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Download: Honeycomb Themed LauncherPro by Signals23

LauncherPro themer extraordinaire signals23 added a Honeycomb-based option to give you a feel for the look of the newest version of our favorite mobile OS.  To get this up and running, be sure to backup your current LP settings, uninstall it, download and install this Honeycomb version, and then restore your settings.  Simple right?

Download:  Honeycomb.apk

Support thread at XDA.

  • guest

    link is dead

  • this still doesnt beat the honeycomb launcher

  • Otsrocks

    Great theme ! Love it. Stock og Droid. What’s this go launcher business ? Does it have the scrolling widgets ? Lp + rocks

  • Guest

    I followed all the steps as well as just updating over it and either way nothing changes everything on my phone looks exactly the same no color changes or anything . What gives?

  • Anonymous

    Can this be updated when a market update comes out?

  • i have a rooted OG droid on Elite (fantastic). the launcher being used is already launcher pro. how can i put this theme on?

  • IDisks

    With project elite delete launcher pro from system/app and then reboot and install

  • Musiclife247

    Tried to install and it says application not installed bit I do have launcher plus pro?

  • I love this version.

    Thanks so much signals23. It’s very impressive.

    • Kevin

      Anyone got a different link? As the guy said, the link is dead.

  • Anonymous

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  • I may give this LP Honeycomb theme a shot..but not quite sure yet.

  • signals23

    These themes are for Plus only, since that’s the only way to access the widgets.

  • Msk1277

    GoLauncher is better!!!!!

  • Ldrbuck1

    Attemped to install but while running PE 4.2 unable to unistall launcher pro it is not part od the system/apps folder so it need to pushed there using adb. I am unfamilar with adb so no luck.

    • Steenerk

      I’m having the same issue too

    • Steenerk

      I’m having the same issue too

  • Anonymous

    Can someone put up some more pix of this.

  • Billzilla15

    just installed looks great, just wondering what happens when launcher pro updates…?

    • Anonymous

      He we retheme the update and resign them. Takes about a day most of the time.

  • Just Me
    • Mal

      See, relevant android news is out there. Unfortunately, we have to rely on commenters here.

      • Dtyc

        What a jack #ss! Some make comments and some make contributions. If you don’t like this sight then go make your own or go find another…or just go. These guys work hard to keep us up to date, and its the best site of its kind.

    • Logan

      Hey! I didn’t know GoLauncher had themes too! Those look nice! http://j.mp/hcRW0Q

  • Aznkaos05

    Yeah I couldn’t get this to work. Is it because you have to have the plus version?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. The widgets are only available in LPP

    • Anonymous

      Yes. The widgets are only available in LPP

  • smalls

    Cool new LP theme but my OG Droid is missing his new ROM/theme Fridays. I know the OG is becoming out dated but Fridays was it’s day to shine and feel young and new again.

  • Edsanchez10

    Did it and didn’t see any changes at all. What did I do wrong???

    • Dtyc

      I don’t see any difference either

  • Cmendezd

    Hey kellex, tim o tato! I want my custom theme Friday back! There’s a topic to talk about……

  • Cmendezd

    Hey kellex, tim o tato! I want my custom theme Friday back! There’s a topic to talk about……

    • Bilvis

      ME TOO!

    • Anonymous

      +1 brother I miss it.

    • demoltionman427

      bring it back!!

  • Vselca

    Is this Plus users only??

  • Harry

    More launcher pro? Can we get some news on other launchers, please!

  • Kevoskee

    Thanks signals, +1

  • Mike

    Hmm I like but I think I like the Blue Blurbs one you posted the other day better.

  • Logan


    • :/ What’s wrong? It’s Friday!!!

      • Logan

        Too much Launcher Pro news, not enough Android/Droid news.

        • Mike

          There isn’t much news to report. So take what you can get.

          • Logan

            There’s plenty, just not here. 🙁

          • Bleedtoledo

            Then go somewhere else & quit being a DB while you’re at it.

          • Bilvis

            We have a right to our opinions whether positive or negative, so If YOU don’t like THAT then…that’s fine because you’re entitled 🙂

          • Holytoledo

            butthurt much bleedt?

  • mikex


  • my00si

    Thanks will give this a try out