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Circle Battery Widget Introduces 1% Battery Increments for the DROID X and Other Motorola Phones

This is going to sound super silly to anyone that doesn’t have a Motorola phone, but to those of us that do, this news is monumental.  The developer behind Circle Battery Widget somehow figured out a way to get batteries on Moto devices to show up in 1% increments instead of the standard 10% that we’ve been stuck with for all these months.  The app itself is as simple as it gets and is free in the market, so I highly suggest you check it out if you are one of those constant battery checking OCD persons.  Oh, and we of course love the fact that it fits into almost all minimalist themes.

Download Link (Free)

Cheers Luda!

  • this doesnt work on OG droid

  • Garrettguthrie183

    is that a theme u are running on that picture..if so i would like to know.

  • i HATE THE 10% but since i broke the charging pin a few months ago it doesnt matter for me anyway, it is a pita that i have to keep swapping batteries tho

  • RonsterWVU

    After having this installed on my Droid X…. All it does it make me depressed knowing that my battery really does drain that quickly….