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Thunderbolt Stock Switches to “In Stock”, Best Buy Calls Customers for March 17th Appointments

We were hoping that a press release with an official announcement for the HTC Thunderbolt would be smiling at us from within our inbox this morning, but Verizon appears to have forgotten to click “send.”  So without that, everything should still be taken as rumor including the tips that we received over and over again this weekend.  What were they?

  1. Best Buy is calling and emailing pre-order customers like crazy.  We received at least a dozen reader confirmations that Best Buy had called them with an expected date of March 17th.  The funny thing here is, that they said they would call back later in the week to set up an appointment, meaning they still aren’t sure if it’ll happen this Thursday or not.  It amazes me that they would be calling customers after the month and a half of messes they’ve already been through.
  2. The second note from the weekend is actually a little more legit though.  VZW distribution centers have now changed there ADR6400LVW (Thunderbolt) status from “quantity on order” to “quantity in stock.”  No date has been attached, but this is another of those launch date checklist items that can be crossed off.
  3. And hot off the Twitter wire, an account claiming to be a local Verizon agent seems ready to spread word that the 17th is indeed the day.  Take this one as lightly as you possibly can.  Seriously, you probably shouldn’t even read the tweet below…

Cheers Anki, Carlos and everyone else!

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  • Anonymous

    Why is this phone so hyped? it doesnt have dual core why should i get it!!!???

    • KSChris

      Dual core is not the end-all, be-all of smartphones. They won’t even be fully utilized right away anyway. If you’re not gaming a lot it ultimately won’t make much of a difference.

  • Jay

    Friend over at Verizon said the 17th is OFFICIAL! they are going in for training tomorrow =D

    • TBoltNow

      Can it actually be true this time??? Let’s hope so!!! I really want to believe it but there has been NO official word from VZW or BB; maybe it will come tomorrow?

      Anyone have any info on data plan rates yet?

  • Smalltimeboarder

    just called best buy they said she will be there in on the 17!

  • kw

    I called my local verizon store and the rep said they have them in stock in the back and are just waiting for the go ahead.

  • JG

    heard verizon might be taking pre-orders for this? true? probably do them online maybe?

  • Anonymous

    My sales guy just texted me….”Thunderbolt 17th. It’s here”

  • Jthayer0715

    What’s so special about this phone anyway? I love my Fascinate Galaxy S.

    • KSChris


      The Thunderbolt will have 4G. The Fascinate does not.
      The Thunderbolt has a 4.3″ screen. The Fascinate is just 4″.
      The Thunderbolt has Sense UI. The Fascinate has shitty TouchWiz.

      That’s about it on the major differences, but they all lean heavily in favor of the Thunderbolt.

      • KSChris

        I almost forgot..

        It also comes with 40GB storage out of the box.

        8 GB internal, and a 32 GB microSD card pre-installed.

  • Ash

    Well for what it is worth, I called BB in Los Angeles and the dude told me that that if he was me he would expect to have it Thursday from what he “sees”. He said its a rumor but a “pretty good one” and that I should look forward to it.

  • KSChris

    A super secret inside source told me Verizon has decided to cancel the phone altogether.

  • Guest

    Verizon store manager in Penn Yan, NY informed me the TBolt was now kicked out for another 3 weeks this morning.

  • does no one realize that most likely, not every Best Buy has received the shipments yet? maybe this is true, but only a select few stores have received their shipments.

  • Guest

    Called BBY, they know nothing about it, checked in store as well as on the way inventory and nothing. VZ sales manager at the store checked his computer and then said it was another false rumor.

    • Tim242

      Shut up troll.

  • Riz

    Has vzw announced data pricing yet?

    • Luckyr1981

      I upgraded my wifes eris to a DX the other day, the Verizon rep out in Mission Hills CA. told us that 4g pricing is still the same as 3g, and that the Thunderbolt would be out this week, I told her yeah right. This is just what she told me… not sure if its true but she did seem pretty sure of it.

  • Patzjply

    All I want to know is what did they do to fix it ?

