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DROID X2 Pops Up at FCC?

A sneaky little Motorola “Cellular Phone” showed up at the FCC recently, sporting a CDMA radio which has us thinking Verizon and DROID X2 rather than the DROID BIONIC, since there isn’t a mention anywhere of it having an LTE radio.  We were originally expecting the DX2 some time in the first half of this year, possibly even in May, but after seeing the 180 day confidentiality letter included in this filing, that might no longer be in the plans.  Maybe they’ll push it to July to match up with the original DX’s launch?

And we saw some leaked pictures and specs of this phone a while back that have now gone under a lot of scrutiny, so we’re not sure what to think anymore.  Dual-core or not?  Front camera?  Better screen?  Any of that true?  Anyone even interested?

Via:  FCC, Phandroid

Cheers Stephen!

  • Mine

    True 4G DOES NOT EXISTS ! The current standards agencies have not branded any of the tech as 4G. People you need to read sites such as IEEE. True 4G is 5+ years off. And the X with only mini-minor upgrades? Come on now. Moto may have flubbed on the locked boot-loader in the eyes of the droid community, but does anyone really think they will only tweak a device that little? Pfft.

  • Slim

    For everyone saying they will not get another phone unless it has 4g, are you all really so eager to pay more per month for less data? They are not going with unlimited at this point. I have read that the upper limit will be about 5gb. Prices rumored around $40 to $50 per month. Really? More $$ for less data? I, for one, will be looking at what is offered in the 3g category.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, as big a supporter as I have been of Motorola, I am second guessing any of their phones since their acquisition of 3LM and what they are planning for the next MotoBlur. I am (unlike so many others), not a MotoBlur hater (or wasn’t), but what was announced, Aloqa (location push notification service) and other “social application” services has me rethinking whether any of these devices will be worth it, and what the cost of having the OS weighted down with all these “extras” is going to do to performance.

    Taking that all into account with a 3G device, my answer would now have to be a no, I would not consider the DroidX2 as an option.

  • Jawshua

    Yeah if they actually do add the front camera and have it run on 4G, I’m interested. But if not I’m waiting for the Bionic. Which would be sad because I love my DROIDX, and would love to have it’s offspring, but giving it less options and not meeting the standards of newer phones is just a stupid step backwards in my opinion.

    • Jawshua

      Oh yah, my biggest want is really good back speaker. I don’t want that garbage they call a speaker on my DROIDX making a return on the DX2! The speaker on a phone is a huge seller for me and I loved the original Droid’s back speaker, it was clear, crisp and loud as hell. But this piece of sh*t DROIDX speaker angers me everytime I hear anything come out of it. I mean just look at it compared to the Droid’s speaker. The OG had like a large speaker with a grill and the DROIDX has this pathetic little slit!! And of course little slits are only a plus for one thing, and that thing isn’t my DROIDX! You failed on that one Motorola and you should be ashamed!

  • david ford :)

    this site has really gone south

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure how long you’ve been reading Droid Life, but I have been following for over a year. In that time, it has grown and evolved to be the best Android (in my opinion best blog period) blog on Earth. Also, in that time, I’ve learned countless things about my Android devices. I’ve enjoyed the friendly nature the Droid Life crew and the members of the Droid Life community that comment here regularly. I’ve been privy to discounts on products and even my monthly bill. These would have never been offered to me otherwise. Sometimes, I miss the “old days” when these comments seemed like an extended Android family. However, I realize that the growth of Droid Life has kept and added many good folks to the community. It has also attracted (as with any community) more drama. Long story short, I disagree with you completely. Droid Life is rocketing toward continued success.

      Also, it might be a good time for all of us (myself included) to have a look at this: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/02/site-reminder-time/

      • Muddy B00ts

        Thanks for saying that. (typing that?) I too miss the old days when nobody whined about what the content was, or how many times it was reported. I think Kellex and the crew are still doing an awesome job! I really hope all the complainers actually leave instead of screaming in all caps that they are going to.

      • Lakerzz

        I agree with you 100%…I to miss the good ol’ days, but at the same time look forward to many more good ol’ days with Droid Life and respected community.

