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Potential Motorola XOOM Owners, Here is a Tegra 2 Flash 10.1 File to Try

By now you’ve already heard news that the Motorola XOOM won’t launch with Flash 10.1 enabled and will instead see it via market download some time this spring?  Well, we may have just been handed an .apk that can be tried on Thursday should you be going forward with your purchase to give you a Flash experience right away.  A Flash 10.1 version for Tegra 2 devices popped up over at XDA and while it says that it’s made for Froyo, we’ll be testing it on our XOOM to see if it works.  While I can’t recommend that you try this because we have no idea what the effects could be, we’re just giving it to you as an option.

Download:  Flash- (alt link)

And remember, you should NOT download Flash from the market once you get your XOOM because it runs on a Tegra 2 processor and is not compatible with  Adobe has added notations to the market version to remind you of this…

It SHOULD NOT be installed on devices/tablets with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 super chip including the LG Optimus 2X, Dell Streak 7 and Motorola ATRIX. The pre-installed version of Flash Player is optimized for Tegra 2. Future updates will include these optimizations. If you are unsure as to whether your device includes the NVIDIA Tegra 2, please consult your device owner’s manual.

Cheers @rothnic!

Via:  XDA Forums

  • Matt

    This does not work for the Xoom. Do not bother, I tried it.

  • gmr4life

    So is droid life going to post the results?. I wanna know if it works

  • Jenhamann

    Doesn’t work on Xoom

  • This doesn’t work Kellex!

  • Eric

    Did anyone try this on the Xoom. I’m afraid to try it.

  • Sixvoltsystem

    this breaks youtube type video in my tegra 2 gtablet. I reverted back to the latest market flash. Other then that I can’t tell any difference performance wise.

  • Curt

    It works great on my Notion Ink Adam yahoo!

  • V8dreaming

    “The pre-installed version of Flash Player is optimized for Tegra 2. Future updates will include these optimizations.”

    How in the world is everybody missing that one line that says it will come with flash? How?
    All they are saying is that the one in the market is not compatible. *facepalm*

  • Anonymous

    I could be getting a XOOM when it launches, and I honestly don’t know if I will install this. Flash is terrible on my og droid. I hate it. There’s little to no content I actually use if for, and I’ve currently set it to click-to-play. We tout this a lot as a killer feature over iOS, but in reality I see flash as a cancer that brings down the quality of games and holds back the internet from embracing HTML5.

    just mah two pennies.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, flash on the OG is a complete mess. Flash on the Droid X, Droid 2, and even the Nexus One is pretty awesome though. I think Adobe just didn’t care to make flash work well on anything below a 1 ghz processor. It’s a shame really, because custom roms make the OG Droid so fast it should be able to run a youtube video. Oh well…

      • Bilvis

        I have a Droid and flash has worked just fine, what problems are you both having?

        • Anonymous

          It’s slow, a memory hog, and all-around garbage. Just terrible to use. More than that, though, there’s little good content that really needs flash anymore. And please, don’t say games. Flash games are the worst games ever for any mobile platform, and they’re just lazy crutches for devs who don’t want to make real, good, native games.

  • Mr. Joe

    This is why we love Android so much! You can side load stuff!

    Though how much do you want to bet a bunch of people will neglect the warning download it and 1 star it saying it doesn’t work?

  • You know I need to check why version of flash I am running on viewsonic G tablet. It is only 2.2, but it has the same Tegra 2 and I run flash without any issues thanks to the guys over at XDA.

    • Anonymous

      What do you think about your gTablet? I am looking at getting one but I want to try out some sites on one but I haven’t ever seen one on display.

  • Joe

    Kellex, if/when someone tries this at some point during the day on Thursday, and you get word of it, would you please be able to post a new update story on the front page of the blog? I plan on picking mine up Thursday evening after work, but like a lot of people I’ll no doubt be checking in here throughout the day to get any updates, particularly related to the Flash issue. Thanks!!!

