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Words With Friends Released on Android

The Scrabble-esque multi-player word game from Zynga aka Words With Friends, is now available on Android.  We had heard is was going to be out on Friday from an anonymous source, and sure enough, they were almost right.  The game is free and can be played against any one of your friends, including those unfortunate ones that forked out cash for a device that just landed on Verizon, is almost a year old and will be replaced in June.  We’ve already jumped into a random game to begin the DL domination.

Download Link

Cheers Tony!

  • My friend recently got me hooked on this game! I love that I can play it with any of my friends anywhere! I also love that we can play at a simple, slow pace. This game is set up perfectly for what it is and for the people who use it. I highly recommend checking this out!..I also use the ANAGRAMMER to give me more hints..

  • I’m playing on the kindle fire and would gladly pay to remove these ads. but there does not seem to be an option for that.I have a lot of time of this game..I spend most of the time playing with words with friends..I am glad that I did download it on my IPHONE 4..I also use the ANAGRAMMER to give me more hints..

  • I use the IPHONE 5 just to play this game..Its so addicting and very fun..I use the ANAGRAMMER also so I can have some hints in times of trouble.

  • I have tried playing with this game and its really cool and interesting..Me and my co workers love to play this game when our boss is not around..We also use the ANAGRAMMER to give us a clue in times we are having a hard time..

  • Its really an addictive game..Even me I really download it on my iphone..Many played this game even my boss played this game..Its fun and interesting..I use the ANAGRAMMER to give me some hints if I’m having a hard time..

  • I just got the Words with friends on my iphone, so much fun ..Oh man, this game has given me so many hours of fun. I usually don’t cheat, but there are times that I gotta use the ANAGRAMMER, google it my peeps!”

  • NoCommercials

    I would rather pay for the game than watch a commercial every time I make a word!!

  • In Dallas

    How do I get notifications on my Motorola Droid X2?

  • Anonymous

    you guys need to check out Hanging With Friends Cheat HQ for awesome cheats and tips, even works for words with friends!

  • Mur313

    when I am playing on network (I have Sprint) and one of my friends is playing with me (AT&T) the game locks up periodically, and we lose the ability to play that game and we cannot close the existing games.  Anyone else experiencing this?  How do we get around this?

  • Jessica

    How do you get it to notify you when it is your turn?

  • Turbo7507

    How do I add a friend to my contact list?

  • Suzq519

    Is anyone hving problems when playing more than one Words With Friends game? I was trying to play with two different people and the same playing scrren came up with all the players on it. I didn’t know whose words were whose for me to play.

  • pb

    This has a long ways to go. Like others – it just cancels a game and tells me I lost but the game is still going on my Ipod. I’ve given up and have gone back to playing on my Ipod until the kinks are worked out and an ad free version is available. Hopefully they will make these improvements – I love Words with Friends.

  • Sarahvonne88

    Im very upset because im on the android market and there is no, Words with Friend and I really want to play! !!!!! All my friends have it iphone and android! !!! Why can’t I get it!!!!????

  • Vjseaver

    How come in the middle of a game with my friend(s) I get a notification at the bottom of my page saying “your friend” beat you and it had a big red circle with a line through it giving me the option to delete. But I know that the game wasn’t even close to being done AND I had the higher score…

  • Yvette072

    I have a Droid can I play against my friend who has an iphone

  • I want the ad free version!

  • JDub

    I was so excited to hear WWF was finally coming to Droid so I could play with my iPhone friends. What a disappointment! I have played at least a dozen games and at some point in the game (always before the end) the app flakes out and says I have resigned and my opponent wins. Or, it will indicate that it’s my move, but I am unable to play – only pass or resign. What is going on? Is this happening to anyone else?

  • JW

    My Words With Friends doesn’t list any of my contacts from my phone. It only has my own name in the Contact List. Anyone else have this problem or know how I can fix it?

    • GUEST

      i have this problem too!

  • Selectbaseball4

    How do you lower the volume??

  • TBlas

    Love this game on my iTouch, but at over 3 MB to install….and an already fast-drain battery life on the droid phones…..I’m unfortunately going to have to pass on installing it on my Samsung Moment droid.

  • bmccarley

    How do you add contacts on WWF?

  • It sucks. Keeps dropping games saying my opponent beat me even though the game just started.

    • Vince Lewis

      Keeps happening to me as well… any idea why?

  • Floyd

    Its fun but so is Word Feud.. WwF seems to drain the battery fast though.

  • Ambersphillips

    Has anyone else noticed that it keeps you logged in when you close the game so people start games with you when you don’t want them too? Is there any way to exit the app without FC it?

  • 1234loveeme

    does it work with people who have an itouch?

  • Anyone else notice that when an i*hone app comes out on Android, its basically buggy as hell and people rate 2-4 stars almost always? haha.

    • Kaboyer66

      That’s because the Android OS in general is buggy. So the apps will be as well. That’s why iPhone is superior in almost every aspect. Scrabble is far superior to either WWF or Word Fued.

  • Glendas20

    dangit…how do I add contacts to my contact list.

  • Glendas20

    how do I contacts to my contact list on this game?

