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Screenatics: An Exclusive Lockscreen Replacement from the Amazon Appstore

We were introduced to the Amazon Appstore yesterday with Angry Birds Rio as an exclusive, and already, we’re starting to see that having an exclusive isn’t going to be a 1-time thing.  A new lockscreen replacement called Screenatics is available in this new 3rd party store, and actually isn’t all that bad.  First of all, it’s free, but it also allows you to see recent text messages, missed calls and calendar items, plus you get shortcuts to your favorite text app, browser, camera, dialer and contacts.  It needs an update that will allow for a little more customization, but overall is a pretty good product.

And we’re guessing this won’t be the last of the Amazon-only apps.  Have you all had a chance to really play around with this new app store?  Liking it?  Hating it?  You all OK with it having exclusives?

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Cheers Picolas!

  • Competition is always good. Although, one can always argue that if Amazon takes too much $$$ away from Google, and Google is no longer is seeing significant future profits from Android Market, Android as a whole could suffer as a result. Personally, I think Android provides enough market share for both Amazon and Google. I just hope this does not become a trend. And really when you think about it, this is another WIN for Android as this is just one more choice that Apple users don’t have.

  • Competition is always good. Although, one can always argue that if Amazon takes too much $$$ away from Google, and Google is no longer is seeing significant future profits from Android Market, Android as a whole could suffer as a result. Personally, I think Android provides enough market share for both Amazon and Google. I just hope this does not become a trend. And really when you think about it, this is another WIN for Android as this is just one more choice that Apple users don’t have.

  • David

    A little healthy competition will be good for us consumers. Im liking it already.

  • Xtremeaaron

    What sucks about amazon app store and the “free” app a day is there is no way to update the damn app since its essentially being sideloaded. Am I right or did I miss something here?

    • Amazon’s app keep track of updates and will notify you much like the Google Market does. In some ways Amazon’s approach is simpler…less clicks.

  • Anonymous

    About the only good thing on this app is…. well ya its super slow, my stock lockscreen shows up half the time before this one does and when i turned off the stock lockscreen it took the app so long to open up sometimes that the phone would go back to sleep. It did not update when i received MMS, and maybe the most interesting thing is that there is NO customization available. I have an OG Droid running CM7 RC2 with and OC’d kernel at 1100, so i dont think its the phone lagging. Any one else have these problems? I would really like a lock screen that didnt lag to replace my stock rotary style unlock.

  • Canadian Users: This isn’t available in Canada, as the Amazon store isn’t, either.

  • nacho220

    I opened up the App store on my iPod this morning and I saw that Angry Birds RIO is available. I thought the hype for the Amazon Appstore / Angry Birds RIO was that it was only going to be available on Android?

    • nacho220

      It doesn’t really bother me…just sayin. It plays extremely well on my XOOM though, so I’m not interested in it on any other of my devices anyway.

  • Anonymous

    So like the next time ur walking thru Walmart and one of the nice ladies working there asks if u want to try a sample of Cajun flavored Chex mix and then says first u need to give her a copy of ur driver’s license and bank account info that no one would have a problem with that?? If its free, its free and u don’t need ANY info at all… Am I missing something??

  • I actually think the amazon app for the phone isnt too bad at all. Some things about it may be better than the Android market but I am still fond of the regular Android market 🙂

  • FortitudineVincimus

    your never going to get me to like, buy into, or accept the forced adoption of an app just because you want another app. If I want 1 app, I should not be forced to have 2 and the fact that Amazon makes that codependency really forces you to make a choice you should otherwise not need to make.

    I would like to try this app, but I simply will not be forced to have the Amazon market on my store to make this app run.

    oh, and having a make an account just to get free apps, and allow them to collect even more personal data on me for their marketing purposes… that is also a deal killer.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got to say, I was completely wrong about Amazon and their appstore. I was one of the people complaining loudly about more fragmentation and how this didn’t have a point, but Amazon has made a great store. Google should really be ashamed at how bad their Market is in comparison (the web Market is the only exception, that is pretty slick)

    I’m really interested to see where this app store goes and I kind of want Amazon to make an Android device now too.

