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Chart: iPad 2 vs. Motorola XOOM vs. LG G-Slate vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

After comparing the original iPad to the Motorola XOOM a few weeks back, we took a lot of heat on how “unfair” it was to do that to a product that was almost a year old.  The Apple enthusiasts came in waves and the cries for “Just wait for the iPad2!” rang out through the night.  Well peeps, here is your comparison to the newly announced iPad 2…nothing groundbreaking at all here.  Straight from their spec sheets.

Cheaper price and a thinner body.  That’s it.

We’ve already seen dual-cameras, dual-core processors and HD recording.  What we aren’t seeing on this new product though, is 1080p on-device playback, Flash support (hah!), 4G capabilities, or expandable storage.  And what’s up with that giant bezel?

*Note* – HD playback on the XOOM is now questionable.  Motodev site lists it as “Max” 1080p, but the regular consumer XOOM page says just 720p.

  • Inkweaver313

    I was going to get the iPad for a family member for Christmas…. however, the more research I do, the more it’s starting to look like the Xoom might be better. I’m going to have to lean towards that. Thanks for the comparison and helping with my research!

  • Snoogans

    These pads — none of them have the ability to be 1080p.  To be 1080p you have to have height of 1080 minimum… these do not, they have 800 max.  So the best they’ll ever be is 720 and that goes for both the android and the apple tabs.

  • Cangarita2

    i think I pad is better and can beat all tablet kwown

  • I’m not too sure if the people “fighting” over this topic are in a stable mental state. People are defending electronic products and firmware’s as if they were kids of their own. These people have no part in either company other than the fact that they buy their products. How about you stop your stupid little feud and enjoy what you have and stop trying to bring other people down about what they like.

    Seriously its not like proving your point over which piece of equipment is better is going to get you laid.

  • Cheaper price is a load of bollocks. In Europe, the price of a 16GB ipad2 is the same as a 32gb of ipad. So, Jobs is basically trying to make the money from outside the US by actually jacking up the prices. What a dreadful shame !

  • Will4503

    Well when the xoom dies in half the time of the iPad 2 you’ll understand why they don’t use flash, and the iPad do is capable of HDMI out and has mirror playback for gaming even. It’s sleeker and much sexier looking than the xoom, has much better apps being developed for it (garage band, bento, etc) And im even considering using it as my main option for computing.

    • Will4503

      But if you must, there are apps that can enable flash on the iPad 2.

  • Orbfish

    A larger chart (like the last one) would be really useful.

    BTW I’ve seen that iPad2 has HDMI.

  • I must say I really like it.

  • Truthyou

    Giant Bezel? I know! Samsung and LG need to fix that..

  • Anonymous

    The Xoom can play back 1080p pretty easily, as long as it is h264 baseline. There are test videos available that prove this, and I’ve done so.

  • Sad

    I have cancer.

  • CarterS

    I gotta say, I adore Android, and I am utterly relieved that the Ipad 2 is so, don’t kill me Apple fans, average. I have a feeling that Apple is running out of funds, and that Android has finally caught up, if not surpassed, Apple. Sorry Steve.

  • Aaron

    What about thickness? That seems like a pretty important comparison for tablets.

  • Some data/pointers for the iPad2 and Xoom columns:

    1. iPad front camera: 0.3MP iPad rear camera: 0.7MP
    Xoom front camera: 2MP Xoom rear camera: 5MP
    2. 32GB WiFi-only Xoom is $600, same as 32GB WiFi-only iPad2, but the Xoom has a GPS chip; iPad doesn’t

  • Pauldroidr2d2

    The comparison chart says that the Xoom has expandable memory support for up to 32 gig micro sd. I can’t seem to find that on my Xoom, does anyone who owns a Xoom know where its located?

    • Ff_opusx

      Yes, it is located on the top for the device. It sits in the same slot as the SIM card for the new 4G upgrade. It currently has a plastic place holder in it.

  • Jon Kleinman

    Having been an Apple user since the Mac Classic (which I still have and which still runs), currently using a MacPro and having owned various Mac laptops, I opted for a Droid when it first came out because of the advantage of staying with Verizon. I love my Droid (so much my wife later got the X) and expect to replace it with whatever’s the best when my two years are up. I got my wife an iPad a few months ago when she started chemotherapy and I figured it would be easier to hold and use for the six hours of treatment than her MacBook Pro. She immediately fell in love with it. We just passed it on to one of our sons to lighten his load (so he doesn’t have to carry his MacBook) while he spends the next month in Europe. He immediately took to it after showing his 93 year old grandmother how to use the one she got as a birthday gift. We would not have even lent him the iPad if the new version weren’t coming out so soon because my wife wouldn’t have been willing to be without it for that long. Now we will be getting two. I’m not willing to wait any longer for an Android-based tablet that will integrate with my Macs so easily. I know it has limitations but I’m willing to live with them because I don’t think they will matter to me, given how I expect to use it.

  • Steelbom

    “Cheaper price and a thinner body. That’s it.”

    I’d hardly say that. The iPad 2 maintains its 10 hour battery life whilst being 15% lighter, 33% thinner, gaining a dual-core CPU and apparently also having up to 9x faster graphics.

    I must ask: what is the point of 1080p on-device playback if the screen isn’t capable of 1080p? The iPad 2 can output 1080p video to a TV via the HDMI adaptor accessory, if that’s what it means.

  • Who said anything about “won”? Did you reply to the wrong thread?

  • manchild_reg

    only thing missing from this chart is the user-agents of each of the tablets. Does anyone have those?

  • nate

    price price price

  • I_am_tito_puente




  • that samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is starting to seem like the top dog with the minimum weight. as long as they don’t try any bootloader crap i know where my money will be voting. to bad i wont see updates as fast as th XOOM. oh well, more battery, more camera, no HDMI (dont need anyway). Lets just hope the bottom barrel the price tag so that it becomes the device you cant live without. (Verizon please). Get it here soon before the rest of the world jumps to the next generation of Tablets