  • Anonymous

    What if you don’t have any friends?

  • NickBright

    What will stop people from cheating at this game by using google or dictionary while playing?

    • Mrdat

      Nothing. It’s too easy to do cheat. Impossible to police. but I have found smarter moves can beat word generators. It just sucks when they use them to get clutch positions.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone notice their battery life take a dump while using this app? It’s killing my battery (DX). Without an options menu it fails imho.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the battery life took a HUGE dump with this app. Will have to uninstall it.

    • Dgigena33

      It’s killing my battery too…..very quickly.

      • Dgigena33

        It’s also overheating the CPU. I have to play my words, then force close with a task killer. If I lose track of time (take too long), the CPU overheats, and reboots. Anyone else??

    • Mcb4816

      That’s because they haven’t incorporated true push notifications. You only get notified if the app is running in the background and it can connect to the servers and check. By default it checks like every 5 minutes. Definitely a battery drainer. I kill mine after I play and just check throughout the day to see if anyone’s played.

  • Pete

    is anyone else unable to see this app in the marketplace on their OG Droid?

    • Torry

      I just downloaded it. It was 6 or 7 items down on the list for me.

    • Pete

      nevermind, finally showed up…

  • Keithsmnr

    Very buggy, takes a few minutes for other player to receive a played word, and FULL PAGE ADS.

    But…still fun.

    • Anonymous

      wordfeud has full page ads too btw.

      • Mrdat

        Just bought the ad free version of Wordfeud yesterday.


        Hit it.

    • Anonymous

      wordfeud has full page ads too btw.

  • Dontcare

    I’ll laugh when the supposedly “iPhone 5” is for AT&T only this Summer.

  • Dontcare

    I’ll laugh when the supposedly “iPhone 5” is for AT&T only this Summer.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll grab this to play with a few buddies on other devices, but my early thought is that it’s far inferior to Wordfeud. It’s quite neutered, featurewise.

  • WordFeud FTW!

  • Mr. Joshua

    “We had heard is was going to be” ?

  • Mr. Joshua

    “We had heard is was going to be” ?

  • Mr. Joshua

    “We had heard is was going to be” ?

  • duckphan

    BAM! About time!

  • duckphan

    BAM! About time!

  • duckphan

    BAM! About time!

  • Kevoskee
  • @wade_county

    Looks like it doesn’t have push notifications, also you can’t lower the in game volume unless you set your ringer to vibrate. Seems like an iOS port. Also, if you hit the menu button nothing comes up.

    • Anonymous

      actually it does have push notification to your phone…i just got one. You can lower the game volume, you have to be in a game and it goes off the media volume, not the ringer volume. But no options menu fails.

      • shr1k3r

        Howd you enable them?

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t do anything special. I have a game going with my brother (on his AT&T i*hone) and it just pushed to my phone. Also just open up a game then hit the volume button on your phone and you should be able to adjust the sound.

      • Chris

        how do you enable the droid to notify you when someone has played?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know…there is no options menu. I just get an icon in my notification bar when it’s my turn.

          • guest123

            On the facebook version of the game my system memory usage jumps up 300 to 500mb while playing it – It ‘s a drain on my computer I’d hate to see what it does to a phone

    • Anonymous

      actually it does have push notification to your phone…i just got one. You can lower the game volume, you have to be in a game and it goes off the media volume, not the ringer volume. But no options menu fails.

  • …those unfortunate ones that forked out cash for a device that just landed on Verizon, is almost a year old and will be replaced in June.

    Ha ha! Good one.

    And as for Words with Friends, I’ve actually been looking forward to playing this one for awhile…it seems like it would be a lot of fun.

    • Yeah, it’s almost like Andriod phones aren’t replaced by better models every 1-2 months!

      Oh wait…

  • Hotheaded_Turdburglar

    I’ve been tearing up Wordfeud for months now. What does this have over that app?

    I tend to be loyal to the apps that arrive first in the Android Market if everything else is the same…….

    • Ed5275

      It is actually a little more polished and pretty and you can play against iPhone/iPod/iPad friends. I’ll probably keep both.

      • It’s not more polished because it’s missing a ton of features. Friends lists, notifications in general, an options menu for anything…it’s just a crappy port. The playing board may look better if that’s what you’re referring to. The game overall is poor compared to the WordFeud. It’s only going to be used on my phone if I want to play an iPhone buddy.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. Wordfeud is far more polished.

          • Tb

            I also agree. Wordfeud is much better. What is with “play” and “submit”? Also, my tiles continually swap. It drives me crazy!

        • Ed5275

          I was mostly referring to the looks.

        • Mrdat

          Wordfeud is very polished. Words with Friends is just Shinier. But being able to play against my iPod friends is a plus.

        • Redwinger2001

          I like it mainly because I can quit carrying around my old iphone for the sole purpose of playing with my iphone friends. Besides that….wordfeud is better.

        • CooleyMommy

          I agree with you….WordFeud is way better. At least it tells me when it is my turn.

    • Rocktoonz

      I agree, WordFeud is a much better game. Push notifications, customizable alerts, doesn’t chew up memory, and just plain works.