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More XOOM and Thunderbolt Ads Pop Up in Esquire, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics

March’s magazines started showing up on doorsteps today and inside, our readers are finding all sorts of Thunderbolt and XOOM ads.  We found some earlier in the day from the SI Swimsuit Issue, but now we have more from Esquire, Popular Mechanics and Popular Science.  I’m sure you can find more in Rolling Stone and a variety of other publications, so feel free to post those in the comments should you run into them.  No dates given on any of them.

Announcement, please.  I’d really like for next Thursday to be epic.  

Cheers MJ, @slyty71, and @sam_thomas!

  • Funnyman

    Oh look at that. It comes with a cute little kickstand that will break off in a month.

    • Anonymous

      Cool, then if you get this phone, you have something to toss in the garbage can. Neat.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, off topic little rant/ question here. I am ready to chuck my droidx against the wall. I can no longer send or receive my corp exchange email, since my company upgraded to 2010 version. Please, please tell me the tbolt won’t have this issue. I can not find a solution and its driving me bonkers

    • Tawilson1966

      If you upgraded to the new 2010 exchange than more then likley there is a setting in the exchange server. There is something posted at motorola about this.

      • There’s also an entire forum just devoted to exchange issues and a supposed update coming out to fix their buggy email client, but they won’t confirm a release date. I hope they fixed that crap for the Atrix/Bionic.

    • Me too, while I can send/receive on Exch2010sp1, it still has some bugs about marking items read/not read and push will just stop randomly every 3-10 days requiring a reboot to get it going again. I hate Moto blur. HTC seems to have their software together much better than Moto, even tho the Moto Hardware rocks. I’m gonna ditch my DriodX for Thunderbird on release day and pay either the ETF or retail.

      • Anonymous

        If you wouldn’t mind, how did you do your setup. I can’t figure what I need to change, to reactivate my work emails to push.

        • username for me is in the format: domainlogin
          I have checked “Secure connection” and “Verify Cert”
          The rest of the stuff you should be able to get by emailing your tech guys (server name, etc.)
          Why Moto can’t implement auto-discovery of exchange settings is another example of incompetence.

        • username for me is in the format: domainlogin
          I have checked “Secure connection” and “Verify Cert”
          The rest of the stuff you should be able to get by emailing your tech guys (server name, etc.)
          Why Moto can’t implement auto-discovery of exchange settings is another example of incompetence.

  • With the magazine ads and commercial out………………….it should be released within the next two weeks.

  • WHAT is the big deal about this phone ?!

    ok, 4G. pretty fast, not everywhere though, and kills battery life (looking at you, evo)


    1) same old htc design.
    2) smaller battery than newer moto phones
    3) same screen resolution and lcd
    4) single core newer snapdragon – anand showed that even hummingbird is better, not to mention tegra 2
    5) phone is bulky and heavy like evo

    only thing it has going for it is new htc sense and/or no locked bootloader depending on what you want to do



    • John R Ruddick

      1) The back is different
      2) New snapdragon makes battery life more efficient
      3) Yes but Super LCD
      4) Go watch the bench mark tests on youtube. This phone destroys on quadrant scores
      5) Phone size is a personal opinion and choice

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      As an OG Droid user… comparing my phone against a friends Evo… the Evo is exactly the same weight, thinner, and just barely bigger around the edges. I think I’ll be fine…

    • DBEvans

      You’re off in some areas – but overall, you make a valid point. This will need to go face-to-face against the Moto Atrix at AT&T (officially launching Feb 22nd), which has dual-core, more RAM, and priced at $199. That leaves the T-bolt’s selling point as being on Verizon 4G (or 3G where coverage is an issue), and having a 32GB memory card. If the leaked pricing from BB (not the most reliable source, so I keep hoping it’s wrong) is true that the T-Bolt is $249, it’s going to be a tough sell.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like the Thunderbolt, and have been looking forward to it; I just think it needs to be priced right, and may be a bit late to the market to be able to gain any real traction ahead of competition (both from other providers and from VZW’s own line-up over Q1 & Q2).

      • Anonymous

        are you nuts? the atrix is locked down, no sideloading even from the sd card….priced at 199 but 500 for that and the worthless screen….netbook..my ass….and a 130 dollar dock and its not even real 4g….its slower than the iphone..engadget…read their unbiast review.

        • DBEvans

          I’m only comparing the phone portion. Yet, the Atrix has an optional netbook wanna-be for $500, but that’s irrelevant as I certainly wouldn’t get that add-on and would laugh at others who did. Just buy a real netbook or small laptop and tether it, and get better overall results.

          But back to the phone portion … VZW I’m really hoping that the $249 price was only the BB price, or was a place-holder. If launched at that – then combined with the dual-core and memory differences, the T-bolt is starting from a disadvantage marketing-wise.

          Keep in mind, this is from someone who only uses VZW and laughs when frineds on other networks can’t get a signal on their provider while I can on VZW. I am seriously considering the Thunderbolt; but it’s all about price. If over-priced, then I’ll likely skip it for a different offering.

  • Isn’t “the one after that” the dual core / tegra 2 phones that are right around the corner…?

  • Rachel

    I went to my local VZW store this evening and had or should I say tried to milk some info from them.I had told them I was ready for an upgrade and that Id like to know when the TBolt was expected to hit VZW shelves or possibly go on pre sale.lol…The lady taking care of me said that it was being released this month, I continued to ask if possibly the 24th would be the much anticipated release date and all she could tell me was by the end of next week. I then told her Id see her next Thursday morning and all she could do was smile and kinda nod…soooooo I guess all we can do is wait. I’m so sick of waiting though I want my TBolt. ;o)

  • Anonymous

    I saw this, and it just hit me that I just got the new Popular Sciencea day or two ago. I flipped it over and BOOM! There was the xoom ad. I still can’t believe I never flipped the darn magazine over, even after two days!
    Come on wifi xoom, I’ve got a spot in my wallet for you!

  • John12344

    my local verizon store says 24th. one year upgrades are allowed. full retail price is $599. and they are taking preorders as well for a non refundable 100$. This is a wireless city premium retailer. He sounded very confident on the phone. But for all we know he might just be getting his info from this site. Then again, hey are taking preorders….

    • JP

      “non refundable 100$” hmmm…….

  • Mgangale62

    “Its not your dream phone”

    Your right its turning into a nightmare lol…JUST ANOUNCE THE LAUNCH ALREADY…OMG.

  • Chad

    How is this news? This site used to be the best place for info on upcoming android software updates and such. But it’s turning into just another marketing avenue.

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t do this. I am buying the thunderbolt and I want to hear about it.

  • Anonymous

    Hire a new advertising agency, please.

  • Only reason I’d get the Thunderbolt is if I get my plan’s other upgrade at the end of the year.

  • Brandonogden

    im giving up on these new devices. when the hell is htc gunna announce this thunderbolt. og droid is dyin on me quickly

    • Anonymous

      Same here buddy. I cannot wait for this. Hopefully a WiFi model Xoom will follow soon after.

    • Anonymous

      Same here buddy. I cannot wait for this. Hopefully a WiFi model Xoom will follow soon after.

    • Rachel

      Same here..I have an OG Droid and need a new phone…I just wish they’d announce the darn thing already!…Ugh

    • it will come some time this month. hang in there! BTW. think you got it bad? im upgrading to the thunderbolt from an enV Touch!. you got a decent android phone.

      I could really use some android in my life. lol my contract enters its 20th month on the 24th of this month. if thunderbolt comes out that day. im picking one up!