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Tuesday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?

Every six months or so we like to run this poll to get an idea as to how many of our readers are living in the land of the superusers.  And this time, we’re going to do something similar to the poll we ran a few weeks back, when we asked users which ROM they were using.  We want to create more of those fancy charts, so along with answering the poll, we also want you to list out the device you are currently running in the comments with your root-status.

Rooted or Non-Rooted?

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  • Motorola Droid 1 FRG83G

  • msug

    og droid cm 7 rc2

  • Mike

    I’m rooted now, can I change my vote real quick?? haha

  • Droid Future

    Rooted. Motorola Droid OG running Project Elite V5.0.2 Epic Blue Redux

  • trumpet444

    compare this with the last root/not root poll. april 27th of last year. results flipped dramatically http://www.droid-life.com/2010/04/27/tuesday-poll-rooted-not-rooted/#comment-47056697

  • Drew

    Rooted. Droid X ApeX 1.4.1 with REVOlution by Manup456 theme!

  • Lance_rhoads

    Dx liberty 1.5 clocked at 1.25

  • Anonymous

    I pity the 2000+ fools who haven’t rooted their Android phones.

  • Whats_shakin_

    Original Droid rooted GPA 13 (Thanks Pete!)

  • Whats_shakin_

    Original Droid rooted GPA 13 (Thanks Pete!)

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Blacklobo

    Original Droid
    – Rooted
    — Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Anonymous

    I choose rooted (Dinc), and have done many custom roms, but I am currently at a stock rom (rooted). I’m only rooted because I don’t like the stupid idea of paying to use my phone for internet access. I am currently not satisified with the roms available, since there is an issue with most of the Gingerbread and beyond ports, “Z” ports, New Sense ports, etc. I felt that the stock sense was nice and stable for now.

    Don’t get me wrong– I have huge (mad?) respect for Android devs. I just feel like they are so overwhelmed now that they can’t get things 100%. A weakness of agile development. As a developer myself, I have some interest in Rom’ing, but am scared at the thought of how much work that will drag me underneath.

  • Mjsplicer78

    Rooted DX-had I known how bad the bootloader issue was it would’ve been Droid Inc tho

  • AC

    Non rooted thanks to Motorola. Rock’n the Canadian Milestone.

  • Emily

    Droid2, vzw replacement for the droid i droped

  • Non-rooted, DROID Incredible

  • Kiara23

    I’m new to smartphones and I have a Droid Incredible and I keep hearing about rooting your phone. What does it mean to root your phone? Is it better to have an rooted phone?

  • OG Droid with Project Elite 5 (and the Honeycomb theme).

  • Chris Nimon

    WOW what a difference in rooted users compared to 1 year and 6 months ago. It has completely flipped and I think we have twice as many voters now.

  • Anonymous

    Droid X – rooted running ApeX 1.4.1 🙂

  • OG Droid: Rooted CM7 RC2
    Xoom: Un-Rooted (waiting for LTE upgrade first)

  • Fatty McButter Pants

    Rooted – Droid 2

  • badger28

    Non-rooted OG Droid

  • MK17

    Rooted. OG Droid, Project Elite 5

    Well… technically stock unrooted now, but thats just to return to Verizon.

  • Rooted X Froyo

  • Rooted. OG Moto DROID running GPA13

  • Sfhock

    Non Rooted Droix X, Froyo.

  • stew


  • Rooted DX Android 2.2.1 w/ Liberty MOD

  • Anonymous

    Been a big follower of this site for many months now… Never really commented up until today…

    Its ironic how I came to this site because I was in the windows phone 7 backstage program (I wanted to buy one and jump the boat from apple since I was getting tired of it). They made a mention of engadget.com in the forums so I started frequenting that site. Then I started noticing posts of android phone news that had droid-life cited as the source. I followed the source and that’s how I ended up here.

    After doing research from this site I decided to buy my first android phone on June of last year. It was a Droid Inc. Returned it and got the Droid X on July. I’m fairly new to all of this. I currently have a Rooted Droid X with Apex 1.4 overlclocked to 1.3 Ghz at high voltage. I didn’t root my phone up until around October. (That’s when I was forced to learn how to use an SBF file) Tried a second time… and it was all good…

    I was an i*hone user (did I do it right?) previously for 3 years.I owned the first 3 models. Even though it was jailbroken and unlocked it quite didn’t feel … complete… the interface felt childish and repetitive (although intuitive) All in all I had to jump too many hoops to get the phone to do what I wanted it to do.

    Thanks to this site (and windowsphone7.com in a way lol) I’ve been a happy camper ever since 😀

  • Sandyman

    Original Droid, Rooted. ProjectElite 5.2 ROM

  • Nathanbull33

    Rooted. Droid X running Rubix Focused 2.0.1. Overclocked and undervolted to 1100. With black juice true blue theme. Loving my new X so far!

  • Deeptommy

    i am rooted (using super one-click) on stock ROM (still), and am using a Droid 1, Set CPU, ROM Manager, Titanium Backup Pro, Launcher Pro, installed. Overclocked at 800 mhz, scaled.

  • Smtxom

    This is like polling the readers of the Fox News site if they would vote Republican or Democrats. Most readers on this site are well informed Android Consumers and are more than likely going to be running rooted devices if possible.

  • Romma1

    Rooted Running CM7 RC2

  • Wigb

    DX Rooted

  • jetnoirz

    Xoom Rooted

    Droid X rooted, Fission

  • OG Droid running project elite’s latest at 1.1 GHz. Love it!

  • OG Droid running project elite’s latest at 1.1 GHz. Love it!

  • Forehead

    OG Droid, Project Elite 5 Update 2.

  • Ron

    Droid X

  • immadroid

    Rooted OG Droid running the latest Project Elite + Rooted Xoom with the latest OC kernel release.

  • kismet769

    Rooted Droid X running ApeX 1.4.1

  • Anonymous

    Xoom – Rooted & Unlocked

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    I live around a bunch of droid users(bout a hundred) and I’m the only one rooted. I use stock for about most everything because I don’t need fancy shit, just functional. I rooted to overclock, underclock, convert to a wifi hotspot, and to remove bloatware. I’ve been trying to convince my friends that rooting is easy and is reversable(depending on circumstances) but they have apps that do almost everything my rooted only apps can do. Can anyone help? I want my friends to open their minds to the possibilities rooting allows.


  • My OG Droid, son’s Droid X, daughter’s Droid Pro, daughter’s Incredible, and now my Xoom all ROOTED and loving it… Next I want to ROOT my car… LOL!

  • Anonymous

    rooted DX bootstrapped oc’d lv 1.45ghz honeycomb themed liberty 1.5 and themed lpp

  • Anonymous

    Rooted OG Droid – Simply Stunning 5.01 Gingerbread

  • Rooted. Motorola Droid running Liquid Gingerbread 1.31 with Honeycomb theme.

  • Jobslave72

    rooted original D1 running sapphire 2.0.2 . This ROM seems to be the most stable without too much lag or dialer issues.

  • Jbmiller148

    Rooted DroidX. No roms.

  • Voldroid

    Rooted using OG Droid with PE4.2 Rom. Gingerbread doesn’t seem to like OG Droids 🙁

  • Brutalsnowman

    Rooted – Droid X – Liberty 1.5

  • Aaron G

    Rooted Droid X with Darkslide 4.2 semi-blurless.

  • buck i

    Rooted OG Droid running PE v4.2 / v5 depending on the day. 1.1 GHz.

