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Oh those DROID Bootloaders – Still Locked. Forever Locked. Trolls. (Updated)

About that DROID bootloader unlocking story.  Just read the conversation above and move on with your lives.  It’s locked, will always be locked, and we’re glad we used a bunch of question marks and “coulds” in our post about it.  And you guys call me the hypebeast?

Update:  Motorola reached out to us to clear up more of this situation.  They said as plain as day, “We did not send the C&D letter to Mr. Pitcock [nenolod].”  They also did not receive any notice of vulnerability which nenolod claims to have sent.  This probably isn’t surprising since the guy admitted to it being one giant scam, but Moto wanted to make sure you all knew.

Via:  Twitter

  • What a fag.

  • What a fag.

  • Xtreme0823

    Really…..why would people do stuff like this? You get enjoyment out of pissing people off with a joke and leading people to believe you have something you don’t. You would think you get more enjoyment out of making a lot people happy be actually giving something people would enjoy. Whatever it is what it is, hope you had yourself a good laugh and you can sleep good at night.

  • Mr.Joe

    OH MAN! How epic!

  • John


  • Octotron

    Meh… grow up. Trolls are pretty lame at this point.

    • Mii

      not to charlie sheen they arent … their very much so alive and well … burn sizzle out … lol

  • Anonymous

    Son of a hypebeast 😛

  • Geedee82

    what a dick. Nenofag – prepare to be “pestered” like never before.

  • Anonymous

    And this is why I don’t run custom roms. I don’t trust people to make software who behave in such a manner.

    • Anonymous

      That doesn’t make sense. The real rom makers are stand up guys… nothing like this huckster.

      • Anonymous

        How do I know though? Its not like I can look into the personality and character of every ROM dev that comes along. I keep personal information on my phone and thanks to some bad apples in the bunch, I cannot justify trusting my privacy in their hands.

        • Anonymous

          I guess you have a good point. Koush is so good at what he does, who knows what kind of data he is mining. And who knows what he would do with it.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    That lying mouth of his is also spent suck his Daddy’s d*ck.

  • camblue

    How are you lovi’n Moto now that you were saying how great they were the other day about the xoom????

  • Sesawyer3127

    OHHHHH NOOOOOO you all were singing the praises of MOTO the other day about the xoom, LOL hypocrites!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    can anyone transcribe this for me? WTF are they talking about

  • Mike

    haha, almost made me pissed i sold my DX. whatever hey tbolt…what up.

  • mikex

    Probably having a good laugh in his mommies basement right now.

    • Lmatador15

      LMAO! I bet he is sitting down there in his underwear watching cartoons and eating a bowl of cereal.

      • Anonymous

        that actually sounds pretty good…better than fluid mechanics =|

  • Homeskillet

    Everyone report his account as SPAM on twitter. Send some hate back.

  • XorDie

    if this guy ever does discover anything.. no one will listen now lol

  • Akla

    talk all the shit about the Fascinate you want, but this is never an issue for me,I’m loading rom’s and kernels like a mofo

  • Looks like I’m going HTC next year

  • Jeff Nussbaum

    guys a piece of shit Jason’s right that’s why I made sure I bought a new nexus one a month ago always have a google device or for that matter a HTC device but why was Moto so loose on the Xoom?

    • Anonymous

      Because it was a dev device. The “nexus” of tablets.

  • Alvinm 77

    The reason I buried my Droid X in the back yard, held a funeral, and grabbed a Thunderbolt!

    • Soryimslow

      can u dig it up and give it to me? 🙂

    • Eh, Motorola opened up the bootloader of the Droid X a while ago, so you’ve just wasted your money. Ouch.

      • Alvinm 77

        Ummm first off it was a joke, second no they didn’t. Dont lie dude. You sound like @nenolod. If so wheres the customs ROMs minus the ones built off or Moto’s 2.3.340, where’s Miui, wheres CM7…. The bootloader is still locked.

      • Alvinm 77

        “It’s locked, will always be locked”<— these are the words for the article up above. Clearly you know nothing about Android and bootloaders

      • Anonymous

        You are going to have to explain what you mean… The bootloader on the X is fully locked down… and has never been open. I sure hope you don’t mean that we can install some crappy roms. That has nothing to do with the bootloader being locked and the roms have to use the stock kernel. The Thunderbolt bootloader can be unlocked allowing full customization that the X can only dream of.

        Please expand on what you think you mean…

  • Bobhillyard2003

    This is why one should never FB or twitter when drunk.

    • Lakerzz

      Haha!!! Classic!!!

  • Guest

    He got one thing right, you all are a huge group of retards.

  • Albokay

    Attention whores love attention

  • Such BS!

  • Such BS!

  • big125

    ha and this is why moto sucks and I wont buy another phone off of them I will stick with HTC they dont encrypt their bootloaders so they cant be unlocked.

    • Scoderp

      Uhhh wrong!

    • Anonymous

      The Thunderbolt was quite hard to unlock the bootloader. The devs even said they did it by luck.

  • Anonymous

    Personal information. 4chan. NOW.

    • Anonymous

      After the article update I think it’s more important than ever that everyone like the living s**t our of your comment so it remains at the top.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah looks like nenolod, is seeking some attenion, didn’t get enough as a kid I guess lol 😛

    • Anonymous

      As a kid? Nah. He still is a kid craving attention. I guess mommy doesn’t love him or something.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I was hopeful. I’m hoping no one bought a DROID X or DROID 2 based off these rumors.

    • Also hope nobody bricked or damaged their phone.

  • Wow what an ass

  • Anonymous

    When you get owned this bad you just have to laugh and learn your lesson. No point in hating.

  • this is exactly why i will only use the official google nexus phones from now on, regardless of carrier. as soon as my contract ends or a change in terms and conditions that gets me out free and clear 😉

  • Brendan


  • Fuckyoukellex

    Well, I know to not trust this blog anymore.

  • Anon1101

    And now he is truly famous, the more talk about him the more he wins.

  • Crap

    What a cunt.

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to lock a boot in nenolod’s ass! 🙂

    • Mike2758

      His name is William Pitcock, seems fitting as he’s Twitter’s Dick of the Day!

  • MMM77

    When was the first time he trolled us?

    • Anonymous

      A few months back he got a bunch of devs all excited over nothing.

      • mmm77


      • Guest

        So for once the troll is fake and gay?

  • Mike

    Well so much for that.Good thing I have a Thunderbolt!

  • Back to selling my DX, now on to the TBolt 🙂

  • not cool. feel free to bitch at @nenolod on twitter.

  • Ya’ll a bunch of hope killers :p

  • mmm770

    So disappointing.

  • EC8CH

    Only positive about this is that it cost Moto some money by forcing them to pay their lawyers to send out some letters.

    • Jordanharrell8

      He was trolling about that to, he got the legal threat email from some website & has admitted to that as well now.

      • EC8CH

        Ok then… this was officially a total waste of time.

    • I’m pretty sure the C&D was BS also…

  • Will there ever be a moto phone thats unlocked again?

    • Mike

      If Moto makes a Nexus device. Other than that, I wouldn’t count on it. I’m hoping the D3 will be but I highly doubt it.

      • yep, Nexus devices for me only from now on. as long as they last…

  • fartbubbler

    haha sorta disappointing, but I love my DX just the same as I did yesterday 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Kexec, hello! Don’t say it is forever locked! Even though we’ll never really unlock it, don’t shoot down all efforts to escape Moto tyranny!

  • This is disappointing, although it’s trolling at its finest.