  • David

    I love my x now but I wont go for the X2 unless its LTE, front camera, better screen, and duel core… other wise looks like I’m goin bionic

  • absolutely love the build quality of moto, but seems HTC has better phones right now…waiting to see what the bionic has in store

  • Anonymous

    considering my area is reportedly not seeing LTE for at least another year I’d be up for the X2, although I’m likely going to hold out for the quad core offerings since they are hot on the heels of dual core phones

  • Silksmooth12

    I don’t care what happens. If I can’t root, I will not buy. PERIOD. That being said, here is my wishlist of features

    dual core
    at least 768 RAM
    at least 4gig internal memory
    Decent camera lense, not some cheap-o grainmaster-in-the-dark routine

    Oh and for the love of God. Can we please get some more business oriented apps, especially for tablets!?!?! I absolutely positively no doubt hate to say it, but Ipad 2 is going to be deployed by my business unless somebody, ANYBODY comes up with a decent document e-sign solution that integrates with Google Docs.

  • Zach

    Tegra 2, qHD screen, 3G/Global phone no LTE.

  • Anonymous

    I am interested to see what the specs are on the DX2, hopefully Moto has learned a thing or two and listened to the consumer. (Probably Not) Would like to see a sexier body design, dual core, better screen and bigger RAM.

    Some of you have already started to talk about the D3, from the last OG Droid Saga experiment it was a failure and a BIG dissapointment. The D2 and that stupid attempt to go after the Star Wars fan clubs across America was like REALLY?? Moto what were you thinking!!! I am a Star Wars fan don’t get me wrong, but when you have phone manufactures like HTC putting out great devices, I would’ve thought Moto would ‘ve seen how bad they messed up the D2, and come up with a suitable and “Return of The King” to the OGD.

    Hopefully the D3 will fill that void with a nice dual core, bigger/better screen, more RAM, Front/Rear Camera, 4g, And a sexy looking design. Not that ugly Bionic, Atrix look Ugggh. Oh, I know this is wishing but stock Vanilla ANDROID 🙂 Yes, I am looking at you MOTO!!!!!

  • spooluptheFTL

    It has to be Droid X 2. If you read the test results page of the FCC report, they report that they used a “snn5865a” model battery to test the device, which is a Droid X battery.

    Link: http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile+Phone+Accessories/Batteries-and-Battery-Doors/Battery-BH5X-1500+mAh-SNN5865A-US-EN

  • Anonymous

    I’m considering just waiting it out with my old droid till the Droid 3 comes out, I’m sure they will do something amazing! Stock android, 4inch+ screen, high resolution, dual core maybe first quad, It will be amazing!!!

    • Dmbatcofc

      I wouldn’t hold your breath about the “stock Android” thing man… just look at the Droid 2.

  • Anonymous

    Blah. I’m more interested in the Incredible 2; or better yet the Droid 3.

  • Dmbatcofc

    I don’t even know what I’m interested in anymore… maybe I’ll just go back to a flip phone.

  • Pass. Why no LTE? Fail.

    • Anonymous

      Because many people live in areas with no 4G coverage coming in the next couple years and wouldn’t mind saving a little money on a 3G phone?

    • Because nobody wants a phone that gets 5 hours of battery life. LTE is not ready for the market yet. The network works just fine however it crushed battery life. Why do you think there still are ZERO LTE phones on the market?

      • Anonymous

        So there are zero phones on the market but they all get 5hrs of battery life… anyone else see the logic gap in that statement?

  • Mr.Joe

    The Droid 3 is going to be more systematic.

  • Kpurdu1

    since it’s not 4g then i’m not interested, not getting tied into a 3g phone for 2 years at this point.

  • Stephen D

    I’m sort of interested. I’m more interesting in the possible Droid 3 that was rumored a while back.

  • Kenny

    Totally interested. If in fact has 2 cameras/dual core/better screen then I’m sold.

    • trdsoup84

      same here..but damn I sure will be envious of it, for I have a DX =(

    • Anonymous

      Sadly the “leaked” specs say, only a single (rear) camera.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly the “leaked” specs say, only a single (rear) camera.