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ROM: Apex 1.4.0 by Fabolous Released for DROIDX and 2

One of our favorite developers, Fabolous, released his new Apex 1.4.0 for the DROIDX and DROID2 earlier this week and really polished up the look and feel.  He got some help from the Liberty ROM crew to make what was already a good ROM, really great.  You’ll find a new boot animation, toolbox, current versions of all the core apps, and a bunch of fixes.

If you are coming from Apex 1.3 you can probably update straight to this new version, but if you are coming from anything else including Liberty, you’ll need to do a full wipe.  

Download:  DROIDX | DROID2


– New Apex Toolbox (Terminal Based) to customize the ROM to the max
– New Boot Animation (thanks tntdroid!)
– New Background, Ringtone, Notification Tone (change of pace!)
– Taller GB Keyboard, same size as MT Keyboard (thanks kejar31!)
– Removed Data Throttling (thanks droidxchat for an awesome utility!)
– Core Apps all updated to latest versions (Gmail, ADW Launcher, Market, Search, etc.)
– Blacked out Google Talk app (ty kejar31!)
– Fixed Mms.apk w/ Android 2.3.2 routing fixes (won’t send to the wrong person!)
– MusicMod back by default, supports lock screen controls (ty kejar31!)
– FC @ Startup fixed (no more wait, power, reboot cycle!)
– Updated JRummy overclocking script (ty JRummy16!)
– Option to install leaked Motorola “Connected Player” in Toolbox
– Finally updated the Swype theme to “Blackout” (ty javroch!)

Full support can be found at this thread.  DONATE.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone point me in the right direction to a link thats not broken? 🙁

  • http://www.mediafire.com/?k28o2u80jb4jro4

    Droid X Forums is where I got that.

  • Boehmgraphics

    Download links are broken. I’ve been using Liberty…but I’m missing HDMI. Where can I get Apex?

  • Elvis

    Im using apex 1.4.1 and found it to be nearly bug/glitch/FC free…. I
    I was considering trying out liberty only because most people seem to like it the best… but apex has been smooth, quick, and very stable, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself coming right back =-O

  • Monkfsu

    Anyone that has issues with Liberty is not doing something right. I have run both apex and liberty. I have not tried the new release of Apex, but i have been running Liberty since it first came out. I have never had an issue with bugs on either one. I say if you are having bugs then make sure everything is cleared out before installing, especially your sd card. No one should be having those issues.

  • Branden

    APEX bricked my D2 after reboot. No idea why. Unable to SBF…Low battery, code corrupt. Yay…

  • Brandenballes

    Is there a way to get a Notification off this ROM and onto another? specifically “Vega”

  • TeKNoTroNiK

    This is the best rom my Droid X ever has recieved! OMFG this works AMAZING!

  • Would anyone be willing to walk me through how to install this? I’m trying to learn about the process but am not sure where to start.

    • Yo momma like it

      First Root your phone….google it for your parituclar phone……..install bootstrap recovery……..run bootstrap….then reboot into recovery…….make a back up……wipe ur phone……install zip……boom ur there…

      • Guelari

        I flashed apex to my phone it is working great but I am missing rom manager titanium back up and bootstrapper did I loose them or are they somewhere hidden

  • PattyOMalley

    Has anyone else had trouble downloading the .zip file for this? Every time I try to download it it tells me it is a corrupted .zip file.

  • Yo momma like it

    flashed to Apex 1.4 from Liberty 1.5…..Mainly because i want the option of using my HDMI out if i want to….plus its cool to show off to my iphone friends……Works great for me…just as fast as Liberty….Minimalist themed…Adw launcher…..if liberty 1.5 gets hdmi out working id consider going back….holla

  • Meh. I went back to stock after Libery. Crappy ROM. Freezes and restarts randomly. Apex is slightly better, but not much. The last version had similar problems to 1.4 and I’m really not interested to go to Apex from my stable lovely stock. 🙂

    • Rebith75

      Lovely + Stock makes no sense, I have used stock liberty and apex 1.4 and you are crazy to prefer that choppy garbage stock

  • haihei

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  • Mcneilmoe

    Not good. not good at all. I came from liberty v1.5, and apex 1.4 is slow! It stops responding, force closes. I just flashed backc liberty 1.5.
    Rooted Droid 2 Liberty 1.5 Watermark,D OVERCLOCKED

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  • How did you get the Swype keyboard? I only have three to choose from, white motoblur, black motoblur, and AOSP themed keyboard.

  • Anyone else find the new Gingerbred transitions retarded and cheesy looking? Reminds me of a Windows ’98 power point presentation.

  • Anyone else find the new Gingerbred transitions retarded and cheesy looking? Reminds me of a Windows ’98 power point presentation.

  • Eyebb22

    might have to try this out…

  • This ROM is absolutely horrible. I want to go back to stock froyo so bad. Can someone provide any assistance?

    • DroidzFX

      take your phone and sell it. Purchase Iphone and you will have less choices.

      On a serious note: look up how apply SBF to your phone and find the correct file for the version your are on. There are plenty of sites to find this information. Check this site out http://tinyurl.com/6ap9dpw

    • Pcriz69

      The maderstock that the other Guy suggested worked for me. Make sure you follow the directions to the T and you will be perfectly stock.

  • Yo momma like it

    Does anyone know if this Apex supports HDMI out?

  • BaldyPal

    Ok. After installing this ROM, ROM manager will not reboot in recovery mode AND i cannot apply my backup. What gives?

  • Traviswaller7976

    They changed the e mail and now the corprate sync doesn’t work like it did on 1.3.1
    If they can fix that i will update from 1.3 to the new 1.4

  • Djenks24

    I switched from Liberty to Apex, Phone was randomly rebooting. Apex 1.4 runs great, couple force closes but not sure it wasn’t something I was doing. Fast, and good battery life. I’ve read a few comments about Liberty 1.5 saying that I should sbf and set memory to 50mb. I think if they come out with an update, I’m going to try them again, I like their toolbox. All these devs work hard and share their work, so good or bad, both Liberty and Apex will be seeing a donation from me. A couple beers is a small price to pay for what they allow me to do with my phone.

  • Tarsis Brito

    where is the option how to install the motoblur that you want like apex 1.3?

    • Anonymous

      terminal emulator —> su —> apextoolbox

  • tried Apex 1.4.0, but not as good as Liberty 1.5. I’ve been using liberty 1.0 and 1.5 and I just can’t feel like flashing another rom because Liberty is so smoothly working with my phone.

    Liberty 1.5, ULV 1.2 GHz, no error, no mess what so ever

  • Anonymous

    I love GB theme!