  • Jeff

    i do not trust twitter accounts with this kind of news. its extremely easy to make an account and mess with people. I really hope its the 17th but i will not be getting my hopes up. the 17th is being thrown around like February 24th was. All of these pictures with in-system dates and best buy saying its coming out….sounds all too familiar. i still do need a new phone really bad but it went from wanting this phone really bad to now wanting it to come out so i dont keep wasting my time looking at these stupid articles.

  • clvbrowns453

    I’m hoping it’s the 24th launch date, since that’s when I get paid

  • I havent got ANY calls or emails yet!! WTF!!

    • Anonymous

      I got an email from BestBuy, that’s about it.

  • Anonymous

    U mean like best buy WAS supposed to have it a month ago? ha!…. whatever…

  • TBoltNow

    I just checked with Best Buy online chat and they still DO NOT have a release date. Maybe they are told to NOT inform the consumers due to fear of the date being pushed yet again?

  • ShouldiDoit

    I really don’t know what I’m going to do if it actually launches this week. I wanted one really badly back in February… but now, the Thunderbolt has lost its allure. With the time line being pushed up and so many phone coming in a month or two, I really don’t think I’m going to jump on this anymore. My wife wanted the Ipad 2 (I didn’t realize she was pro Apple pre marriage! lol) and I was tempted to use my “pre order” $50 gift card (aka interest free loan to best buy) to buy it!! I did end up buying one for her, but held onto the gift card in the end… but I think Verizon has screwed the pooch so badly on this… that I’m out! Maybe I’ll use the gift card on an accessory for her… it’s really a sad chain of events!

    • Uncertain

      I agree!!! I have been wanting this phone since I first saw pics last year, but I don’t know now. The main reason I wanted one is because I live in Mississippi, and it will have very little 4G coverage. Being one of the only phones that can do voice and data over 3G it was a winner. But I’m a little uncertain now.

  • Mike


  • Icolossus

    grammatical error, it would be “their” thunderbolt status. here to help =)

  • Linus

    Cmon Lucy, don’t pull the football away from me again!

  • Anonymous

    My best wishes go out to the poor early adopter souls of this “Fusion” chipset device. Keep a charger in your pocket.

  • Ocse7en

    All Channel Launch Date: 3/17/2011
    The HTC ThunderBolt will launch in All Channels on March 17, 2011

  • HAHA I knew my stores email was right!!!!!

  • Apostrafee

    i work for a verizon store and we are getting ours tomorrow, take that best buy

    • Click-Clack

      No you’re not.

      • Apostrafee

        oh yes we are

        • Jboogie1289

          And what store location are you confirming this with? I want to know before I call my local VZW store and start grillin’ them!!!!!

  • RMNoc

    Also, there was just downtime on VZW’s website. I was hoping it’d be added when it came back up, but not yet.

  • Ocse7en

    The thunderbolt is now showing in VZW’s equiptment guide. Not long now…

    • TBoltNow

      Got link to equipment guide? I can’t seem to find it.

  • Custom Colonel

    This is dumb.

  • Anonymous

    I waiting for the Thunderbolt long enough. I ordered me a HTC Inspire from AT&T. I’ll recieve it this evening.

  • MikeC

    The Verizon guy needs to go back to school, were should be we’re and Theyre should be They’re 😉

  • Guest

    This is a mess, I would say it’s beyond mess.

  • I’m waiting for something better, my contract will be up in December, who knows what we will have by then 🙂

    • Rumors are that we may have the Thunderbolt by December.

    • KSChris

      But.. there is always something better just on the horizon.

      • I am aware of that, but that’s the reason why I’m not upgrading early. I am happy to have my Droid until my contract is up so I can get another great device.

      • Anonymous

        Problem is the Thuderbolt isn’t much better than last year’s phones/

        • TBoltNow

          For those of us who don’t get a new phone every single year, release of the TBlot IS absolutely an important event!

