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Verizon Experiencing 4G/3G Data Issues, Thunderbolt Activations in Limbo?

We’re getting word from a variety of readers and a couple of Verizon stores, suggesting that 3G/4G data could be down in some areas.  We’re also hearing that Thunderbolt activations at stores could be stuck in limbo until the network comes back up.  Hopefully this doesn’t last long, we need screenshots of your home screens!

For now, if you could drop your city in the comments with status on your data, that would be very helpful.

Stay tuned…

  • Knoxvillehomes

    I am in Knoxville, TN and my 3G/4G does not work on my Thunderbolt. Verizon customer service said they cannot figure it out and will call within the next 2 weeks when they can figure out what to do.

    • mad charlottean

      dude, in 2wks u can kiss yr return good bye… i’d call again and keep pissing them off for their screw-up

    • houndrunner

      in SC not working on mine either. About 1/2 doz techs have given me hundreds of non working solutions. Final solution is hard reboot at a store so they can save all my stuff. Or new phone or maybe one then the other. this sucks big time.
      VZ should give us a 4 free months of service.This is proably why data plans are free till May 15 bet all peoblems magically resolve that day.

  • Michelle

    I live in Hazen North Dakota and my 3g isn’t working at all. Just got the Thunderbolt and I knew the 4g isn’t available but my 3g isn’t working either.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Rockford, IL (approx. 100 miles west of Chicago) and I just bought the Thunderbolt yesterday. I have had on and off 1x but no 3G. I called technical support who says that there is a network outage for the TB and he didn’t know if it pertained to the area or the entire network.

    • Anonymous

      I just did a factory data reset and now I’ve got my 3g back. I hope it decides to stick around for a bit.

  • Mel

    I live just north of Raleigh, NC and for 1 week engineers have been working with my Thunderbolt connecting to my network extender. Droid 1 had no problems, my husbands Droid X = no problem. Tested internet connection and its fine. But the TB won’t stay on the network extender, it bounces on and off. I have about 4 days left before I have to return the TB. It’s a shame cause I think the phone rocks, but useless if I can’t use it on the network extender.

  • Sam

    Had 4G service working just fine in union county, NJ, but once I left the 4G network area, I couldn’t get data network service, not even 3G…

  • austin perez

    I definitely have a thunderbolt and my 4GLTE is down! I live In Los Angeles, i was wondering why my internet was acting up so much.

  • SeanR

    Park City/Salt Lake City, Utah, HTC Thunderbolt shows no 3G network since this afternoon about 330pm local time…

  • yeyoe

    long beach, california….im getting a strong 4G/3G here =)

  • Chilly62

    Bloomington, Illinois. Told at the VZ store the network was down. Even showed me a work order number. 1X just came back up…

  • Maryeruddy

    No service from Verizon as of 1 hour ago. New Thunderbolt using wireless. Long Island NY

  • Justcrapola

    Started activation process of Thunderbold on Thursday, Mar. 24, 9:00 am. It’s now 6:00 pm Friday, Mar. 25…still not activated and they’re now telling me possibly 24 – 48 hours. Great service!

  • DP

    Had problems(no service, slipping into 3G) at various times through today in Dallas area, been fine the last couple of hours.

  • kw

    In tampa pretty good almost everywhere except some dead zones with no 3g now where there used to be and 4g is pretty good too and i live near the cut off of the 4g market but really good around the airport.

  • Mwclark83

    Orange, CA Can’t connect to 4G, it just comes on for a few seconds then disappears and re-appears. Have switched to 3G and haven’t had any problems so far (hour or so). Hopefully Verizon will get this LTE coverage problem sorted out soon!

  • really?

    Back up in Cleveland of course I still get 3g in house and 4g in back yard

  • Nyplaya513

    4g was all good at work in NYC, watched my flash tv shows during the down time with no problems

  • Jr2201

    Philadelphia PA…. 1X data in and out for the past few days on Thunderbolt. More 3G than 4G and both running very slow.

  • stillwaiting

    have been having activation problems all day – and 4 hrs hangtime on screen now and still not activated in NYC

  • No 4g most the day in Cleveland, had it on the way home on the near westside, Speedtest numbers where lower than usual. First day my battery did not die though….

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    Oakland Ca,,no problem..on Union city Ca,at work my phone works weird..start from monday..jumping betwen4g…and 1x….no 3g ..no inet service.allmost for the day…..but today much better..so let see…P.S..almost change my hpne to another …..give one more chance.

  • MikeC

    3G Data is fine up here in Mendocino County in Northwestern California 🙂 We don’t have LTE 4G yet, so that’s a moot point here.

  • Kevlar

    In Orange, CA and no 3G or 4G. They thought it was the phone and has me swap it out. I called customer care and they said there is no outages in my area. WTF. Might have to return this phone even though some of the best devs are on it.

  • Jpm5107

    Bought my tbolt today right outside of philadelphia with no problems. I mentioned to the rep my worries about the battery life but he said he expects a software update in the next few weeks to help out. He also owns one so that made me feel a little better. The phone itself feels great and i can def tell the difference with 4g. It sucks you cant choose either 3g or 4g especially when you live on the outskirts of a major city and it flips back and forth non stop.

