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Staples Shipping Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Early? To at Least One Lucky Customer

We were tipped to March 27th as being the day that the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi would be available at Staples (variety of other retailers as well) for everyone to pick up, and that’s definitely still the case.  But for one of our readers, March 25th is the magical day.  “How’d he swing that,” you ask?  By calling the Staples sales number and placing an order over the phone rather than through their website which wanted to hold him to the 27th date.  Sneaky, sneaky.

Oh and if you were wondering what the color of the back piece would be, you can see it below.  

No silver back to be found.   Same black as the 3G/4G version.

And on another note, we’re hearing that ABC Warehouse in the Michigan, Ohio and Indiana area will be selling them today if you swing by.  Apparently they are still on the truck, but could be available in the afternoon.

Cheers Chris and Jason!

  • It is good imformation to know more. Thanks for share!

  • breandly

    Stupid people huh. I told you to go on their website. It even tells you which stores have them in stock…why don’t you try calling them up and find out…don’t be a baby because you were not able to get it sooner. It never hurts to simply call and ask. But here are some pics anyway to satisfy your curiosity.

    • breandly

      Just uploaded the photos….its 1:14 AM now on Sunday…so I doubt that staples was open so I could go get it and take some pics. After reading your comment I see you work for staples, so I’m positive you could pull up my exact receipt and see I purchased it on march 26th. Don’t go out calling people stupid just because you work there and think every store is going to follow the rules.

  • Youmakemesick

    no you did not get one at staples on sat lol prove me wrong make a youtube vid with your staples sales slip they sku dont go live till sat at 12 am cause of verizon contect ends at midnight on sat lmao stupid people

    • Anonymous

      Do you think its possible that maybe not all Staples follow the same rules you a talking about? I got a xoom at Staples in columbus GA on friday during my lunch break.
      Check out http://spiderbytes.baldypal.com for my pics and story.

      • breandly

        I totally agree. I called earlier in the day and asked if they had any and they said they had them in stock and would hold it for me. When I got out of work I went there and picked it up. This guy is trying to call me out and asking me to prove him wrong…even though I shouldn’t have to prove anyone wrong since I know I have it in my hands I did anyway 🙂

  • breandly

    Just picked one up from staples earlier today. If you go on their site it tells you which stores have them in stock. I walked in and out with the xoom…painless

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Moto. You’re a month too late.