  • Krystra

    rooted dx stock rom oc’d to 1.4mhz

  • neverknow

    Droid 2, Rooted, Liberty 1.5

  • RavnosCC

    Rooted D1 w/Bugless Beast latest ROM

  • Shawn

    DX running apex 1.4.1 OC’ed to 1.2 LV

  • KyleD

    Rooted Droid X and a Rooted Nook Color

  • jmanGJHS97

    Rooted HTC Incredible. CyanogenMod 7 RC1 (Gingerbread)

  • Wingman520

    Droid incredible running cm7 rc2 and Droid Eris with cm6

  • blackbranch

    DX Non-Rooted. The plan to is to stay non-rooted for as long as i can stand it and then root to extend the life of the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Incredible, Rooted
    Motorola Xoom, Not Rooted

  • DX, rooted.

  • crack

    Rooted Droid Incredible currently running Virtuous, but as soon as CM7 goes stable I’m moving to it.

  • Jon

    Droid X running RubiX 2.0.1

  • John

    Rooted. Nexus One. CM-7RC2, Dark Tremor A2SD, setCPU=1113

  • Littleperry6904

    og droid running GPA13 with Slayher 1.0 lv kernal and loving it1

  • RW-1

    Rooted OG Droid running Pete’s GPA13, very nice !

  • Sacnotsack

    OGD rooted LGB v1.3.1 @1200Mhz. Just wish my phone liked low voltage kernals

  • Rooted. Motorola Xoom and Droid X.

  • Ehall247

    OG Droid GPA13 using Pete’s 1.0 Gz LV Kernal…..sweet!

  • Ronniefoxxx

    Motorola Xoom, not rooted (yet)
    HTC Vision, rooted running CM7 RC2

  • Djenks24

    Droid X Rooted running Rubix 2.0
    Droid Rooted running GPA 13 Gingerbread

  • JK

    OG running Cyanogen 7 nightly

  • John..

    Rooted, Motorola Droid, Project Elite 5.2

  • Ssavage41

    rooted d1 pe5.02

  • MachineGun68

    OG running Steel Droid 4.0 GB ROM

  • DT3

    OG Droid, rooted, running PE 5.0.2

  • DT3

    OG Droid, rooted, running PE 5.0.2

  • Allen P.

    Rooted Droid Incredible, CyanogenMod-6.1.0-Inc
    Loving it, but will try to make the leap to CyanogenMod 7 soon.

  • Anonymous

    Rooted. OG Motorola Droid running BB v.

  • Rooted, OG Droid running SS 4.96 right now. Need to switch to something else, fairly unstable as of late?

  • Steve

    non-rooted Droid X, 2.2.1

  • WHO

    Rooted OGD running PE 5.0.2

  • Xtreme0823

    Been rooted since my OG Droid, Currently rooted w/Droid X Apex 1.4.1.

  • Lukekool

    OG Droid (rooted) PE 5.0.2

  • Nick177th

    Rooted OG Droid. Running Project Elitev5.2

  • Andrewjoka

    Rooted motorola droid 2

  • Lee

    Rooted HTC Incredible, Froyo 2.2, awaiting CyanogenMod 7 stable to be released. Why root? Custom boot screen, boot animations, wifi tethering, and removing VZW’s bloatware.

  • sT1xe

    Rooted – HTC Desire with AuraxTSense 2.2

  • Anonymous

    Still running OG Droid, BB v0.6.1, Saphire 800MHz LV kernel with compcache.
    Just picked up a Nook Color in the $200 ebay sale…trying out roms now…

  • rooted my evo 4g just for bloatware an wireless teather. the evo comes with so much out of the box. its such a good phone.

  • BA_Carroll

    Rooted OG Droid GPA13 Peter’s flavor with stock kernel. I’m holding my breath, literally, for the Thunbderbolt but I may wait for that Sexy looking LG device. Unless Motorola unlocks the Bionic. Dam you Verizon *shaking my fist*

  • Bryanpresnell

    Rooted OG Droid running GPA13 with 1gz Lv kernel with launcher Pro. I could not be happier. Thanks Peter. Your the man.

  • Nick

    Rooted OG Droid – Project Elite 5.0.2

  • Cory Worthen

    Rooted O(M)G Droid CM7 Build 13 OC’d 800mhz

  • Rooted OG Droid on CM 6 bout to run CM 7

  • Mwebb19

    D2 running Liberty 1.5

  • Coaster36

    Rooted OG droid with CM7 nightly 2.3.3

  • Raven

    Rooted Droid 2 Global now.
    Also, still have old rooted OG Droid.

  • Droid and Nook Color

  • Mircea M

    Rooted, HTC Desire running CyanogenMod 7 RC1

  • Anonymous

    This is a bad poll, I plan on keeping my Xoom unrooted and my phone rooted. I know strange but thats how i like it.

  • Fg2srt4

    OG droid running Project Elite v5.0.2

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid | Project Elite GB5.2 | Raidzero Kernel

    Best thing I ever did was root my phone, wish I had done it sooner!

  • Anonymous

    rooted DX

  • Finally got on the ROM bandwagon with Peter Alfonso’s GPA builds. Started with 12 and now on the much improved GPA13.

  • Eflores462

    Cm7 nightly #13
    HTC evo.jm

  • Well, considering the unfortunate downfall of the Thunderbolt, today was the day I deiced to root my DX.. I had planned on selling it to upgrade to the TB, but verizon is playing games so I figured why not.. I’m in the process of uploading liberty on my X now and kind of scared and hope it works.. I did everything I was suppose to so just hoping it works out..

    Any other DX user, it’d be dope if you gave me a heads up on some other cool roms and mods I can use with my newly rooted DX would be greatly appreciated.. My next step is going to be overclock and trying different kernels even though I have no idea what that means really.. thanks in advance for the help, this site has been helpful for most of my android needs..

    I kind of look at this as preparation for my TB!

  • Altr Eg0

    Rooted, N1 Cm7 rc2 overclocked to 1.13 ghz.

  • DX. Liberty 1.5. OC 1.15 Ghz. LPPro.

  • RussDaWg2000

    how do you root these phones?

  • Jamesdoulane

    OG Droid, another PE 5.0.2. Less bugs than stock for me..and fast..
    And stupendous battery life.

  • Thesaber2000

    rooted OG droid runnging gpa13. Pete rocks!

  • Jack

    rooted running stock ROM on a OG Droid. Still a bit nervous about trying different ROMS. Rooted mostly for the wireless tether so the kids can use there i*ou*h (a gift from their grandparents)

  • Peurifoyd

    liberty 1.5 ROM

  • Miketomlison

    Rooted OG Droid, Rooted Xoom.

  • Joebruce6
  • Gorgio1

    Rooted DroidX running
    Fission ROM 2.6.1
    OC: 1.2Ghz

    Its Awesome!!!

  • Calculatorwatch

    Rooted OGD running PE 5.0.2 (Honeycomb theme)

    My strategy was to stay stock until I knew there wouldn’t be any more OTA updates for my phone (poor old OG), then I rooted to keep it exciting. I kindof miss being on MIUI but not really ’cause my phone is faster (and cooler looking) than I ever thought it could be

    • MK17

      I guess you should unroot as there is a new OTA being released today

      • Calculatorwatch

        haha yeah it doesn’t really count though cause it kinda sucks, plus I could never go back now

  • Jawshua

    I’ve thought about rooting but I’ve Judy never seen enough good information about it as to what the vendors are. Everytimei ask sometime or look at peoples explanations it’s always just technical stuff about over clocking and boot loaders and other mumbo jumbo that means absolutely nothing to me. If I’m not rooted I’m not gonna understand what all the tech stuff means. It’s like everyone thinks it’s elitists and they font need to explain any benefits, saying if you don’t know what rooting is you don’t need to do it. Which is dumb as hell, because neither did you at one point. If I could have some non-asshole-netnerd, actually explain it to me in laymans terms and say something besides speed tests, I might be interested. But that also leads me to think that there really isn’t anything that special about it. I don’t know, anyone wanna step up and explain, of course not someone that resrmbles the remark I made about the detractors.

