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Stupid Zombies Brings the Killin’ Angry Birds-style

Our buddy Andrew over at Androinica introduced us to this game yesterday called Stupid Zombies and we haven’t been able to put it down.  The idea is similar in a way to Angry Birds, but it involves guns, zombies, blood and even more “strategery”, which is exactly why we love it.  Your goal is to kill off all zombies on each level with as few shots as possible, but you have to utilize angles and bounces, so the game becomes much harder than say, just pulling back on a slingshot and letting a bird fly.  You are awarded up to 3 stars for each level, can unlock new ones, and will probably spend countless hours of today trying to beat it as there are 60 to get through in stage 1 alone.

It’s also free.  

Download Link

  • Thomas holt

    gay bitches

  • yasser

    can  you  tell  me  the   wepside  to  go   to  zombie  games

  • ANNEJ22

    this is sooooooooo awesome! I LOVE THIS FREAKING APP!!

  • Mysfit_toyz

    Being a serious gamer since the 80’s I am seeing more and more games with alot of cheeting and sheer luck to pass a level. This does NOT make the game difficult but truly STUPID hence the title. I also hate the fact that this game sometimes requires PERFECT TARGET but you cannot see the aimer because of your finger! Lastly the game is ok for killing time but its not worth your time if you like a FAIR challenge.

  • CassDroid

    haha Zombies strike back! http://iamandroid.co/group/undeadandroid

  • drinksprite

    this games wayy more fun that angry birds! i just wish you had the option to pick who you want to be. that’d be badass to be an awesome buff black guy…like me hehe

  • Laz

    Meh, game is not all that IMO.

  • NYCLawyer

    Works on my OD, but a little slow….. I guess it’s time to root and OC. Looks good, though, if simplistic.

  • Shawnb1824

    Doesn’t work on my Fascinate. Anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    this is a fun game!

  • Anonymous


  • Steveandtracy7

    Much better than Angry Birds!

  • It’s actually quite the fun game. Download it…cause, well, you know, it’s free!

    And this is a great way to stay in shape..and of course, prepare for the eventual Zombie Apocalypse!

  • WormDoes

    Game’s pretty sick. Wasted about 2 hours playing and can’t stop thinking about playing more haha

  • Skyskioc

    fun for like 1 minute uninstall…. Fail

  • Jeff Jones70

    I downloaded it and it says installed but I don’t see it anywhere.. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Does it work on a Xoom?

  • Anonymous

    Does it work on a Xoom?

    • Sjm614

      Nothing works on Xoom…until about 3 or 4 months…HA! what a joke of a Tablet. HTC all the way.

      • You’re lame. And I’ve requested a “dislike” button like a thousand times, yet I only see “like” and “reply”. I’m replying, but I ain’t a likin’!

        • HolyGrail

          Well…..I guess you showed him…because only your opinion matters.

    • Worm4603

      toshiba tablet for me friend

  • Tcal

    Treyarch! Where’s my Nazi Zombies for Android?

  • Anonymous

    Killing Zombies Bruce Campbell style!!!

    • Anonymous

      +100 for the Bruce Campbell reference.

      “Name’s Ash, housewares.”

    • Flyinion

      This is my BOOMSTICK!!

      • Evo Genius

        “Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.”

        • Flyinion

          Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun

      • Anonymous

        Reminds me of the PS2 game. Evil Dead-Fist full of Boomstick

    • Flyinion

      This is my BOOMSTICK!!

  • Jspaulding42

    You guys should try the Chibi Zombies Tilt maze game. It is bloody good fun as well! 😉

    • Jeffy_boy42

      Ahhhhhh tiny zombies everywhere!!!!

  • Kevoskee

    Time to kill some zombies, resident evil style 🙂

  • PyroHoltz

    I’m installing a new version of CM7…..grrr

    Hurry up, I want to try this game!

    • Pooch

      Did you try to clear your history and cache for the market?

      • PyroHoltz

        I didn’t at first but after your suggestion, I cleared the cache/history.

        Didn’t seem to help. It could be something weird w/ CM7(nightlies.)

    • Anonymous

      worked for me

    • Anonymous

      worked for me

  • Anonymous

    Dear VZW,

    You said a smartphone would make me more productive. You lied. Not complaining, just saying…

    A Rookie Zombie Slayer

    • Mr.Joe

      What do you mean? When the Zombie Apocalypse comes you’ll be able to protect yourself.

      • Anonymous

        I have dreams about that. Recurring. I’d say nightmares, but I actually enjoy them. Maybe I’m a little messed up.

        • Mr.Joe

          Can’t be any more messed up then mine.

      • Anonymous

        I have dreams about that. Recurring. I’d say nightmares, but I actually enjoy them. Maybe I’m a little messed up.

  • Flyinion

    Oh great, my day is now shot 😛

  • Anonymous

    Zombies and guns? Sign me up.

  • LeeInMKE

    First? 😀