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Verizon’s Samsung 4G LTE Device Caught in the Wild, Battery is Not an Issue

The crew over at Techno Buffalo was fortunate enough to have a friend send in some new pictures of Verizon’s Samsung 4G LTE (SCH-i510) device that we were all introduced to at CES.  The device appears to be the guy’s everyday phone and was definitely up and running on Big Red’s LTE network.  He mentioned that battery life (1500 mAh) was not an issue at all and was easily getting 8-10 hours per day out of it which is exactly what we wanted to hear.  The phone will definitely be loaded up with TouchWiz when it’s released (targeted for mid-April), but you won’t see much of it in the pictures below since he has LauncherPro installed.

So there you go…no battery issues on a 4G LTE phone! (We’re lookin’ at you HTC.)  Oh, he also mentioned the name “Stealth” again which seems to pop up every time this phone is around.  As far as I know, that name is just a code name.  I’m sort of expecting there to be a surprise when this phone is finally unveiled.

Pics after the jump!  

Via: Techno Buffalo

  • Mike

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  • theBIGmann

    It just looks SO. LAME.

  • Anonymous

    They should name this phone the Beyonce because not even JayZ could upgrade you. Oh snap!

  • That headline made me think of Starship Troopers. “RANK IS NOT AN ISSUE HERE!”

  • announomus

    Come on people we all know verizon & samsung don’t mix, look at the fascinate STILL NO froyo (android 2.2) the rest of the galaxy s samsung phones have froyo (android 2.2) already

  • Mr Pierre Alexis

    This phone looks good guys. I have an OG droid, rooted and customized to the hilt. Should I wait or spring for this?

  • Anonymous

    surprise? like, “surprise! it’s a slider!”

  • DanSke

    LMFAO. Does anyone else find it funny that this is a testing unit and the guy took off Touchwiz in replace of LauncherPro. I don’t know which is more hilarious, the fact that TouchWiz is so bad that it is taken off of a test unit or the fact that this guy is dumb enough to take it off the thing he is supposed to be testing…classic.

  • SenorDeuce

    I love Samsung’s hardware. My wife has a Captivate and I envy that screen every time I look it. I just updated her to froyo this weekend, and I was reminded why I will never buy a Samsung phone. Kies? I had to download drivers and change settings just to get the computer to recognize the phone, and now she’s on froyo months after I’m on a Gingerbread rom for my phone that’s nearly a year older. Lame, like Touchwiz.

  • WOW DL. All it takes is a simple googling to know the Thunderbolt has been ready to go for quite some time…

  • Uncle Paul

    YAWWN!,.. Bring on the Galaxy s 2.

  • d-roids

    as long as samsung isnt gonna give us any nonsense with the updates im willing to give it another shot

    • d-roids

      btw anyone else think the design somewhat resembles a blackberry storm….???? whats up witht that?!?!!?!

  • NyR

    If this phone is working fine then what the %^&* is going on with VZW? Still shooting for at least the end of june is bull…. Can we get some definite’s out of VZW some time soon? And by soon I don’t mean VZW’s definition of soon either.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Battery Is Not An Issue”

    of course.. look, it’s plugged in

    • Anonymous

      Haha that pic is from droid-life at CES, Kellex took it like a month ago. the guy who has the phone has pics from the Techno buffalo site not pluged in.

  • Oh man, I would love some hardware buttons! Unlike that unicorn, the thunderbolt.

  • brandeeno

    8-10 hours is what you wanted to hear? is that really bad? am i missing somerhing?

  • the hardware looks great, but that software is hideous. Cartoons are for children, not for adults with fancy next-gen cell phones. I like that even the guy with a preview, who probably works for sammy/vzw, is not using the software that shipped with the phone, its like an unnoficial admission from samsung that the software blows chunks and you need launcherPro to rescue it.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung makes a great phone but you just need to be ready to always root and update manually because they aren’t going to do it.

  • Ameil

    That phone does not look modern. 🙁

  • mid april release? on Verizon? with LTE? very nice.

  • mid april release? on Verizon? with LTE? very nice.

  • Destin4death

    Looks nice and from what I’ve heard from a friend who works for Sammy it is a really nice device. Sucks Sammy is so bad with software updated otherwise I may have considered it but that is just not going to happen unless Sammy changes there tune real quick. Oh yeah the code name is Stealth and will change on release.

    As for the battery life IMO 8hrs is totally unacceptable this day and age. I don’t care how big the screen is and what not for normal use. no reason we should not see at least 12hrs. We are all on the go and to think we should have to charge part way threw a normal work day is garbage. I’ll agree gettign more then 12 is pushing it and if you can get more then that on your current stuff you are doing really well. But common sense this day and age says 12hrs should be there target. At least give us enough to get threw a darn work day.

  • Mr.Joe

    That’s REALLY interesting. Cause the Galaxy S LTE device on MetroPCS has a 1500 battery and only has 3 hours of battery life.

  • Pooch

    Come on Kellex, you have eluded to the fact that there is going to be a unique or surprise feature. What feature are we possibly talking about. Have you played with the phone yourself?

    • LeeInMKE

      *alluded 🙂

      • ApplesAndOranges

        yes you are correct, he should’ve typed alluded, as eluded is to avoid the subject, and alluded is to be vague.

        What is funny to me, is that the comment sections and the internet, as a whole, allow people to sit there and correct people with no physical consequences. If this were, say, a bar, and someone had drank a few too many, and you were to step up, out of the blue, to insert yourself into their conversation and correct their grammar or usage of vocabulary, the would be two unfortunate results. One would be getting punched in the face. And the other would be not getting any pooty that night. Regardless of whether you got your a$$ whooped, no lady wants to sleep with a douche that gets off on correcting peoples grammer, nor someone who jumps into other peoples conversations.