    • Jawshua

      With all the typos I’m gonna have to type when I’m not on my adderall and also beat the crap out of my slide keyboard.

      • Jamesdoulane

        Just relax and start Googling your questions. The forums will answer all those who ask.

      • Tim242

        I root just for use of root apps. I don’t mess with the ROMs and such. Here are my reasons for rooting.

        1. ShootMe Screenshot App. It will work on some unrooted phones, but not on most.

        2. Titanium Backup App. I use this to freeze bloat apps. I never delete them, just freeze them. This isn’t necessary on Sprint phones, but Verizon has a ton of crap in running services.

        3. Wireless Tether App. Free hot spot. Enough said on that.

        4. Root Explorer App. Gives you access to all files.

    • Jawshua

      With all the typos I’m gonna have to type when I’m not on my adderall and also beat the crap out of my slide keyboard.

    • Anonymous

      Ha ya a few typos, but you are right most of the reasons to root are a bit more technical then most people want to get but then there are a few reasons people might want to have root. Wifi hotspoting/wifi tethering when you take the data connection and share it with other devices, this can be achieved through root or by paying Verizon. Another reason is app back up/removal through applications like titanium backup, which require root access to run. And a third reason would be for people who would like to remove bloat wear, ie pretty much all non essential pre loaded softwear that could unneccessarly slow down your phone. And a final nonsupertechy reason would be for battery life, I know you don’t quite understand all the tech stuff but when it all comes together you can really turn you’re phone from a zero to a hero by switching up to a custom rom designed for stability and battery life, or you can live on the edge and go for a super fast and cutting edge and maybe not so stable. But these are all choices every android user gets to make that the beauty of it, hope this helps you out a bit on your quest to root.

    • Calculatorwatch

      In laymans terms the reasons for rooting are pretty simple, it allows you to make your phone faster, make it look different (themes), add better features and functionality, and give you more control and customization. Beyond that though it does get fairly technical, and you don’t need to be an “asshole-netnerd” to understand it but if you’re not willing to find forums and read into it and figure out what you’re doing than the whole process won’t be much fun.

    • I’ve had my Droid X since July when it came out and didn’t root it until just last week. I was always on the fence, but what made me jump was that a rooted phone (at least my droid x) could download and run for free, “Wireless Tether App” from the market, but still, it doesn’t mean much like you said. I probably won’t use this app at all on a normal basis.

      I think the primary reason for rooting is simply the ability to tinker with your phone. I admit, there’s a level of nerdiness to it, but that nerdiness is by far not a bad thing as the connotation to the word implies. Rooting is more about getting the full potential out of the technology that’s in your phone. It’s about innovation, taking current technology and applying it in new ways. 15 years ago people were hacking their computers. My father grew up tinkering with radios and radio stations, setting up antennas on his home in the Dominican Republic to talk to people in nearby cities. Today, it’s smartphones. It’s all about breaking barriers and limits on your technology and having greater control over your device. A rooted user and a non-rooted user have mostly the same benefits, but I bet you the rooted user loves his phone many many times more. For me it’s a hobby, technology is my interest, I’m studying Information Systems at the University of Arizona right now.

      I say don’t root if you don’t want to put time into it, or if you don’t want to put the time into it. Definitely root and give it a try if you’re even slightly interested (you are reading this blog, after all). At the end of the day, it’s a hobby. Do it if you want to, not if you need to. (Just be careful not to brick your phone 😉 )

  • Rooted Droid X

  • BimmerMechanic

    PHONE: Rooted Moto D1
    ROM: Peter Alfonso’s GPA13 + Pete’s 1.1ghz LV Kernal.

    • Bimmermechanic


  • Vanessa

    Rooted OG running Liquid Gingerbread 1.3

  • Bacabone

    Two rooted Droid Xs and a soon to be rooted Xoom

  • Gorillathehutt

    both my Droid X and Nook Color are rooted xD

  • Rooted. DX. Liberty 1.5

  • MrKeith20

    Status : Rooted.
    Device : OG DROID.
    OS Version : Froyo 2.2.1
    Build # : FRG83D
    Overclocked : 1.0GHz
    MOD/ROM Version : Sapphire – 2.0.2 (Stable & Fast)

  • Anonymous

    Rooted Atrix 4G here!

  • Anonymous

    Rooted: OG Droid, XOOM.

  • Rufio_8827

    Rooted OG Droid. Running LGB 1.3

  • droid x, rooted, with apex v1.3 with a tron theme and just loving being rooted ^_^

  • Machete

    Rooted! HTC Incredible – Redemptive rEVOlution 2.4

  • anon

    HTC Incredible with Cyanogenmod 7

  • All you scared-to-root-my-expensive-android people are missing out.
    Droid X. Definitely rooted. 😛

  • David

    Rooted, OG DROID, Pete’s GPA 13 with surprisingly fast and smooth 600mhz kernel!

  • Camerondccrawford

    Rooted Droid Incredible with cyanogenmod 7!

  • Interstellarmind

    Rooted. Motorola Droid X.

    Running Liberty 1.5.

  • Droid Incredible: Rooted.

    Motorola XOOM: Not rooted (yet).

  • Chris C

    OG Droid – Rooted – Project Elite GB v5.0.2

    XOOM – Stock (just got it haven’t had time to root it yet)

  • Joe

    N1 & Xoom, both rooted 😉

  • Anonymous

    Pete’s new Android 2.3.3 ROM (GPA13) for the original DROID

  • Kryptic17

    Motorola Droid – Rooted

  • Droid X. Rooted, Liberty 1.5

  • OG Droid GPA13 @1.1

  • Crmay1215

    Phone: Droid X
    Rom: RubiX
    Theme: Incognito

    Tried liberty 1.5 had a ton of issus… Freeze ups, lots of random reboots, bad battery life… lovin’ me some good old stable RubiX… also personally like incognito more then Linear…

  • Scott Jordan

    Droid 2 with liberty 1.5

  • Pablo Casiano75

    Rooted running cm7 gingertazz on a Droid Eris and its running amazing,don’t understand why carriers decide to not upgrade a device without testin if the device can handle it.I guess they just want to make money,this is where I give apple credit in handling upgrades.

  • Rooted Droid Incredible
    Rooted Nook Color

  • Drftsld

    Rooted OG Droid. GPA11

  • Rooted DX on ApeX 1.4
    and a rooted nookColor on both stock and Honeycomb v04 =]

  • Really? A quarter of the people here aren’t rooted? yeesh, this community’s gone to hell

  • Rooted OG Droid UD 3.0.1

  • Papoose34328

    Motorola Droid, Project Elite GB v5.0.2

  • Papoose34328

    Motorola Droid, Project Elite GB v5.0.2

  • C4blimtizle

    Rooted OG droid running latest cm7 build with oc’d primed kernal.

  • Mcneilmoe

    rooted Droid 2. Liberty 1.5. epic blue theme. overclocked ultra low voltage 1.3 ghz

    • Mcneilmoe

      but waiting for the unlocked bootloader so i can get the one the only CYANOGENMOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Radioactive_cite

    Rooted about 2weeks ago. Gpa13… learning as I go thanks droid life

  • bigguh

    Non-rooted, Droid X

    • Mcneilmoe


  • Cellside

    Rooted OG Droid – Stock 2.2.1 OC’ed to 1.1GHZ

  • Anonymous

    DInc. Skyraider 3.2. stock kernel. Launcher pro.

