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CircleLauncher Update Brings Tablet Support, Growing Launcher Circle

We’re still pretty big fans of CircleLauncher, so when an update for it popped up in our market showing that it has “beta” support for tablets and a growing circle, we were excited.  One of the constant problems with this app was the cramped feel and warning you got when loading up around 9 or so apps.  That is no longer an issue after this update.  The circle starts expanding as you add more apps, giving you a lot of flexibility with your CL widgets.

Other enhancements:

  • Growing launcher circle:  the size depends on the selected item count
  • HD support for CircleLauncher icon packs from the Market
  • Revised configuration dialogs
  • Settings icon removed
  • Better support for tablets and Honeycomb (beta)

Download Link

To get that clear circle icon you see above, you have to download the official CircleLauncher icon pack, which for some reason costs $1.34.

  • HarleyDad09

    What clock widget is that you are running?

  • Anonymous

    Xoom owners beware – this is NOT a product ready for go-live on Honeycomb. First of all you need to restart for it to show up on your available widgets – then try longpressing on the circle … making some settings changes then trying to open the circle launcher again. It opens the settings again in the background. Its infuriating.

  • Anonymous

    kellex! what is that circle picture you use?

  • Vtxtank

    Xoom Wi-fi Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I like it much better now on my DX. The larger circle of icons makes a big difference.

  • Anonymous

    nice be downloading when i get home!!! xoom the best baby and its going to get better!!

  • Obsid

    Hmm, I just purchased and downloaded CircleLauncher but cannot find the widget on my system though the app is definitely iinstalled. Anyone having similar issue on his/her Xoom?

    • angermeans

      I am also having the same problem I am going to try a restart in a moment ill let you know

      • Obsid

        Odd. I had to restart the Xoom to show the widget. Reminds me of my Windows days.

        • Anonymous

          Same for me.

  • Larry

    Pretty and all.. but i’m not paying for a beta for my xoom.

  • Caz

    OT: what other sites out there have good Honeycomb coverage of new apps, accessories, hack and what not ? (don’t get me wrong I love this site, just wondering if their is one thats dedicated to it)

  • Danielw05

    fyi…updated CircleLauncher on my droid x, widgets are still on home screen but it wiped out the icons I had attached to each one

  • Ugh, my XOOM anticipation is killing me..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Also..what is the point of having an icon that simply displays more icons to click on?

    • Anonymous

      to conserve space and for aesthetic purposes.

    • Buckgrad

      I’ve categorized all my apps under their appropriate icons. Only need to use 2 pages, and much easier to find what I need. It’s a big help.

      • Ahh. yeah, I can see that on the phone. But on a tablet?

        • Anonymous

          Simi folder will do the same almost and its free.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for off topic but Kellex can we please get a how to root the thunderbolt video

  • What’s the clock widget he has on the screen?

  • tbaybe

    ooohhh i like it!