        But, were are all in the safe tree, so we accept you for that here. : )

        • Anonymous

          well that’s the problem with the culture these days. If I make a mistake, I own up to it. I don’t try to injure the guy who pointed it out. Correction isn’t criticism. If you were to call someone the wrong name, would you be offended when they corrected you? I think some people are just insecure when it comes to education.

        • Anonymous

          well that’s the problem with the culture these days. If I make a mistake, I own up to it. I don’t try to injure the guy who pointed it out. Correction isn’t criticism. If you were to call someone the wrong name, would you be offended when they corrected you? I think some people are just insecure when it comes to education.

  • Mth2134


  • Anonymous

    8 to 10 hours is a problem for me. I am getting 12 to 18 on my Droid. I will not get a phone with less.

    • Anonymous

      Good luck finding anything doing 12. Big screens are the new thing and they crush batteries.

      • Anonymous

        Not to be an a$$ but if you can’t get 12 hours of light usage out of your phone, it’s worth your time. I with jxc. I can get 12-18 out of X on moderate usage. No way I should be charging it in the office to keep it alive. Fail.

        • The term “moderate” is relative. It all depends on what you use your phone for. If you only get 8 hours, you might be using GPS and tethering throughout the day.

      • Anonymous

        I improved my Droid X battery life by getting a Galaxy Tab. I improved my Galaxy Tab battery life by getting a XOOM. My Droid X easily makes through the day now. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          My og droid has 70% battery by the end of the day now… xoom still manages to beat it some how even with decent use through out the day. The only problem is the xoom is harder to hide at work:-)

      • fartbubbler

        what? Like I just posted, I got 16 hours out of my Droid X yesterday, turned it off at 70% battery, then turned it back on and am 11 hours into today and still at (just dropped to 40%) batter life. I use my phone for calls, texts. and the display/calls/utilities are listed as most-used – not “phone idle” or “standby”.

        There is a better way…

        • Anonymous

          Did you load a custom ROM?

          • fartbubbler

            yeah, Liberty 1.5 , undervolted, and loaded imoseyon’s custom zip from droidforums.net. really great.

        • Anonymous

          So you were using it for 16hrs? Or was it just in your pocket for 16hrs?

          • fartbubbler

            ha, yeah I”ve been using it throughout the day. I would call yesterday and today moderate usage. I did some Pandora radio, had to gps navigate for another 30 minutes, and several phone calls and texts throughout the day. Accessed several apps (weather, compass, took a couple pictures), a little email and facebook – but not heavy on either one of those.

            I am on my second day after loading imoseyon’s custom zip that tweaks the kernel and cpu governor. I’m ultra impressed.

      • Anonymous

        Yea I have noticed that. I think the sweet spot will end up being 4 inches with some up to 4.5. Something I am really looking forward to is SIM cards with LTE. I will be able to base my device off of my needs and not have to rely on one phone for everything(long days, drunken parties would be better for smaller screen cheaper phones)

      • The nexus S gets about 2 days battery life, its got a 4 inch screen. Its also got no blur/wiz pain to slog through though. It proves that we’re at the point that a phone *can* last awhile on the battery, its up to the software to not suck. Either that or the NS has a Unicorn Blood battery instead of the traditional Lithium Ion

    • fartbubbler

      I’m still at 50% on my Droid X…… on it’s SECOND DAY without charging! 8 to 10 hours? no thanks.

    • I agree, same here for my droid too. 8-10 hours is horrible, What that means to me is with heavy use 4-6 hours. And after the battery has been used solid for a year, 4 hours tops.

      • Yeah, I used to get throught the whole day… but it’s battery life vs. overclocking, and I chose the later of the two

        • You can have the best of both worlds if you install a low voltage kernel and set the minimum clocking to a lower setting. Actually SAVES battery.

    • Anonymous

      This is likely with LTE on the whole time.

    • Stephen D

      I’ve pull 26-30 hours of battery on my Fascinate with the TrulyFascinating rom. Otherwise, it only lasts through the day before needing a charge. It’s sad that as phone tech evolves, battery tech is still the same.

    • Seriously. What planet is 8 hrs acceptable for a phone battery?

    • You should look into an iPhone. My baby gets 24 hours easily. On top of that iJustine is really hot. <3

  • Anonymous

    Sweet that phone does time travel, dec 31st 2004…..Winning!!

  • Stephen D

    And they somehow managed to make TouchWiz even girlier. A pink notification bar? You have got to be kidding me.

    • Anonymous

      Kellex would be rockin that pink. You know it!

  • Anonymous

    The battery may not be a problem, but the design and manufacturer are. 😛

    • Stephen D

      I’m giving Samsung one last chance with this and the Galaxy S2. Samsung International updates the intl Galaxy Ss just fine. They had Froyo in November and GB is on it’s way. Samsung US is the problem. They said updates have been a disaster for them and they will do better. If they can, I’ll like Samsung again. if they don’t, they can GFT.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed, indeed.

    • Do samsung phones REALLY not have a zoom for their camera or an LED notification light? That’s silly

      • Stephen D

        A zoom for their camera?

      • jason6g

        no droids have a “zoom” – just digital “cropping” as i like to refer to their sorry excuse for zoom. the notification led would be nice, but on every phone ive had minus the X its barely noticeable anyways

        ill keep with the “curse you samsung” crowd until i see them start being a bit more user centric towards the nerdy crowd – and im not holding my breath

        also, whats up with the date on this guys phone? is it a time machine too! – take that apple and your “magical” ipad, samsung travels time!

        • That’s just what Samsung technology thinks the date is. They should stick to pretty looking TVs

      • My Samsung S Fascinate has a camera zoom.