  • nick

    rooted og droid bb 6.2.1

  • Chy Colton

    Rooted Original Droid Bugless Beast Froyo

  • Nick

    Rooted. OG Droid. MIUI

  • Nick

    Rooted. OG Droid. MIUI

  • EC8CH

    OGD rooted PE V5.0.2

  • Anonymous

    Rooted Motorola Droid 1 running Ultimate Droid 3.0.1 GINGA

  • Mike

    Rooted OG Droid running Chevy’s SS GB 5.01. And I’m typing this from my rooted Xoom 🙂

  • charvaka

    Rooted Droid X running ApeX 1.4.1

  • Droid X rooted with Liberty ROM 1.5 and Gala theme. I’m new to the rooting world as I just started in January, and Liberty is my first. I love the fact that I can go all day without charging my phone, and the phone runs smoother and faster! I don’t see the point in overclocking. :-/

  • Fascinate me

    Rooted. Samsung Fascinate, running 2.2.1 via Super Clean 2.8

  • paj

    Rooted Of Droid

    Running CM 6.1.2

  • Rooted. Moto Droid running GPA13 Gingerbread 2.3.3 by Peter Alfonso.

  • Got an OG droid from Verizon about a week ago, I just haven’t gotten around to rooting it yet. My old one was rooted running GPA 12 though =).

    • Once you root it, check out GPA13, uploaded today, very stable and fast even on 600mhz

  • Milestone with CM7

  • Rshan93

    Incredible running virtuous 3.2 with Lou’s #9 Kernel

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Sfchawks001

    non-rooted droid1

  • Grooverut

    OG droid rooted, cm 6.1.2

  • Mase347a

    Rooted OG Droid running sourcery v2.2 cant ask for anything better it’s an amazing rom

  • buzzlightyear®

    Rooted DROID x 2.2.1 version 3.4.2 no theme yet just launcher pro until someone releases a true gingerbread theme. 🙂

  • 1nefall

    I am running Chevy01 Simply Stunning 5.01. It is gingerbread with a ton of added features, love it! Please do a story on it.

  • jason6g

    Rooted 😀

    Original droid – sapphire 1ghz (left pocket, personal #)
    Incredible – ruby (retired for x)
    Droid x – stock minus bloatware n ads (right pocket, business #)
    Fascinate – stock minus bloatware n ads (girlfriend)

  • Karnage9

    Rooted Moto DROID Project Elite 5.0.2

  • SteveTango

    Rooted. OG Droid 2.2.1 w/ LauncherPro and overclocked.

  • Rooted Droid X runnin Liberty 1.5

    Get Liberated!

  • Anonymous

    Hey just asking, never really rooted before but now i want to…..how do i use z4 root? do i just download it on my phone and then click root and thats it?

    • Harper1817

      Yes. It does all the work. After it finishes it may reboot for the changes to take effect.

  • Theflyingswami

    Rooted OG Droid running Project Elite Gingerbread. Finally rooted less than a month ago and loving it!

    • Sputnick

      Congrats! Project Elite is the best ROM I’ve run so far IMO. CM7 is good too but I find the PE ROM has so many tweeks and it runs awesome…no lagging.

      OG Droid.

      • Theflyingswami

        Thanks! PE is great. I also tried CM 6 and I do miss a few options available on CM, like the ability to change the browser’s user agent, but PE runs fast fast fast (I only OC to 800) and sports GB. CM7 seems a little unstable for me to give a shot just yet.

  • Mdn5024

    Rooted. Droid X running Apex 1.4.0. I love it, haven’t run across any problems yet.

  • Non-rooted – Droid X – LauncherPro Plus is good enough

  • Anonymous

    Rooted OG Droid running Project Elite v5 (CM7) @ 1.1GHz.

  • Anonymous

    Rooted OG Droid running Project Elite v5 (CM7) @ 1.1GHz.

  • Anonymous

    droid incredible, rooted, running OMFGB

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Rooted Droid 2, Liberty 1.5

  • Lansdownunder

    Rooted, OG Motorala Droid CM & Nightlies

  • Samurai Mke

    Rooted! Rocking the OG DROID. Running the most insanely awesome Rom PE V5.02 with a sick Honeycomb theme. This thing is tight. Suffocating, tight. No other Rom is as stable, fast, with the best features for customization and performance…..DROOOIIIIIID

    • Sputnick


  • Anonymous

    Droid x (worst phone ever) rooted running apex 1.4. Im switching between stock and apex because Im ashamed to say it but I kinda like stock. But it sucks that we can’t make actual custom roms with other versions of android.

  • OG Droid running Project Elite V5.0.2

  • Seabeetodd

    Incredible. rooted, I like sense but leaning toward CM7

  • Danjme

    Droid X apex

  • fralogan

    OG Droid rooted, Xoom non-rooted.

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid CM7 nightly #12. XOOM rooted and overclocked.

  • OG Droid, rooted, impatiently waiting for CM7

  • Rooted OG Droid running Pete’s GPA13 w/ LV 1.0GHz kernel.

  • Rooted: Motorola Milestone 2.2.2(FroyoMod)

  • original droid, rooted, running pete’s gpa13 with slayher (it works perfectly, i don’t why people keep complaining).

  • Keeler

    OG Droid. PE 5.0.
    Root-Status: Up and running.
    Results: Awesome.

  • Rabbid10

    Rooted OG Droid / CM 6.1.2

  • PattyOMalley

    Rooted. Motorola Droid X running Apex 1.4.1 and it is incredible!

  • Jailbroken FTW!!

  • ultravisitor

    Rooted Droid X ApeX 1.4.1

  • David Halladay

    Rooted Droid 1 running miui

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid rooted and rippin’ the latest D1-MIUI ROM at 1.0 Ghz!!!

  • ShannonT

    Rooted OG Droid running stock 2.2.1 + 1.2GHz overclock kernel.

  • Pouxonu

    An R2D2 Droid 2 Liberated from the empire times 1.5 and stationed in the Honeycomb theme system on the outer rim

    Oc’d to 1.1 Ghz (she’s make the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs)

    • Sputnick

      Head on down to Toshi Station and pick up some power converters.

  • Jacobius

    OG Droid running PE v5.0.2

  • Anonymous

    Droid X

  • Themiddleman07

    Original droid running project elite v5

  • Beka27

    Rooted DX, running Fission 2.5.7

  • Anonymous

    rooted droid. running ultimate droid 3.0.1 stock 800mhz kernel that comes with the ROM. custom honeycomb theme. runs really smooth.

  • KO

    OG Droid Currently running Liquid Gingerbread

  • Cmac14

    Rooted. OG Droid with PE Gingerbread

  • SFC Airborne51

    Rooted: OG Motorola Droid, Droid 2, and Nook Color, and one day when I can steal my wife’s Fascinate I ‘ll root it too!!

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid
    ChevyNo1 1.25ghz uLV kernel
    CM7 nightly build
    Honeycomb theme


  • Anonymous

    OG Droid – Project Elite 5.0.2

  • Droid (1) Rooted

  • _xyp_

    DInc (Still the most versatile non-Google Experience phone out there… for now… :-p), CM7 Nightlies, Antique Blue by JB Themes.

  • rooted og droid – CM7 and PEv5 on and off
    nonrooted xoom – waiting on the 4g upgrade 1st just in case

  • Droid_Dizzy

    Phone-OG Droid
    ROM-PE V5.0.2
    Kernel-Pete Lv 1.050

  • Anonymous

    Droid X: Rooted with Liberty 1.5 ROM

  • Anonymous

    Droid X: Rooted with Liberty 1.5 ROM

  • JT

    OG – Rooted

  • Puffycow

    OG Droid: Rooted. I was no rooted for 10 months and I finally made the switch to Project Elite’s Gingerbread release.

  • Anonymous

    DX rooted. Running Darkslide 4.2.