    As far as the home replacer app goes, it looks way too ugly to use for so few useful features that are done on better more customizable apps. The price is right, but needs some work.

  • no real customization, 24 hour clock, and the stock lock screen pops up first sometimes, not my type of lockscreen… ill pass

  • Talk about fragmentation. This might be the worst of them having multiple ‘markets’ to search for apps and one may or may not be in the other. I think it is confusing and a nuisance at most. People are lazy…and maybe I’m on of them but its called one stop shopping. That is why the App store works. You have ONE place for apps/games and not Amazon…and then what…everyone wants to create their own…

    Therefore I only recognize the Market as to where I get my apps/games even at the cost of not having Angry Birds Rio…I still have plenty of others to play…Hungry M, Ninja Rush, Splode…too name a few.

  • granted this isn’t fragmentation…but it sure feels that way. why the different markets with one having exclusive apps? i am not a fan.

  • dblj

    Downloaded it, used it for a few hours and uninstalled it. It only works sometimes. Plus, as others have said, it’s fugly..

  • this looks a little bit like a toy to me

  • Curtisthefox

    I like it. More options for apps. A lot of people complaining about giving credit card info but I use Amazon regularly for Kindle and other things so it doesn’t bother me. I like Amazon so its all good 🙂

  • Morlince

    Has anyone found a way to edit settings on this thing? I dont necessarily want my clock on 24 hr time.

  • Micky22002

    I like amazon app store. A lot but the problem is its very easy to cick on buy and purchase the app by mistake. And yes i have one click turned off they need. To change that to more secured to request for password before purchasing.

  • Dshudson


  • Anonymous

    im hvin issues with buying on the amazon site, can anyone help

  • Rain_king46

    Ok app, not great. Not as good as Goto or Widget Locker in my opinion.

  • 11knives

    Looks like an old windows mobile app… I don’t mean that in a good way.

  • Alphabets13

    2 things i dont like so far….

    no settings menu????? time in military and i cant change it?

    no way to disable…had to freeze in titanium bc i want to keep it but not use it til its updated.

  • John

    Well, the biggest problem with this app is that is doesn’t always hijack the lock screen correctly. I can get my OG droid running 2.3.2 to display and unlock using the normal lock screen, then this app kick in and re-lock the screen.. happens if you turn off screen then back on quickly, the app doesn’t have time to load and take over.

    • Alphabets13

      this has been the issue i have had with nearly every lock-screen replacement since the beginning of time.

      • Ditto.

      • John

        Ok, this is the first one I’ve tried.. always just relied on customization in ROMS.

    • see above post on the broken state of lockscreen customization from SDK apps. they don’t provide tools that let devs solve clunky screen handling and unlock or relock after use situation

  • I’m gonna try it out but there are some pretty bad reviews on the amazon appstore in the link at the bottom of the article. Apparently it isn’t a real lock screen replacement? Who knows, DLing now.

  • Everydayfool

    I don’t like having to give my credit card information to Amazon for a free app.

    • i already had an Amazon acct, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to me…but i understand your frustrations!

    • mharmon

      I agree. I wanted to download the lock screen app, but don’t feel like putting in my CC# just for a free app.

    • That’s the whole reason I removed the Amazon store before downloading any apps. If I download a “Free” app, and they later decide they want to charge me for that “purchase”, they have my CC# and can do what they want with it.

  • Down w/Amazon App Store

    Amazon App store sucks. I don’t have to jump through hoops and give up credit card information for free apps from the Android Market. If there is an Amazon exclusive that is actually worth getting I’ll go the easier route and get a pirated apk.

    • Nimbusnacho

      Really? No I think you’re just being cheap. The time required to install the amazon app store and download whatever exclusive is equal if not less than the time and skill required to pirate the apk.

