’s the catch though; you only start out with 5GB of free cloud storage space, but can quickly up that to 20GB just by purchasing an MP3 album.  You can also upload your current music library to the cloud using Amazon’s uploader.

Here are the pricing plans for additional Cloud storage:

We’ve got that whole process for using the cloud detailed for you in pictures below.  

When you open the new Amazon MP3 app, you get to decide if you want to shop for songs or head straight to the player to play any music that you have in your cloud.  It will also let you play music stored on your device and is really an all-in-one kind of guy.

If you decide to shop, you can decide after purchasing if you want to save your songs to the cloud drive or directly onto your device.

Here is what the cloud music player looks like after saving your purchases to your cloud drive.  Oh, and it also includes a button to allow you to download to the device you are currently using.  Yessir.

More info here, here and here.  Download Link.

Cheers James!

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  • iH8myHero

    Kills the battery on my HTC Hero. But then, again, what doesn’t? :oP

    Seriously, though, from full charge I was down to 50% in about an 1.5 hours! Unlike Pandora, it seems not only to be continuously streaming data, but at a much higher kb rate as well. I love this idea, but on my phone this just isn’t going to work unless I’m constantly plugged in, which is kind of pointless for a mobile wireless device.

  • Obviously the smart thing here is to attach all of your purchases to your personal Amazon cloud so that you can later download them onto any device of your choosing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a cloud streaming service that can stream MY music to MY phone… just in time for when unlimited data is about to be (or if you are on at&t already) a thing of the past. What good will this be to have on my Android phone if I am about to be put under a &#$%@ cap?

  • rob

    I wonder if anyone can figure out a problem I am having with my music. I have an rooted OG droid that I swap out roms on every month or so (currently running cyanogen mod 7). A couple of months back, the music player on my droid stopped recognizing most of my music files, other than ones that I had purchased and downloaded in the last year or so. All of my burned in files, that I transfered over from my computer…just became invisible. This is really annoying since the zoom I just purchased Sunday has the same problem. Poweramp will let me play the music by browsing to the file folders, but the on board player on both my droid and my xoom…only sees the downloaded material. Is this a windows file problem or what?? I have tried transfering the files directly and synging using the wmp…same result. I only have about 16 gigs worth of music, but it would be really nice to be able to play it with the on board players….esp. the zooms….

  • I didn’t know people still bought music. How quaint.

  • Of course the music industry is crying about any method that makes it easier for people to access and listen to their music. Now that they have an all-encompassing distribution system, I don’t see why amazon just doesn’t start a simple music publishing service and kill those scum once and for all. Imagine how beneficial this could be for up and coming local bands to get their music discovered while also getting paid.

  • Waknatious

    Looks cool but I won’t use it.

  • Been playing around with the player for a bit. I’m kind of comparing it to Audiogalaxy, as I’ve been using that pretty heavy to stream from the computer. It’s about as smooth as AG was when it released. It has some issues, most of which AG ironed out for near gapless play, although it seems to do a little better when you don’t skip to the next song. The player itself is a little limited, but it seems to get the job done. It’s a solid platform to build on, and I hope Amazon keeps working on it, because it definitely has potential — enough that I’m contemplating buying the best of the Beastie Boys for $3 to get the extra 15 gigs of storage. Yes, I’m a cheap bastard. Anything more though.. I’m going to wait until Google releases their cloud solution, let them battle it out head to head.

    So while the platform is a little barebones, it definitely works, it seems pretty consumer friendly pricing wise, Amazon’s landed a solid opening blow in the streaming music wars.

    Although anyone saying they don’t trust Amazon — really, you trust Dropbox? Why? If you’re going to be paranoid, don’t half-ass it.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    say hello to bigger data usage, if you buy into this, and don’t have unlimited data.. ouch

    neat idea and love the cloud & technology like this, I just wont use this really to be honest.

  • is the cloud accessible on my macbook with iTunes??

  • is the cloud accessible on my macbook with iTunes??

    • Sort of. It’s accessible, but you can either use their player, or download the MP3s to your computer.

  • Many of these topics on Droid-life sound so great to an uninformed noob like myself. Then I read the comments and feel less and less informed … not to mention ripped off. Problem is, I’m left with no information to help me overcome the lack of technological intellect most of you posses then I think … do I really want to? Thanks a lot you anti-everything glory sucking pessimists! 😉

    • I’m glad I replied to your innocent question before reading this drivel.

  • Borat?

  • Padrick77

    Now if they would only automatically link all my previously purchased music to this cloud player I would be really happy.

  • Anonymous

    Amazon really stepped their game this year I’m happy so far…..

  • Wow…1000 GB for $1000, where do I sign up?!


  • )v(urphy

    Um, bye bye Dropbox??

  • )v(urphy

    Um, bye bye Dropbox??

  • Jerflash63

    everyone should just run audiogalaxy. its free and if you dont turn your computer off (like most of us) you will have all your music ready whenever you need it

  • Jerflash63

    everyone should just run audiogalaxy. its free and if you dont turn your computer off (like most of us) you will have all your music ready whenever you need it

  • digsoreos

    Looks cool but wish there was a way to upload to the Amazon Cloud from your phone. I can see why they might want to help you not use up your data plan doing this, but if you’re connected to wifi that wouldn’t be a problem. It appears as though you have to connect your phone to a computer to upload previously purchased Amazon MP3 tracks to the cloud by pulling from your SD card.

    • NKTizzle


      Plus I could see it as a way to archive video and photos on your phone. An instant upload to Amazon after taking a picture would be great. That way if my phone takes a digger, my stuff would be saved.

  • Anonymous

    On a somewhat related note, if the above shots are from Kellex’s phone, he has some seriously bad taste in music.

    • lol you’re joking right? daft punk? seriously bad? Cee-Lo? both of those are insanely good. i’m indifferent about the others

      • Anonymous

        Nope, not joking.

        • AlliedForces

          Ahh my favorite nazi of them all, followed closely by his brother Grammar. The only good music in Music Nazis eyes is limited to what he enjoys himself. Anyone who listens to music outside of this realm disgusts Music Nazi and will one day reformed by his regime where everyone will only listen to the music he deems “good”.

          • Anonymous

            How did you know I was a grammar nazi!

            In all seriousness, I was totally being sarcastic about the music. I guess I should have made that clear with my response from earlier.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm I’ve been weighing whether or not I want to buy a 32gb microSD card or if I want to go with something like this… just hoping that the price drops to <$50 on those cards before long.

  • Anonymous

    I will never use amazon’s music service.. I bought a couple albums through them and put it on my og Droid. But after flashing a ROM that whined everything, I assumed I could just go re download them from the site. Nope, it doesn’t let you. It clearly shows I bought them, with no option to re download them. If I’m wrong please correct me.

    • Anonymous

      You’re not wrong. This service, though, rectifies that issue. It’s like having iTunes in the cloud.

  • Fantastic idea that works well!
    It is a cloud media player…not supposed to compete with Dropbox.
    Can’t wait to see if Google Music can beat it!

  • Anonymous

    so 200gb a year? that kind of a rip off!!!

  • Anonymous

    so 200gb a year? that kind of a rip off!!!