  • Calumnium

    DX Liberty v 1.5 overclocked 1.2 ghz, OG Droid project elite ROM overclocked 1.1 ghz, motorola xoom dead stock

  • Rmins19

    Rooted. Droid X: Apex 1.4.1 ROM

  • Lance694

    Droid X Apex 1.4.1

  • Bob

    Rooted. Droid X.
    Loving it.

  • Eric

    Rooted OG Droid stock 2.2.1. I too tired of the ROM game for now and it’s nice to have my phone working 100% again. The little bugs just added up to too much after a while. But that’s just me.

    Non-rooted Xoom. Still awaiting a reason to do it but I’m pretty happy with the way things are for the most part. I hardly ever touch my laptop at home anymore except for when things blow up at work.

  • Sean27030

    Rooted Droid X Liberty 1.5…

    Rooted Viewsonic G tablet…. Vegan 5.1…

    Rooted .. Archos 101…

  • Anonymous

    I have a rooted OG clocked to 1 Ghz. I am really jealous of everybody talking about how fast their phones are. Mine is always laggy and bogging down and occasionally Ill get some FCs from launcherpro and the android sytem itself. Is there something I should do regularly to clean my phone up (ie clear RAM, data, caches) to keep it running fast? Any ideas would help.

  • Rooted OG running Project Elite v5.0.2

  • Mail

    I wasn’t last time, but now I am!

    OG Droid with GPA13 and Peter Alfonso’s low voltage 1.0GHz kernel. Gingerbread rocks!

  • 2ceedz

    Droid and Droid Eris

  • Ilhe1s

    HTC DROID Incredible
    Stock Modified ROM
    Soon To be CM7

  • jag28co

    DX: Rooted with Apex 1.4.1. Loving it all the way. For those non rooters, you guys dont know what you are missing. Just root and play with all the custom roms out there.

  • AMT0924

    Running Original Droid, with ProjectElite Gingerbread ROM at 1000MHz

  • Godzilla932

    non rooted Incredible, I will probably root when my warrenty is up or I am ready to get a new phone. I feel that rooting may satisfy the urge for a new phone

  • Bacon

    OG Motorola Droid-Non-rooted

  • Rlarson_mn

    Droid X running Motorola/Verizon release 2.2.1 with system version 2.3.340

  • evan

    Droid Incredible: CM7 Gingerbread (rooted)

  • (v)urphy

    OG Droid
    BB 6.2.1

  • Easyski

    Original droid: rooted, ud 2.5

    Nook color: rooted, nookie froyo 0.6.8

  • Kwilly15bb

    Had Rooted BB OG Droid
    Now I have No-Root G2 with LPP

    G2 is way better. Root is good for phones getting out of date or if you like customization (duh) but newer phones need for Root is becoming less necessary especially after 2.1 to 2.2 happened. Keep in mind though G2 is stock (maybe only 4G stock out right now), I know motoblur or touchwiz sorta cripple phones for some.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Incredible running CyanogenMod 7 RC2

  • whiteblazer00

    Droid x rooted Rubix 2.0 OC’d @1.45 Motor xoom rooted OC’d @ 1.5

  • Pak96dds

    Rooted. OG Motorola Droid running GPA 13 Gingerbread 2.3.3

  • Jblow

    Rooted X, liberty 1.5 linear theme

  • Anonymous

    Still sporting a rooted OG Droid. And, with Project Elite 5.0.2 on there, it’s as strong as ever. Oh, the wonders of an unlocked bootloader!

  • dragon19104

    Rooted OG Droid running PE 5. Considering a move to GPA 13. Would appreciate preference comments from anyone whom has experienced both.

  • Roady672

    My ipad is rooted.


  • Nbird0784

    og droid running p.e.v5.0.2

  • Joe

    Currently trying Bugless Beast by Pete on Droid1 (sort of a mix between Froyo and Gingerbread).

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    Are there any good, current comparisons of the various ROMs? I need something super stable if I’m going to make the jump. My warranty is up and I’ve been curious to take the plunge.

  • Digophelia817

    Rooted OG Droid, running PE 5.0.2.

  • Rooted Incredible 2.2.1 running MIUI with Invisiblek’s #28 Kernel .. rocking the i*hone4 theme with Honeycomb wallpaper for all the haters! XOXOXO

  • Miguelts9

    OG Droid rooted with liquid gingerbread rom installed…

  • Cjay1019

    Rooted Droid X-Liberty v1.5

  • Lakerzz

    Rooted, DX, and running Apex 1.3 Gingerbread (Launcher Pro plus)

  • Rooted OG Droid running Pete’s 2.3.3 Gingerbread Rom GPA13. So far it is smooth as GPA12.

  • Rocinante

    Droid one. Rooted.. Project Elite 5

  • Rooted Droid X running ApeX 1.4, overclocked to 1.3 Ghz, and undervolted too.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Incredible, CM7

  • Chaser457

    OG Droid, Project Elite v4

  • Rooted. Droid 2. Liberty ROM. Custom LP dock. Good life.

  • Vire

    OG Droid, running Liquid gingerbread, and themed with Honeybread Alpha 4

  • Droid 2 w/ Fission 2.5.7

  • Bmuenter

    non-rooted. Don’t want to risk my warranty or bricking my phone. I like the idea though! The process is too “iffy” still for me.

  • streakybacon

    Rooted. OG droid. ProjectElite 5.0.2

  • sjm614

    DROID Incredible rooted running Cyanogenmod 6.1. Best thing I ever did since I got my phone. I can’t wait for gingerbread from the Cyanogenmod team. They are the best!!!

  • OG Droid, Project Elite V5

  • streakybacon

    Rooted. OG droid PE 5.0.2

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Rooted OG Droid Project Elite 5.0

    Anyone else having issues with the phone application lagging out to force closing when the phone call ends?

  • OG Droid, Project Elite V5

  • DX 2.3.342 rooted…battery life is absurdly awesome…10.5hour day and ive got 80% lleft

  • Kais

    OG Droid, Rooted, BuglessBeast

  • duckphan

    OG moto Droid 1. Switch between Proj Elite 5.0.2 and GPA13 2.3.3 from Pete.

  • Tim242

    Rooted Incredible. Stock ROM. Just rooted for root apps.

    Wireless Tether
    ShootMe (for Screenshots)
    Titanium Backup (to freeze bloat)

  • derickmc

    Rooted Droid Incredible (AMOLED) running CM7 RC2 Android 2.3.3

  • Beneathonyxskies

    Droid 2 rooted. Switching between Liberty and Fission. Can’t decide which I like better yet.

  • Glt5000

    Rooted DX running ApeX 1.4.0,loving every second of it!

  • Jayxdoode

    Droid inc. cyanogen 7 rc 2. Stock kernel.

  • LilEmoBoi

    Rooted Evo. Had a rooted Droid 1 before this phone. Roted the Evo as soon as I got home from the store haha.

  • Ryan O. Hicks

    Rooted DINC
    Chad’s Kernal

  • Dickydarko

    OG Droid root GPA13

  • Hjevetts

    non rooted droid x, but likely rooting very soon

  • Mguytsr

    Rooted D2 apex 1.4.1

  • ricky

    Droid 2 global, no idea how to root my phone but would like to just so I can do away with the verizon bloatware

    • Tim242

      Z4 is an easy one click root app. Download from my Dropbox http://db.tt/xA6K3bT. Works on Motorola phones. Does not work for HTC phones.

  • ss2

    Droid 2 Liberty 1.5

  • Branshaw09

    Droid X, Apex 1.4.1, ApexComb theme

  • ytsejamr

    Rooted DX, liberty 1.5, UD theme.
    (Why wouldn’t you root?)