    • So you’d rather steal the app than take 2 minutes to setup an Amazon account? Those that download pirated apps are worthless pieces of sh*t to me.

      • Anonymous

        I will say i have used pirated apps to test the app cause the dev didnt make a free lite version. And about 90% of the apps i end up buying the other 10% i get rid of cause i didnt like them or they ran bad. I have no problem paying for a app that was well coded and works great but want to at lest test the app myself. I even donate to many ROM devs to support the Android front, and im not rooted and never plan on using ROMs. Not all pirates are worthless p.o.s. But i do agree pirating just cause u dont want to pay is BS.

      • Yes, I would rather pirate an app than give Amazon my CC#, for them to do what they want with. If they decide one day that these “Daily Free paid apps” are no longer free to those who DLed them, they can just throw it on my CC. Give me a pirated .apk any day over that.

        • Mike

          Do you have any clue how the world works? This is one of the largest retailers in the world. They’re NOT going to charge you for something they don’t have authorization to do.

          And if they did, just challenge the charge with your credit card company. Don’t makeup lame ass excuses to justify pirating.

          • Cuz I’m really hurting a lot of people by “pirating” a FREE app! It’s FREE, so if I download it for FREE from somewhere else, what’s the difference?

          • Anonymous

            By pirating the app, the developer isn’t being paid at all. I’m sure Amazon pays the developers when you download their “free” apps.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a die hard DROID owner…. but I have to say that I can see this multiple app-store thing getting out of control; Apple got it right by making the application experience an easy one. I like options, but I also like consolidation.

    • Youy

      If Amazon can do a better job on tightening up the security of the market, why not ?
      I will go for it cauz google app market is a wild wild west now.

    • Wquin67

      But what Apple does is tell the customer what apps they need and what apps they dont need. I for one dont agree with that, it would be like not having a choice in your browser on your computer and just having to deal with what Microsoft tells you to use. I like having the choice on where I get my apps from and being able to choose.

      • apple tries, but can’t force you not to have a choice. go install cydia.

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t referring to the app store content… I was referring to ONE app store. I don’t like the way Apple filters the apps in the store. Merely stating that one app store seems more realistic, and less “spread out.”

  • Anonymous

    If you have screen lock turned on do you have to unlock the phone twice or can you enter the passcode from this one?

  • lockscreen replacements are currently broken. google doesnt care for devs to have the option to redesign the lockscreen from sdk.. they leave that at the rom level, essentially. yet devs still continue to make them with the broken tools expecting user loyalty. what happens is the users get pissed off when it doesn’t work smoothly, and you get dragged through the mud as if you did something wrong. thanks google.

    • Anonymous

      This. I enjoy the customization of Widget Locker but I gave up on it because it is basically broken 25% of the time. Tried again with v2.0 but still broke. Shame…

      • Anonymous

        Only bug i had was the 5 second one cause im not rooted. But i agree it was broken at times and i stopped using it cause of that.

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t happy about the multiple market idea, but I’m warming up to it. Competition and “a paid app for free every day” are pretty cool. If Amazon is successful, it will force Google to get better. +1000 for Android consumers.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if Google isn’t prodded by Amazon selling music and movies through their store me may not see it in the market until JackDaniels (4.x) is released.

      • Anonymous

        Heck, let Amazon be the ones to offer up music and video content; I couldn’t care less who it comes from, as long as the price is right. They’ve already got the infrastructure for it, too.

        Compete for my $4 movie purchases, corporations!

  • Alvinm 77

    Widget Locker does the same. Plus you can make it look the way you want. Not saying this one is bad, just ugly.

  • Alvinm 77

    Widget Locker does the same. Plus you can make it look the way you want. Not saying this one is bad, just ugly.

    • It is ugly. Functional but poor design

    • WidgetLocker isn’t free. As a free app, this looks like a good option.

  • XorDie

    sorta bland i think

  • Ima’ go ahead and try this out. It’s free. Why not, right?