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Swype Beta Updated to Version, Mostly Enhancements and Bug Fixes

A big ol’ Swype Beta update has been released.  What’s in store?  Nothing that you’ll notice from afar, but they did toss in a whole bunch of performance enhancements and fix a boatload of bugs.  They also added support for a variety of new screen types like the qHD you’ll find on the Atrix and BIONIC.  Other than that, your overall experience will be the winner here.

All of the new dirty details are below.  

ALL BUILDS – SWYPE BETA v2.29.71.20203/20186

  • Announcing BETA support for the following resolutions: qHD, QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA
  • Added Dutch, Russian and UK English support [NOTE: Not all devices support all languages. For a table of which screen-sizes support which languages, please click here.]
  • The Hidden Word Tip window will only appear once, the first time you encounter a hidden word after a new installation. It will never appear again after that.
  • Contacts, etc, that are automatically added to the user dictionary will now stay deleted when removed by the user
  • Fixed the gesture to hide the keyboard: Swype from the SWYPE key to the DELETE key
  • The capitalization gesture will no longer accidentally capitalize the second letter of a word when the trace path goes through that key before exiting the top of the keyboard
  • Add compression of large languages for Android builds to reduce filesize
  • Identified and resolved an issue that was causing cumulative loss in recognition accuracy over time
  • Faster trace path animations
  • Improved application performance in portrait view
  • Improved the efficiency of the contact list scanner
  • Swype key in Spanish now properly brings up Word Choice Window
  • Fixed a bug with word priorities so words in user dictionary do not always appear first in word choice window
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the auto-space suppression icon from appearing in some cases
  • Period and Comma now function properly when tapped in SYM layer
  • Improved recognition of words when using the capitalization gesture and the second letter is very close the exit-point of the capitalization gesture, e.g. “Well”
  • Fixed a rare crash when returning from the Language Selector in Settings
  • Launching voice recognition now draws a UI inside the Swype process instead of launching a new activity
  • When Android 2.3.3 is detected, double-tap-to-edit is disabled to prevent conflict with Google’s double-tap behavior
  • Decreased the likelihood that a new license will be required after a system update
  • Fixed a bug where a failure of the system to properly return build properties was crashing Swype
  • Extended the beta license from 100 days to 120 days after compile
  • Minor compatibility updates for Android 2.3
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Changelog | Additional Info

    Cheers to everyone who sent this!

    • Desertphreak

      I’m still having annoying issues with Swype on my Incredible. Whatever bug fixes are in this new release need further testing. I’m so tired of having to change input modes a few times a day to keep Swype working. I’m now getting a message saying my ‘…Swype package is configured for another device and will operate with limited functionality…’ I’ve jumped through all the uninstall-re-install hoops and am ready for a Swype alternative! (

    • still hate the landscape layout it should be just like portrait i like that in the stock keyboard do.

    • Princesation

      Can someone help? I keep trying to install swype and when I login it keeps saying ID mismatch or this acount isn’t registered to install on multiple accounts ? Is it cause I’m rooted ? I swear I installed swype on my rooted OG droid before . But this refurbished droid that I got as a warranty replacement can’t seem to install swype

    • so i have the captivate, is this worth trying to get rid of the one i have to install this one? or does it just look a little better?

    • Did they finally get rid of the stupid pre installed dictionary yet? Im tired of typing like a middle schooler.

    • will this work on an apex 1.4.0 rom?

    • Alex9483

      It seems that those of us with Swype preinstalled are being totally overlooked. When I had my D1 I was a beta tester and received all updates, keeping Swype current. Now that I have a D2, I can’t download all these cool updates, leaving me with an antiquated and bug ridden version!

      Come on, VZW and/or Swype, Update us!

      • If you’re rooted you can disable the preloaded swype and run swype beta. I did it for the droid x…google swype beta on droid x and the first result should contain instructions from the swype forum

        • JagoX

          Yup I did that too. The only (minor) problem is that if you are one of those people that types landscape it doesn’t stretch to fit the screen.

    • Anonymous

      So, they disabled the double tap edit for Gingerbread??? I love the double tap, what I don’t love is gingerbread’s interface coming THROUGH swype… Does ANYONE know how to disable those text handles/etc from coming up in Swype with GB??

      • G8orDroid

        double-tap still pulls up the GB menu, but hitting back and then the Swype key will get the Swype word choice menu

        • Anonymous

          That’s the same as not double tapping and having to back out of the menu – rather just just hitting the Swype key will get you the Swype Word Choice menu – which is what we NOW have to do again on GB.

          What I don’t get, or would like to figure out, is how to REMOVE GB’s role in Swype. Afterall, it’s not GB’s keyboard, it’s SWYPE’s — Why is GB stuff popping up in it? It should have only swype codes, actions, etc… it’s like GB has some sorta Nazi control over the phone and has a hand in everything!!! OH NOEZ! WE GAVE THEM TOO MUCH POWER! THE MACHINES ARE TAKING OVER!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

          I kid.

    • Dshudson

      All I can say to this is give me swype for XOOM

    • I have had problems with Swype for a long time now. I am in the Beta program, install the downloader and subsequent copy of Swype that it provides automatically for my OG Droid. However, I have not been able to get it functioning for months now (any version). I am rooted and have tried it with UltimateDroid 2.5, Pete’s GPA11/12/13, and Sapphire. The installation gives me a “Your device is not supported” message and when the keyboard comes up on screen, I cannot type via a swyping motion or even by normal hunt n’ peck. Anyone else with this problem?

      • Silksmooth12

        After you install swype you have to go back to the swype installer to register the device.

        • Anonymous

          That’s what my instinctful reaction was too – as Swype directed us to do that in previous build. HOWEVER, I tried that to no avail. I had to uninstall swype, and then run the installer to get it to pull the new build. Oh well.

    • why is swype even still in beta? its been in beta for like a year now. WHEN THE HELL IS THE FULL VERSION COMING OUT?

      • The350zWolf

        The full version is the one that comes pre-installed on phones. We are who use the beta are beta testers so they can release a better full version to the OEM companies.

    • How about for those of us on stock Droid X, which came with Swype pre-installed? Any way to get the update?

      • Dshudson

        I’m getting pissed trying to get this old shitty ver. of swype off my DX

        • Dshudson
          • This forum was perfect. I just ran through the steps listed and I am now running the Swype I have always dreamed of… except for the 13 year old language, but whatever.

        • I agree, this is just unreal. I dont care if it is full or beta, Swype for the DX is a joke. The original beta on my Eris was better than this. I am hoping that rooting will fix this? Anyone know?

          • Dshudson

            follow the link i posted below.. i had no idea that my ver. of swype was so old.. i’m all updated now! and.. yes you should be rooted. Love it, what a difference