  • nathanp8

    Rooted Droid X running Liberty 1.5
    Un-rooted Xoom

  • ChuckDz3

    OG Droid. Rooted. PE 5.0.X

  • Slow88lx

    Droid X – rooted – Apex 1.4.1

    I will never buy a phone before root is confirmed. I had the Droid X for a month before I rooted, that was a waste of a month…..

  • Anonymous

    Rooted. Evo 4G running Cyanogenmod 7, 2.3.3, with Go Launcher. Couldn’t be happier

  • Magallanesaz

    I saw some one say Sprint epic 4g any one have a suggestion on a Rom for the evo 4g?

  • Droid-Does

    Still rocking with the God Farther Original Droid And Rom Project Elite V5.0.2!!!!!!!!

  • REdsoxer

    Phone Rooted Incredible CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC2

  • My Droid X is rooted and running Liberty 1.5 w/ Honeycomb theme….smooth as butter 🙂

  • Padrick77

    Rooted OG Droid with GPA13
    Rooted Xoom

  • Lord_20_bucks

    Og Droid
    Pete 1.2ghz gb kernel

  • Jon

    Rooted and never EVER looking back 🙂

  • Rooted Droid X and Moto Xoom

  • Droid 1 & R2Droid2 – Both Rooted.

    • Droid-Does

      I am running Project elite too how the EPicblue??

  • Stephen D

    Rooted, it’s the only way to go. Galaxy S Fascinate, DarkRevenge ROM, 1ghz voodoo kernel, Honeycomb theme, ADW Launcher.

  • Rooted Droid 2 Global running Fission 2.4.3

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid P.E. 4.2

  • Droid: Rooted Miui 1.2.25
    Xoom: Stock

  • Bchapmanx

    Droid X rooted running Liberty 1.5, honeycomb theme.

  • Geedee82

    Droid 2 – rooted and overclocked, running the stock OS cuz all the roms for the D2 suck and are totally unstable, yes even liberty (but that is entirely moto’s fault though and not the devs)

  • Rooted Epic 4G on Sprint. SuperNova Rom

  • J3ss3 Priest

    w/ unrEVOked
    CM7 RC#2
    OC 1.35 ghz

  • Krweby

    Rooted DX and rooted nook.

  • HTC Incredible, Rooted with unrevoked3
    Factory Installed ROM.

  • Moto Droid. Liquid Gingerbread 1.31. Yeah root down….

  • Barks

    D2 rubix 2.0.1 for DX

  • Google Nexus One, CyanogenMod7 RC2.

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid running simply stunning v. 5.0
    overclocked 1.1ghz
    waiting for cm7 stable

  • Anonymous

    Droid X running Liberty 1.5
    Nook Color running Nookie Froyo 0.8.6

    Both rooted

  • Anonymous

    Rooted OG Motorola Droid running GPA 13 Gingerbread 2.3.3 low voltage 600 kernel by Pete

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Fascinate – Rooted – Blackhole-4.01

  • Droid X: Rooted with Liberty 1.5 ROM and themed with BigDX Crystal X and couldn’t be any happier!


    • Samuraimke

      Dude, you need to try PE

      • Thomas Clinard

        PE? As in Project Elite? Isn’t that only OG?

  • Droid X

  • Nicholas Sly

    OG Droid on Stock 2.3.3 from peter alfonso.

  • StevePerry

    Rooted D2G Fission 2.4.3

    • Ray

      Dont you hate the fact that we have been stuck on 2.4.3 since December I will fin pay someone to make a d2g rom that can stay updated

  • Rooted Original Droid, Pete’s Gingerbread ROM GPA13

  • Ozyman666

    Uh … headline should be Rooted “Or” Non-Rooted.

  • Anonymous

    Daddy Droid: Rooted by Tato
    Droid X: Rooted
    Galaxy Tab: Rooted
    “Droid” XOOM: Non-rooted, but will be.

    • Ray

      Damn dude how much is your phone bill?

  • Ray

    Droid2G- fission 2.43
    xoom- unrooted I don’t really see a need for now.

  • ohsirus

    Droid 1
    liquid gingerbread 1.31 rom
    1.2 kernal

  • aburtson

    Rooted Droid X running Liberty 1.5

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

  • strikeir13

    DX Rubix 2.0.1

  • Soap

    OG Droid rooted 2.2.1, no ROM (got tired of Gingerbread issues and went back to stock Froyo for a while)

  • Curtisthefox

    I really want to root my Incredible, but there are so many ROM and Kernel options out there I don’t know the right combination to get what I want. I really hope to figure it out someday, but until I either have an extra phone in case I mess up, or it becomes clear what to choose I’m gonna stay non-rooted – especially while I still have a warranty on it. I’d like to be able to get rid of bloatware and get a feel for some vanilla Android goodness, especially that new CM7 ROM that just came out. Someday maybe…

  • Curtisthefox

    I really want to root my Incredible, but there are so many ROM and Kernel options out there I don’t know the right combination to get what I want. I really hope to figure it out someday, but until I either have an extra phone in case I mess up, or it becomes clear what to choose I’m gonna stay non-rooted – especially while I still have a warranty on it. I’d like to be able to get rid of bloatware and get a feel for some vanilla Android goodness, especially that new CM7 ROM that just came out. Someday maybe…

    • derickmc

      Just root and enjoy man… You wont regret it, i guarentee it.

    • jag28co

      That is the beauty of it. you can try as many roms are you would like and always go back if you dont like it..

    • Anonymous

      That’s the beauty of android and root, you can try it and if you mess up their are apps and files to fix it all, and plus withe the dinc its a one click root method so you really don’t have to do anything, and the new rc2 of cm7 is out, you can’t go wrong their. O and for your warrenty you can flash your phone back to stock if you have any problems and need to use your warrenty.

      • That is the beauty of iPhone. You can do what ever you want and if you mess up all you do it plug it into itunes and restore. The entire official ROM to be reflashed and bring you back to stock. No messing around with 3rd parties bringing you backups of the original. The fresh from the box feel anytime you want. iPhone is great. iJustine is hot also.

    • pj

      I have had my inc for two months and just rooted it a few weeks ago. The first thing I did was remove the bloatware. I haven’t had the courage to flash a ROM yet, but I’m pretty happy that I noted already.

    • Bpgetchel

      I completely agree, been thinking about rooting my DX for awhile but just can’t talk myself into it. My phone runs smoothly as it is and I already have it set up how I like it, so besides removing the little bloatware that I don’t use, what’s the point?

      • turdbogls

        free wireless tether, themes, make it look exactly the way you like. if you are happy the way it is, then more power to ya…but i like control of my device…if there is something i dont like, i change it…simple as that 🙂

    • jason6g

      unrevoked – easy as pie to root your phone

      google ccroms ruby to grab ruby – a nice, snappy, stable vanilla android build, even has tanks blackbar theme if you wish to keep the sense look

      thats what i was rocking plus some other goodies and i could not complain

    • Nick Koutrelakos

      If you mess up, everything’s backed up. It’s really a harmless process. I sent back my old Inc yesterday for a like new replacement and it took all of 2 minutes to get it back to completely stock.

    • Wingman520

      Running cm7 rc2 with incredikernal and battery is amazing!!! Been going for a day with half battery left

  • Dbrow1982

    Rooted epic 4g running ext4 syndicate frozen ftw!

  • DBone

    Rooted Old Skool Droid
    Liquid Gingerbread

  • MotoBlah

    OG Droid
    CM7 #13

  • HTC Droid Incredible (with AMOLED)
    Rooted since August ’10
    Skyraider Sense 3.5

  • edwards311

    Droid X, rooted running ApeX 1.4.1 with BWC theme

  • I was rooted but I cant find root for 2.2.1 🙁 i miss it so much. is anyone rooted after 2.2.1 anyone have suggestions?

