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DROID Eris Receives Update, Multimedia Bug Fixes and Various Other Enhancements

Long live the DROID Eris!  A 13.3MB update is either available right now or at least will be in the very near future and will bring one of our original family members up to version 2.41.605.6.  What’s included?  A bunch of multimedia bug fixes it looks like.  You’ll also find better Bluetooth connectivity, Twitter authentication, 2010 Exchange support and a fancy visual voicemail app pre-loaded.

More info on the update here.  Anyone receive this?

Cheers zepfloyd and everyone else!

  • Hrichman51

    ye ha for Eris, it was my second touch screen phone, always liked it, sentimental , just a great little phone.

  • Anonymous

    And the 10 Drois Eris owners left celebrate…….yay…

  • The DROID what? Do I have to pull the antenna up?

  • derickmc

    I actually know quite a few people who still have an Eris and still like it just as much as they day they got it.. it works for them and thats all that matters.. I found the found to be too laggy and small for my taste but some people dont care about speed or glamor.. its an HTC android phone so you know its still a decent phone, even if it is nearly 3 years old.

    • Anonymous

      3years??? Try only 16 months. It came out on the same day as the Motorola Droid. 11/09.

      • Anonymous

        I think derickmc was referring to smartphone years. 16 months = 3 smartphone years.

  • Anonymous

    I find it somewhat amusing that the bluetooth update it aimed primarily at improving connectivity with a Mercedes! Somehow, I really don’t see a Mercedes driver as being the target audience for an introductory level, year-old phone. Thank you Verizon, for making me laugh today!

  • Great another software update to freeze, slow down, lag and in general eat up my already lacking memory oh and battery. I will be happier in July when my hands finally hold the long awaited Verizon iPhone (5)

  • Muddy B00ts

    Ha! My wife’s eris has been running Gingerbread for a full 2 weeks now with zero problems.

    • Anonymous

      what are you using? (rom)

  • digsoreos

    The Droid Eris, like Motorola’s Droid phones, will be among the first to receive Gingerbread. 😀

  • S9779

    Oh thank god its has improved bluetooth connection performance for the E Class. Cause someone with a new 40k – 60k car could not affored a nicer phone.

    • that was my thought!!! hahaha Verizon PLEASE tell us who drives a Mercedes Benz and owns a Droid Eris! HA … that’s the best part of this update…

  • bballer619

    Is this HOMEYcomb for the Eris? – – that sign cracks me up.

  • ironick

    My Eris is almost unusable on the stock rom. It’s so buggy. I’ve been on Froshedyo for at least 6 months.

  • This should be under ‘shocking news’ !

  • MC

    There’s hope for my original Droid yet!

    • spectreoflight

      There always is, I was tired of my Droid 1 sitting at 2.2.1, with nothing fresh and I finally took the plunge and rooted it and then flashed Pete’s Stock Gingerbread 2.3.2 ROM (GPA12) and oh man what a difference, it is so smooth and I am almost on par, software wise, with the Nexus’ at 2.3.3. Really love that my Droid 1 still has so much life yet even though I will probably upgrade sometime this year.

  • Godfrey2009

    …And this is why the Thunderbolt has been delayed.

    • poopypants

      no it’s not

    • BwaaaassssssingFast

      Its delayed because its Bwaaaasssiinnnnggg fast.

      *cough* at eating the battery *cough*

    • BwaaaassssssingFast

      Its delayed because its Bwaaaasssiinnnnggg fast.

      *cough* at eating the battery *cough*