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Pulse News Reader Updated to Version 2.0: Add up to 60 News Sources, Share them Easier

Everyone’s favorite picture-laden news reader app, Pulse, updated to version 2.0 today and now allows you to add up to 60 of your favorite feeds in that beautiful column format.  They’ve also enhanced the performance by improving swiping smoothness and made sharing with your favorite social outlets easier.  Is anyone using anything besides Pulse or Google Reader these days?  Top two in my opinion.

What’s in this version:

  1. Three Times More Sources: Personalize your mobile news reading experience by selecting up to 60 news sources (compared to the previous 25) across five customizable pages.
  2. Social News: Easily browse social content from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg and Reddit
  3. Improved Google Reader: We now save stories read offline on Pulse and sync them to Google Reader when the app is online later.
  4. Smooth Swiping: We have improved swiping between stories in text and web view to be smoother than ever.

Via:  Pulse

  • I use Feedr.

  • Nipples

    Pretty sure those are nipples in top right..under the ‘fetus’ story

  • FortitudineVincimus

    fantastic update!

  • I’m happy to see this update to Pulse. However when I got my XOOM I discovered My Taptu which is extremely similar to Pulse and seems to allow for unlimited feeds. It seems as this update to Pulse mirrors a lot of things what My Taptu already did. However I still seem to use Pulse even before this update. Probably only because I haven’t organized the dozens of feeds I set up on the My Taptu app though 😛

    I’ll have to check out the News Room and BuzzBox apps that some folks have suggested here though.

  • Buzzbox is my favorite news reader.

  • Buzzbox is my favorite news reader.

  • I wish Pulse had an online extension to the app!

    • I agree, or a desktop version, that would be sweet!

  • Jack

    3×25=75, not 60. Huge difference, especially when it should be unlimited to begin with. I did try it, but until it syncs with Google Reader (not just import), I’m sticking with Reader.

  • Anonymous

    Pulse is awesome. Best news app around.

  • Teschall

    NewsRoom was great until recently. They stopped providing full feeds and only give you the header. They say its cost cutting.

  • EC8CH

    Does Rooting BYU require using RSD Lite, or is there a one-click method available 😛

    • Just use Z4Root, its a one click method. Just search for it on this site!

      • EC8CH

        Look at the article picture closely 😉

  • EC8CH

    I use Pulse, and I love it.

  • OG/Droid

    Damn, I love Pulse, and it just got 10 times better!!!!

  • OG/Droid

    Damn, I love Pulse, and it just got 10 times better!!!!

  • Your falling behind Kellex, this happened yesterday!

  • I think NewsRoom does it better personally

    • haven’t tried it. maybe ill have to check it out

    • Paul

      I agree…I like the NewsRoom format better. Quicker to get to all the new articles from all sources and more touch screen navigation friendly imo.

  • I love Pulse. I use it everyday.

  • Mike

    25 times 3 is 75, not 60. I still love Pulse though.