    • Soap

      Search for ‘Soup or Root’

      …or go to souproot.wordpress.com

  • Eazy

    DX rooted darkslide v4.2 pure awesomeness n super fast pc to 1.35gh

  • roho

    I would like to root my Dinc. But everything I read says that the newest kernel can not be rooted. 🙁

  • Ajohn7211

    OG droid on PE 4.2 and absolutely love what PE has done.

    will upgrade back to PE 5 when the functionality comes. I tried it for a little while but the task killer was a little heavy

  • Rooted
    Droid X: Liberty
    OG Droid: Project Elite

  • Kevinmon

    Motorola Droid Rooted! Running Ultimate Droid 2.3 with Galaxy S Theme.

  • cvhovey

    Droid X
    Rooted Underclocked Undervolted
    Stock 3.4.2 Leak

    Droid 1
    Rooted Overclocked 1ghz
    GPA13 (Peter Alfonso’s Gingerbread 2.3.3)

    Nook Color
    Stock Overclocked

  • tstrebeck

    OG Droid Pete Alfonso’s GPA13 Stock Gingerbread. Overclocked to 1000

  • Evo98custom

    Rooted Droid X running stock os

  • Walker_daniel

    Droid x
    Apex 1.4.1

  • Anonymous

    Blackberry Tour unrooted. Because I sold my DX (Liberty 1.5) the day the Tbolt was supposed to come out!!

    • Anonymous

      Tsk tsk. Many seemed to have jumped a little too early. Hope it comes soon so you may drop that BB again. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        One of the biggest mistakes I made, ever.
        Anyone in Los angeles that has a spare android device (og?) to lend to keep me going until they release the bolt??

    • The scary thing is, the T-Bolt never had an official release date announced…

    • The scary thing is, the T-Bolt never had an official release date announced…

  • Motorola Droid, Project Elite, 1.2ghz! I KICK IT ROOT DOWN!

    • Tergiversator_Maximus

      What’s your battery life like?

      • I’m using Pete’s Kernel on the latest PE rom and I’m having better battery then I’ve ever had.

      • Keithsmnr

        Currently around 16 hours but I charge when I go to bed and still have anywhere from 50 to 70 percent still left before plugging in again

  • OG Droid P.E. 4.2

  • blakjakdavy

    Droid x
    Liberty 1.5

  • OreoMan

    Rooted OG Droid
    Project Elite GB v5.0.2 (Gingerbread….that’s right itches!!)
    LV 1.2 Ghz Kernel

  • Macmatt83

    Droid X, apex

  • Rooted on Droid X

    Apex REV Theme on the Weekdays and Liberty 1.5 on the Weekends.

  • Tontohoratio

    Droid X, rooted, Rubix.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus one running CM7 nightly or Captivate running some sort or 2.2 or 2.2.1 custom rom

  • Frod0329

    Droid 2 Rooted
    Liberty 1.5

  • Rooted

    Droid X

  • DUH

    Droid X running newest apex…

  • OG Droid, rooted, running CM6.1.2 and waiting on CM7 fully stable.

  • Anonymous

    DX Rooted Apex 1.4 OCed 1.2

  • Phone:
    Droid Incredible
    Stock ROM and Hydra Kernel

  • Guest

    DInc, stock Froyo rooted, awaiting a good GB ROM to load

  • Droid X running Liberty 1.5
    OG Droid running CM7 Nightlies

  • Rooted. Motorola Droid (OG)

    • Anonymous

      Rooted. HTC Thunderbolt, Gingerbread

      • Anonymous

        Frau Farbissina would like a word with you.


        • Anonymous

          In Africa we have Somalian pirates who steal shipments before the get to the US, Everyone in my village has a HTC Thunderbolt!

          [which would explain your delays 😉 ]

          • Anonymous

            But, heres the problem with your response, in the US we have the military known for “Sniping” off the Somoalian pirates before they can use said device 🙂

          • trumpet444

            hell yeah. i wouldn’t be opposed to slicing off their legs and throwing em in the water. let some sharks torture them to death……send a message. fk them pirates

          • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          AMEN Brother!!!! LMAO LIES!!!!!!

    • Shiori

      Same here. Best build ever!

  • Dr.TicTac

    Droid X Rooted with gummyjar 2.5
    OG Droid Rooted with Gingerbread 2.3.3
    I <3 My Droids!

  • Tesseract 3

    Droid r2d2 running liberty 1.5

  • Mitchell Steele013

    OG droid
    Liquid Gingerbread v1.31

  • Riverjao

    OG running Chevy’s Simply Stunning GB v5.01.

    • Riverjao

      Which is GB 2.3.2

  • Archprlest

    OG Droid – PEv5

  • tiptoptommy

    Non rooted droid2

  • Mii

    Rooted – Xoom – no custom rom as of yet – 1.5 OC kernel v2
    Rooted – Inc – Redemption rom (not used atm)
    Rooted – Epic – Viper Rom 4.0.4 – Genocide Kernel v3

  • Anonymous

    Phone: Rooted OG Droid
    ROM: Liquid Smooth GB v1.31 (Multiple ROM FLASHER) Ladies watch out LMAO!!
    Overclocked to: 1.2ghz

  • Rooted Evo 4G!! I know I know not a “Droid” but love the blogs lol

  • mjhzoom

    Droid X – unrooted. Not sure if Verizon will brick it.

  • Anonymous

    DroidX Fission 2.6. 1 overclocked 1.25

  • Laun17

    Rooted OG DROID
    ROM: GPA13
    Kernel: Pete Alfonso LV 1.0Ghz

  • Rooted Droid with FR01B by Pete

  • Kaufkin

    Rooted OG Droid1

    • Kaufkin

      Cyan 6.1.2 at the moment.

  • HTC Desire (CDMA) (aka BravoC)
    CM7 (RC2)

  • JC

    OG Droid
    Simply Stunning 5.0.1

  • essgeewhy

    Rooted OG Droid
    LV 600mHz

  • Rooted Droid 2 Global

  • Anonymous

    Droid 2, Rooted, Liberty v1.5

  • ieatspples

    Droid X

    Liberty 1.5
    My own custom 4G theme
    Overclocked @ 1.35 GHz

    Ask for theme if ya want.

  • Joevarm

    Rooted Droid Incredible
    Incredibley re-engineered

  • Phone
    Rooted OG Droid
    CM7 Nightly #14
    Overclocked to 1.0

    Rooted Nook Color
    CM7 Nightly #12: runs like buttah!

    • SFC Airborne51

      Any issues with the CM7 I haven’t put anything on mine yet other then root, just wondering if it is stable and if you ran into any problems with anything not working.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung galaxy s vibrant
    Unrooted cause I am afraid to try.

    • MRM

      Good to know im not the only one. I may try rooting my droid 2 when im due for upgrade, but until then im scared of bricking and having to get a new phone

  • Anonymous

    DX Rooted Dark Slide 4.2
    Xoom Not Rooted (for now) 🙂

  • Imajinaxn

    Droid X rooted rubix 2.01 blurless

    Xoom non rooted as of right now

  • Anonymous

    Non rooted Droid 2 R2D2
    Non rooted Xoom.
    Non rooted Eris.

    • PyroHoltz

      This is a sad sight…

      • Anonymous

        Cause I didn’t root. I don’t say its sad u did.

    • Anonymous

      I saw R2D2 and kept thinking Mazada 😛

      • Anonymous

        I take it u have a 69 Z28?

