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HTC Introduces the Staff Behind the Thunderbolt, Verizon’s “Rooftop” Ad Returns

HTC released a video today that introduces us to the staff that helped create Verizon’s first 4G LTE phone, the Thunderbolt.  Other phone companies across the globe need take note; this is how you create a promo video.  This may come off a little like a fluff piece, but they’ve filmed it in a very attractive way with topics and commentary that are actually interesting.  It’s definitely worth the entire 4:24.  


The “Rooftop” ad:

  • bnghjhj

  • Lkyfluke

    I hope my battery does not take that much power to charge!-/
    think I should order the BIG battery ?

  • Tell me more about the DLNA… I know we don’t get an hdmi with the Thunderbolt… DLNA streaming to TVs etc?

  • LionStone

    Nicely done! Cheers hTC!

  • KSChris

    Hahaha.. what happened to all the trollish haters? I said this would happen the second the phone actually released.. all the haters would shut up, and everyone would go back to talking up the phone for being awesome just like after CES. As it should be.

  • Anonymous

    Great video – on another note can someone help me out with this:
    Does anyone have advice – I ordered the Thunderbolt and just realized today that there is no 4G coverage in Connecticut and my area. It is fedex’d and to be delivered on Monday – my question is: can I get out of this or am I tied to the deal? I know there may be a re-stock fee which I can deal with but will Verizon let me get out of this now that I have ordered?

    • so to not answer your question, but who did you order it from?

      • Anonymous

        I ordered directly from Verizon. I have the origional Droid and would love the Tbolt and what it has to offer but really don’t want to pay for the 4G when I won’t be able to use it. What are your thoughts….

        • You’re not paying any more for unlimited 4G than you are for unlimited 3G. It’s the same exact plan. So just get the phone, it’s fantastic with or without 4G.

    • well to answer your question, yes you can return the phone and undo everything. HECK if you dont even open the box of the phone or anything most likely wont even be charged the restocking fee since the phone is still new.

  • Did they really have to get all up close and personal at the end of the video Xoom warning at least arms length at the end 🙂

    I thought it was a good video, you can feel the Geeky passion they have about their individual parts in putting this Thunderbolt together.

  • Anyone else having issues with text messaging on your T-bolt? I guess the customer service has been blowing up with people not being able to receive SMS or MMS and when they send, the address coming from the sender is a long network identification number. Took me a while to get mine sorted out….

    • Anonymous

      I had an issue similar to the long network ID showing up. I shut down my phone and rebooted and it worked its self out thankfully.

  • Anonymous

    Mine just came from fedex. Photos do not do this phone justice. Just gorgeous. Can’t wait to use it.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice.

  • Hoot352

    Nice job, actual video of the developers goals and wishes. HTC keep up the great work.

  • Mth2134

    Nicely done. I like how they integrated all the people at multiple locations working on one overall goal. Kudos htc.

  • Anonymous

    This HTC video is so much more classy than than the Jobs one from the other day. Cater to your customers don’t bash the competition with LIES. Take note Mr. Jobs..

    Edit: First!! ;-P

    • Finire

      I like that the first was an afterthought, but your initial thought was fully coherent and applicable to the information above. Thank you for not being just another one of those morons!