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Honeycomb Statue Unveiled at Google HQ

You knew it was coming.  It has finally arrived.  Say “Hello!” to the Honeycomb statue.  


Via:  Twitter, (2), (3)

Cheers Picolas and everyone else!

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  • I love who quirky Google are..

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  • LionStone

    I definitely need to get over there and have lunch with my buddy some day, see if I can break off a lil piece of that HoneyComb! 😉

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would have used the Honeycomb Bee instead of this… This doesn’t fit in with the others at all.

    • Anonymous

      How do any of them fit with each other any differently?

  • tjhrulz

    Wont be too much longer an at the rate google is going there will be no space left in that lawn.

  • Anonymous

    I am wondering if the people on the first floor are mad because thier view is now blocked 😛

  • Ha…awesome!

  • (v)urphy

    Hmm, all of a sudden I’m hungry. :oP

  • Drummer62

    This is great but will I ever see Gingerbread on my Dinc ?

    • root it and flash CM7 (CyanogenMod7) and you’ll have Gingerbread

    • Anonymous

      Or on my DroidX?

      • That’s a very easy problem to solve – I’m running gingerbread on my OG droid!

  • None

    It’s great to see Honeycomb going live.

    But, that said, the statue parties are starting to seem a little silly considering how many Android users are still waiting for updates.

    • Anonymous

      How many times are people going to blame Google and the Android developers for the lack of 3rd party updates? Please stop, blame your device manufacturer.

  • Mr. Joe

    This would have made a great post over at ANDROID life.

    I guess this is the final nail in the coffin for Android Life. RIP guy. Sorry you never had a chance T_T

  • Mr. Joe

    This would have made a great post over at ANDROID life.

    I guess this is the final nail in the coffin for Android Life. RIP guy. Sorry you never had a chance T_T

    • Mrpicolas

      Android life is still there kellex is only one man and ti o tato and i are juggling real world work schedules around we will be focusing on android life as soon as time permits

      • Anonymous

        It’s obvious that Mr Joe has no clue….you still gotta pay the bills. I appreciate you guys…..thank u!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awww the rays of light make it look like it was delivered from above… Thank you Android gods

  • Carlos

    That looks more like a yellow jacket than a bee.

  • OK so now it looks stupid with all the Statues just in the grass area……..

    Just shows how they are “throwing” Android stuff together…..

    Anyone Agree?

    • Anonymous

      No. No one agrees with you.

      • Yet…..

        I like my D1, its just ANNOYING to see a new “android” phone every week, and its a total POS. Google should put more into what phones their os goes on. Have you ever used a “low” end android phone???? They are total SHIT, makes Android look like is a pos system too. They should not just throw android on any phone/tablet. I seen a phone with 1.5 on it a few weeks ago, and it still ran like total crap.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean an AOSP drop is imminent?

    • Knightcrusader

      I hope so. I want some Honeycomb on my GTablet!!

  • Anonymous

    Sloth love Honeycomb.

  • LOL i love the bee on a bike riding around in the background! hahah

    • Beernutz09

      are you feeling ok i dont see a bee riding a bike

      • at the very end.

        • Beernutz09

          ahhh i am blocked from streaming video here i didnt know there was a video just thought it was a picture….Aparently i am not feeling well

      • Anonymous

        at the 28 sec mark

    • Very Funny!

    • I Love Google.

  • While on the subject, can you start cover ASUS tabs? Screw the xoom for 800 dollars….ASUS looks like they are gonna be contenders!


    • jason w.s.

      I definitely agree with you. There is no way that i’d spend 800 bucks on a xoom. I had to run down to VZW when they first came out so i could check it out, and i felt so let down man..its dissapointing too, because i really wanted to like the thing. I just couldnt find anything special (800bucks worth) about it. Sucks to say, but there are other tablets out right now that i can think of, that are way nicer and way cheaper..Cut that price in half, and ill buy it.

  • DBK

    Lol Nice 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That would look really, REALLY good in my front yard.

  • DroidzFX


    Bringing it BACK!!