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Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Pre-sale Also Starts at Staples

The Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi is approaching faster than I think anyone expected.  A pre-sale started this morning at Costco, and now Staples has joined in on the party.  As you may remember, our friends at Staples helped us spread a lot of news about this wifi-only XOOM, so we’ve got to show them some love now that the device can finally be ordered.  It’s $599, will ship on March 25th, and should arrive on either the 27th or 28th.  Yay!


Cheers Joe!

  • Anonymous

    I preordered and Emailed Staples since the confirmation said April 8th for Delivery – They said :
    “The Motorola XOOM WiFi 10.1in. Tablet is being shipped to our warehouse by March 25th, so expected
    delivery will be March 28th through March 30th.” So it may take until the Wednesday after to get here – and then it will likely require a signature so Another day for me.

  • Antdaniels31


  • Dshudson

    affirmative standing by..

    I got the XOOM on day of release and TBolt yesterday.. Very happy with both, i’ll be even happier once I can tether my TBolt for free..(after the temp one.. to my XOOM and be running GOTOMYPC.. As well as this short list:
    1. Swype (XOOM)
    2. Video Chat on google talk (TBolt)

    I work in boston and the speeds for my 4g are retadtedly fast.. tops almost all PICS i’ve seen.

    Also: Sold my DX to a BB user.. he is in heaven.

  • Anonymous

    $599.98, marked down from $599.99. Get it now! Seriously, who prices stuff to 98 cents?

    But in all seriousness, I’m surprised they aren’t offering a model at the $500 price point to compete with the cheapest i*ad. Some people just don’t need that many GB’s on their WiFi’s.

  • Jkuszay

    My wife wants a Xoom, but she would like to know if you can play Cafe World on Facebook. Would that have to be an app. or could you play it directly. Anyone know? Thanks.


    • Anonymous

      i know that zynga blocks farmville but i’ve heard that you can play frontierville and I know for a fact you can play bejeweled blitz. If you have a droid i’d say try to access it on facebook.com (the full site). You might have to change the user agent to “desktop” or (god forbid) “iphone” to get it to work.

    • m207m

      have you found out anything on the xoom playing cafe world or frontierville yet? i have heard it plays them and then i have heard no..

    • m207m

      have you found out anything on the xoom playing cafe world or frontierville yet? i have heard it plays them and then i have heard no..

    • Obi5683

      Cafe World crashes, FarmVille is slow, wait till the next update if that is the only reason to get it. #.1 might fix things, and might be here in the beginning of June (speculation on my part based on the May 10th developer conference and a 1 month later release). I recommend using DolphinHD until google fixes the settings in their broswer. You cannot permanently set the UA string without hacking, and you can’t even set the UA string without getting into the debug menu.

      • Obi5683

        3.1 not #.1

  • Blake_sirmans

    pre-ordered mine from bhphotovideo since they are the only ones who would ship to apo. Thanks for not supporting the troops cosco, amazon, & Staples

  • MamamelaBola

    so who delivers on sunday? screw preorder go to the store, this isn’t an apple product with bullshit store limits of 2 dozen and released through different “partners” who don’t get any stock, not even a demo unit until 4 months later when apple store line media coverage finally dies out….

    • Anonymous

      Pre order generally means they will have it for you to pick up in store. Likely it will show up on your door monday morning if you have it shipped.

  • James

    Does anyone know if you select ship-to-store if they’ll have it on Sunday?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    overly expensive

    if this isn’t considered a “computer” – which I think not – you should be able to use one of their easy to find coupons they send in the mail and that float around the web

    • Ponche

      wtf?? go buy an ipad for 500 with less memory, no gps and stop bitching, or get an ipad 1, hell get yourself a palm Tungsten you cheap whinny fool.

      • Anonymous

        Apple over charges for EVERYTHING they make. Stop comparing it to that overpriced garbage of a brand. They mark up headphones because they stamp and apple on the outside for f*ck’s sake.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        listen d.bag.. try this on for size – just announced – coming this summer at $100 LESS AS THE RUMORED MSRP


        dual core, user changeable battery, USB, mini-USB, AND HDMI ports AND full-sized SD card reader;Gyroscope, Accelerometer, e-Compass, Ambient Light

        SO many things the Xoom does not have and reportedly CHEAPER!

        each your words chump

  • JT

    27th is a Sunday…

  • Jay P


    • Jay P

      I hope we get the Sam’s Club Xoom info soon.

      • Bill Johnson

        anybody see how motorola doesnt list that it will take an EXTRA memory card. or even have a memory card slot like the 3g model one. HMMMMMM

        • KO

          well ill have a spare 16GB one from my OG Droid come whenever the H*** my Thunderbolt gets here. Then my next purchase will be this bad boy

      • Tyinit
        • Tyinit

          Oops upon closer inspection looks like the Verizon signup one… sorry… Hopefully soon!