          • Anonymous

            All the more reason not to get the TB. It will be made obsolete in 2 months by dual core phones. Then you will have an obsolete phone for 2 years. You are better off waiting for the next gen phones. The TB is a 2010 design with LTE. Do you really need LTE that bad?

          • dual-core=unecessary. can’t even get it’s full potential out of it

        • Tim242

          It scores almost double on Quadrant than the Evo…2000 vs 1100…

  • Bolt

    Hopefully this comes extremely soon so the lte speeds will help load droid-life since the mobile site doesn’t exist anymore

    • Tim242

      I was wondering what happened to the mobile site. It magically reappeared today.

  • Ahart019

    Why in the hell isn’t Verizon making this announcement! I mean I wouldn’t even care if it was 2 or 3 weeks from not if it just had the official word and pricing! I have never seen anything like this across any product release. Just unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s hoping for no tiered data plans

  • Anonymous

    Because of Droid-life I’m now a “YourlocalVZW” guy…. so I would take that with a grain of salt

  • Anonymous

    If this isn’t true and the 17th doesn’t actually happen there’s going to be geeks rioting in the streets.

    • Vanilla Ice

      So since this Thunderbolt isn’t a Droid. Can you guys please talk about the LG Revolution? Try to dig up info on that device? Kinda keeps things going.

      • What benefit do you see to the Droid branding?

        • Vanilla Ice

          Different wallpapers, Notification tones/Ring tones, Droid boot up’s and they seem to have the black/red theme….. I was only asking Droid life to get some scoops on the LG Revolution because it’s also a nice device and just like the Thunderbolt it’s not consider to be part of the “Droid” family. I like reading up on this site more than BGR/Engadget because they favor the iPhone way too much. So more info on Verizon Android devices the better. Lg Revolution, Samsung Stealth, HTC Merge. The more the better.

        • Anonymous

          Pure and simple, VZW needed an easily recognizable brand to compete with the iphone, and the droid did that wonderfully. It was the first device that brought android to the masses and quickly became synonymous with android with many people even now referring to all android devices as droid devices. it has served its purpose though and there is no further reason for vzw to name more than one or two devices as a droid _____ .

        • Anonymous

          Two immediate benefits:

          1. One can legitimately claim to own a Droid.
          2. George Lucas pays more income tax. Therefore, the national deficit is marginally reduced.

          Ultimately, it’s just that we’re looking for the Droid. 😛

      • Anonymous

        The Revolution isn’t a Droid either. The only DROIDs this year will be the Bionic, Incredible 2, X2, and 3 (or 3 Global). They may squeeze out another HTC Droid but I doubt it.

        Besides, DROID branding has served its purpose and actually hurts to a degree; it’s better for a manufacturer to possess their own branding that they can apply to all of their devices regardless of carrier (i.e. Galaxy S) whereas the carrier specific nomenclature hinders exposure to the manufacturer’s brand. I’ve been told that outside of America the HTC Desire line is so strong that it is analogous to Android the same way the iPhone is analogous to iOS. That can’t happen stateside until these devices can be made carrier-neutral (i.e. when everyone in America is using LTE as their primary network). This is part of the reason why America was slower to adopt Android than the rest of the world.

      • Jon

        Ummm….the “DROID” moniker is applied by Motorola to their Android devices…..

        Anyway probably going to get the the phone at BB with the buyback plan and switch out the Thunderbolt for (hopefully verizon phone) they will be handing out at I/O

        • Apostrafee

          you mean like the motorola “DROID” Incredible???

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Don’t forget the “Motorola” Droid Eris…

        • Tim242

          Ummmm Droid is owned by George Lucas. Verizon pays for use of the name. As already pointed out, there are also 2 HTC Droids…Droid Eris and the phone I’m typing from…the Droid Incredible.

      • Fartbubbler

        I absolutely *LOVE* your song “Ice Ice Baby”!!! When’s your next hit comin’?

    • Tablets are too Heavy for Me

      That’s okay, little girls will be able to subdue them fairly easily.

  • Porno

    LOVE IT!!!!! These rumors are so much fun!!!

  • Anonymous