  • The Notion Ink Adam and Viewsonic G Tablet both have the same Tegra 2 processor and are able to run flash. I’m not sure if this is the same version, but if not, it would be worth giving that file a try as well. If it’s not related to the Tegra 2, it must have something to do with Honeycomb. Either way, I’m amazed Moto and/or Adobe couldn’t get this figured out before launch.

    • Tcal

      Its Adobe’s fault; They are as slow as ever!

    • Tcal

      Its Adobe’s fault; They are as slow as ever!

  • If the Dell streak 7 has a version designed for the Tegra 2 has anyone been able to get a system dump on it at all?

    “Superchip” really was that Adobe just flattering Nvidia? I have not seen it referred to as a Superchip yet elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    This is such a joke. Moto wants people to pay $800 for their “flash-capable” tablet but they won’t even ship the tablet with it already installed.

    • Anonymous

      Well, considering this is a Google Experience Device and Motorola doesn’t touch the software, your point is pointless.

    • Michael Scrip

      Blame Adobe… they don’t have a version of Flash compatible with the Xoom hardware. Surely they knew this tablet was coming… maybe Motorola and Adobe didn’t communicate enough?

      Maybe this is why Steve Jobs doesn’t wanna Apple products to rely on 3rd-party plugins… this is a prime example of that.

      • Knightcrusader

        This is the same crap that happened with the GTablet… it was supposed to be out on it at launch… then mid-dec… then end of january… afaik it still isn’t “officially” out for it… Viewsonic is just waiting on Adobe to get their crap together.

        Luckily the hacked version we have works just fine so far.

    • Tcal

      $599 on contract my friend.

  • Anonymous

    This should be installed on a store demo model to see if it works before the big purchase, if it doesn’t, you could just slowly walk away from the floor model…..would that be bad?

    • I agree, someone should definitely make that happen. I might dropbox it and try it from a Xoom at Best Buy.

      • Anonymous

        Let us know how it works. I was all set to get this tab even without it having SD card support (which seems pretty ridiculous to me, really), but without being flash ready now – not a chance. I’m not about to trust that they will deliver the updates when they say and I don’t want to be stuck with a worthl$ss tab that no one will pay me anywhere near what I paid for it because its the only one on the market without working flash. Probably won’t happen, but I’m a what-if girl and also a tech junkie, so I’m always thinking resale.

        • Tcal

          Wait a minute…
          I thought the Zoom will have MicroSD card support by way of a update?

          • Tcal

            Sorry, my auto-correct on my phone changed my Xoom to Zoom.

        • Tcal

          Wait a minute…
          I thought the Zoom will have MicroSD card support by way of a update?

    • Anonymous

      If it had a working SD one might be able to. HAH!

      • Anonymous

        Yea, does anyone have any idea why on earth this won’t even be able to use its SD card slot?? How can that not be available? Its a pretty basic feature that almost every device on earth has the ability to do. And they want $800 for a tablet that can’t even use its SD card slot or play flash? This is pretty ridiculous and it looks like, for now, my bank account will stay $800 richer. I’m pretty disappointed, I was really looking forward to the Xoom.

        • the reason the sd card isnt working is (i’m speculating, albeit an educated guess) because they are working on the sd card not needing to be mounted/unmounted every time you plug it into the pc.

    • Sean27030

      Should be no need for SD…. just navigate to Droid-life and DL the apk and install there on the showroom floor… and if it works it works… if it dosen’t have an exit strategy prepared… lmao

  • This is why I love “Android” so much. When the big boys (i.e. Google, Moto, Adobe, etc) disappoint us, the Android community always finds a solution. Thanks Android Community!

  • That would be so awesome if this works. Great idea Kellex!

    • Anonymous

      Heh, I take no credit. Thank the dudes at XDA.

    • Anonymous

      well is the atrix has the same version that the zoom will have, who cares as the atrix system dump is out and it is also released tomorrow. this .apk is probably from that, or one will be by tomorrow.