        • Anonymous

          I’ve owned several form 1997 to 2003, my last was one (Which I invested in
          the double digits$$, I regret everydays of my life for selling it LOL).
          Now I am looking for another one to rebuild 🙂 Nothing like the feel of 500
          Raw HP and manually shifting with the sweet hum of a Chevy Big Block
          churning and 3inch exhaust LMAO Oh do I miss it lol

          • Anonymous

            Hear that. I love my SS to death.

          • Anonymous

            Nice how long have you had it?? Numbers matching?? Modded?? My last was a
            1969 Camaro, not a Real Z28 but had the badging when I bought it. I bought
            it when I was on leave from Hawaii transfering to Washington State in the
            Arnmy. Joined the Pacific Northwest Camaro Club, pureest and Racers alkie,
            most of the members in thier 50’s to late 60’s Alot of Camaro knowledge.

            The old engine was quick to get thrown out, spent 7K and had Dougs Racing
            Stables (Very well known Racing Engine builder) to buld a bad origanally
            set pit to target 430 Hp engine 350cid small block ended dynoing out to
            480Hp, w/ 456 ft lbs of torque. the car came with an automatic console, went
            to the Oregon swap meet (You gotta go if you never been) Picked up a a Real
            numbers matching Mucie Rock Crusher (Verified the numbers) plus the full
            linkage, peddles and flywheel etc.. Took it to a well known guy there to
            whip it into shape, paid another almost 4K Bronze gears throughout, racing
            internals, shortned the throws and linkage of course 🙂 too many things to
            ad here but it was life and happiness 🙂

          • Anonymous

            I have had for almost a year and a half. But its still bone stock ill wait
            til the warranty is over before I mod it.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, ok I thought you had a 69 SS lol, sorry. How’s the the new
            Camaro?? haven’t test driven one yet, would like to see how a convertible
            would feel. The new Z28 sounds like a beast Any thoughts??

          • Anonymous

            I love the 2010. And that new ZL1 is going to be sick.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, ok I thought you had a 69 SS lol, sorry. How’s the the new
            Camaro?? haven’t test driven one yet, would like to see how a convertible
            would feel. The new Z28 sounds like a beast Any thoughts??

          • Anonymous

            Sorry for the bad spell check still working and typing on gmail lol

          • Anonymous

            I’m sending u a link that I promised http://gayaromas.com/about.html
            Hope u like it.

          • Anonymous

            I apologize for sending this so late
            http://xclusiveshoppers.com/about.html Enjoy it!

  • Anonymous

    Original Droid 2, rooted, running Fission 2.6.1 with Honeycomb theme beta 3, and using Launcher 7.

    • PyroHoltz

      Original Droid 2

      Isn’t that sort of an oxymoron? I think what you meant to say is, Standard D2 as opposed to the other D2s(R2D2 and Global), correct?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if it should be called Standard or Original… It was the original D2 and there was nothing standard about it – R2D2 and Global run totally different roms. Regardless, yes, that is what I am referencing.

  • Lancedirk13

    Droid X running Apex

  • Anonymous

    Droid X
    Liberty 1.5

    Droid Incredible

    Stock OC 1.5ghz

  • Chasm31

    X liberty 1.5

  • OG Droid Rooted
    Project Elite v5.0.2

    Droid life is the best

  • teschall

    Rooted. Droid X Rubix 2.0 Blurry

  • digsoreos

    Droid X unrooted

  • Anonymous

    DX Rooted for wireless tether, ability to zap bloatware, and titanium backup

    GTab rooted – just because.

  • Droid X – rooted

  • OG Droid rooted
    Project Elite v5.0.2

  • Alan

    Incredible, Virtuous.

  • Synergy

    Non-rooted Droid OG.

  • Original Droid MIUI v1.2.19.1

  • dima

    rooted droidx

  • Alex

    Droid X, Rooted
    Apex 1.4.1
    Gingerbread Theme
    Overclocked to 1265 MHz, 64 VSEL

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else having problems with Titanium Backup on the new Gingerbread Roms? TiBu does not want to backup/restore any of my data, i.e. sms, call log, etc. even coming from another Gingerbread Rom. Had no problems coming from 2.2.1 to SS v5.0, but have tried multiple other GB Roms and no luck.

  • MALfunction84

    Droid Incredible, stock, rooted

  • Handheldtech

    OG Droid
    Non Rooted (but seriously considering it)

  • I have Moto Xoom but im just waiting to the upgrade 4G and i will root my Xoom

  • Rooted or Die!

  • KniteLyf

    OG Pete’s Gingerbread 2.3

  • how do you not root? Rooted Incredible for me, rooted Droid for kid.

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid
    Simply Stunning 5.01

  • Wingshater21

    Rooted Droid X running Rubix 2.0.1

  • Jacob B in WI

    Rooted OG Droid, Bugless Beast Version 0.6.2

  • HTC Hero

    AOSP 3/8/11 build of CM7

    HoneyBread theme ROOTED! 😀

  • Rob Stemen

    Droid Incredible, CM7-RC2

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid – Simply Stunning v5.0.1

  • Droid X, Liberty 1.5
    OG Droid, Peter Alfonso GPA10

  • Owen

    Droid X – Rooted

  • PyroHoltz

    Rooted OG Droid
    CM7 Nightly #12
    Overclocked to 1.1

    Rooted Nook Color
    Eclair 2.1 Autonooter

  • Droid X rooted running liberty 1.5 underclocked to 900Mhz

  • Anonymous

    took me a while to get to it, but petes GPA roms had me root my original droid, now running GPA13

  • jason

    Og Droid project elite 5.0.2

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    OG Droid, GPA13 🙂

  • root_like_an_antelope

    DX rooted with Tranquility 3.7 @ 1.2LV; Xoom rooted with Tiamat 1.1.0 @ 1.5 per core

  • Steven R.

    Rooted Droid X
    Non-Rooted Moto Xoom

  • I’m loving my root access. I am running my DroidX and Nook Color with root access.

  • Droidsdone

    Droid x rooted liberty 1.5 ultimate Droid theme….but will switch to iPhone 5 the best operating system on best network

  • Droid Incredible, rooted, still running stock.

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid rooted and a XOOM not rooted

  • Droid Incredible – Rooted.

  • Rooted DX with Liberty 1.5.

  • Johnqg7

    Og droid for life!!!! Except if the t-bolt ever arrives!!

  • Mike

    Rooted Moto Droid, Moto Xoom,

  • cyanid3

    Eris rooted running Gingerbread

  • Andrew


  • OG Droid Rooted Sapphire 2.0.2

  • yowas

    Original Droid, PE v5

  • None rooted D2G but only because I don’t trust myself to root it and/or make changes to my phone without bricking it. But booooy would I love to.

    • You can root it with the press of a button. The risk associated with rooting is way lower than it used to be

  • Chimera

    OG Droid, Project Elite V5

  • Eris rooted running Gingergread

  • DroidLady

    Rooted OG Droid
    Project Elitev5.0.2
    Steamworks Theme

  • Chris Nimon

    Droid X – Rooted – Stock
    Droid – Rooted – Lithium Mod

  • Skychet

    OG Project Elite 5.0.2

  • Kind of have to have it just to be able to get all the extra bells and whistles.

  • Droid 2 rooted
    Droid X rooted
    Droid Incredible rooted
    Droid Eris rooted

  • Adamg888

    Droid 2
    Liberty 1.5 / Mysterious Beast Theme
    Pro Launcher Plus

  • Chris Jones

    Original Droid, still sporting CM 6.1.2

  • Anonymous

    Droid X Rooted

  • Anonymous

    Lost my root with insurance claim after I dropped my OG Droid. Don’t want to run the risk of a brick, as I’d have to use an upgrade for a new phone.

  • SsnimmaX

    Droid X rooted and running Liberty 1.5 overclocked @ 1.2!! 😛