    • Anonymous

      *#*#4636#*#* starts a tsting app that allows you to turn the 4G radio of. choose cdma (prl auto) so you get 3g and 1x

  • Dvdrsmth

    Too bad I didn’t know this before I returned mine today for an iPhone. Verizon, I don’t have time to be your guinea pig. Get it right the first time or postpone the darned launch will ya?!

  • Yeah i had a hard time activating my Tbolt. it was stuck on 1x then they swapped out the sim card and still, then all the sudden it was kicked in (after about an hour) and i’ve been prefect since.
    This was in Chicago. On tuesday.

  • Nyplaya513

    4G is all good in Staten Island NY, I will check how Manhattan is when I get to work in 3 hours

  • Nyplaya513

    4G is all good in Staten Island NY, I will check how Manhattan is when I get to work in 3 hours

  • Mentallyinept

    There is zero data access in Frederick, MD right now. I’m only able to post this over WiFi.


    Costa Mesa CA for work, and Laguna Niguel at home – 4G is working fine. I’ll tell you that it is faster than my cable modem at hom, and my work T1 lines. I have been with AT&T for the last 6 years and switched to Verizon after the T-Bolt came out, and I have been extremely happy ever since!! NO MORE DROPPED CALLS!

  • Took about 45 minutes for my Thunderbolt to activate, soo worth it :D!

    P.S. O.G Droid you will be dearly missed 🙁

  • Earl painter

    Ever since they started selling that crapple phone I’ve been having to deal with 1g. If their network couldn’t handle it they shouldn’t have bought it. You don’t move a million people on somewhere and then start worrying about building all your support systems.

  • sesars13

    Akron, Ohio and running on 4G

  • Dallas

    Stuck in Addison, TX. No 3G or 4G service today. I did have service this morning in Plano, TX and yesterday.

    • mtmnook

      That’s so weird, I have had 4G all day in Irving…I live in Addison though and about to drive home from work, frown

      • mtmnook

        In fact, I just got a Google Voice text literally 30 seconds ago…

  • Alan

    Was having 3g issues in Riverside, CA late last night and this morning. In Pheonix now and no issues with 4g


  • Mj2332166

    Mine has been acting up for the last two days, I thought it was from rooting it, but its not… today has been fine though. I’m in Detroit area

  • Luckyr1981

    All’s well in Chatsworth, CA and all of San Fernando Valley

  • Los Angeles CA, no 3G this morning for about couple of hours on TBolt, only 1x. It is all good now. 2:15PM PST,PDT.

  • unhstudent

    my thunderbolt is having problems connecting to 3g when there isnt 4g in durham newhampshire

  • Mackpilot

    nashville, tn. all fine here—4g smooth and fast

  • what4g?

    Finally activated thunderbolt around 1pm in princeton, hanging at 1x, my incredible – 3g, the network for the TB is the 1xrtt while the DINC is using the evdo rev a

  • Mjm1996

    Culver City, California. Only 4G is down though.

  • Ced

    St. Louis, going from 4g to 3g, 1x, sometimes can’t get any data connection.Not happening before. Bar strength still showing same signal strength as before, the data just seems screwed up.

  • jb

    Just got 20/20 on speedtest.net with my Thunderbolt here in Orlando.

  • LionStone

    Near SFO…Picked up my T-Bolt on launch day,solid 4g but it was acting a bit sluggish and by Saturday night it went bonkers and did the whole 1x, 3g, 4g dance. I re-booted and it was fine. Then late Sunday night, no internet! Monday morning went back to Verizon and swapped it out. At first, they were saying it was probably the storms that we were having. I said, none of my other phones ever went to 1x unless I was in the mountains, so no, I wasn’t buying that one. And I also said that this isn’t a Blackberry and I’m not gonna reboot it every morning 🙂

    Since then, solid 4g…yesterday flew to New York and solid 4g at JFK. Flew into Raleigh at 2:30a and solid 4g at RDU (yea, during the storms too) Now, since this morning, I’ve had solid 3g (unless it changed when I was asleep) but since awake, it has been solid 3g in Wake Forest, which currently is only 3g area.

    When I returned the first unit, I mentioned that my internal RAM is showing only 2.3gb and that I thought it shipped with 8gb? He looked at the demos after I told him that they show the same amount. He went back to look into his memos and according to Verizon, just from the operating system it uses that amount! Hmm, I don’t really care but I was a little surprised to find that out.

  • Sam

    hackensack, Nj & Teanech, NJ having issue with 4G as of today morning…

  • Jack

    Landed in Charlotte at 10:00 from Ft. Lauderdale and had 1X and no data on and off. At noon I called Verizon and got average guy who fixed it for me and we talked Android for another 45 minutes.

  • Jack

    Landed in Charlotte at 10:00 from Ft. Lauderdale and had 1X and no data on and off. At noon I called Verizon and got average guy who fixed it for me and we talked Android for another 45 minutes.

  • Jack

    Landed in Charlotte at 10:00 from Ft. Lauderdale and had 1X and no data on and off. At noon I called Verizon and got average guy who fixed it for me and we talked Android for another 45 minutes.

    • djacob

      How did they fix it? Having same problem!

  • Anonymous

    Orange county, ca and it says ive got 4g but its not working like 4g…… I’m getting horrible dl speeds…..

  • Anonymous

    Columbus,Ohio finally back