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Motorola Gives us the “Evolution of MotoBlur”

Motorola announced the newest version of MotoBlur today and while they didn’t provide a set of pictures, we’re assuming it’s the new skin we saw on the DROID BIONIC at CES in our hands-on and through those leaked shots of Gingerbread on the DROID X.  The new Blur, from our time with it, is the best we’ve seen yet although we won’t know if it’ll be widely accepted by most until we spend some serious time with it.

In this new version, we get a new music player which is the same one that leaked out a few weeks back, Aloqa’s location-based services, and a connected gallery to make your pictures and videos as social as they can be.

Again, we’ll hold off on our thoughts for this new Blur until we get some real hands-on time with it and will instead leave you to do what you do best in the comments.  

Get Your Head In The Cloud

Motorola Mobility’s MOTOBLUR™, the software solution that delivers all of your most relevant content right to your homescreen, has undergone several enhancements to keep users even more connected to what is going on in their lives. The latest version of MOTOBLUR now includes enhanced location, messaging, music and gallery features, while continuing to sync your favorite content, deliver it to your home screen and integrate it throughout the entire phone so you can communicate any way you like. With MOTOBLUR, all your favorite friends’ feeds, messages and media are organized and streamed to new 3D dashboards, so you can focus on what people have to say – not how that say it.

Discover the World Around You

Motorola Mobility has integrated the Aloqa™ open, location-triggered mobile push platform into the MOTOBLUR experience. Aloqa’s technologies and services utilize a user’s context, including location, identity and social relationships, to proactively inform them of places, events, bargains and other opportunities that may be of interest to them. For example, if Aloqa’s software recognizes the user is in a certain region, it will provide alerts on top events of the day or special offers from leading discounters in the vicinity.

Music is Now Social

MOTOBLUR’s new Connected Music service makes sharing and buying music-related content more seamless than ever. Consumers can follow what friends are listening to through last.fm, get recommendations on new songs with Rovi and purchase them immediately through Amazon. And, while songs are playing, TuneWiki streams lyrics so users can sing along without missing a beat.

Your Social Network’s Photos and Videos Living in Harmony

MOTOBLUR’s new Connected Gallery service brings photos and videos on your phone together with you and your friends’ online albums from Facebook®, Flickr, Photobucket®, Picasa and more. Users get pushed updates when new media is uploaded or friends comment on your online media.

Locate and Access Your Device from Anywhere

The redesigned MOTOBLUR Owners Portal enables you to locate and erase your mobile device remotely if it gets lost or stolen. It also backs up your contacts, account settings and phone configurations, allowing for easy setup on any new MOTOBLUR-enabled mobile device. In addition, it allows a user to upload contacts from other sources (PCs, older phones) and sync them to a MOTOBLUR phone.

MOTOBLUR-enabled applications Connected Galley, Aloqa, and later, Connected Music, will be available as upgrades to recently announced devices, including ATRIX™ 4G and CLIQ 2™. Devices enabled with the full suite of enhanced MOTOBLUR applications are expected to ship in the coming months.

  • Is it possible to get motoblur on a Droid 1? I’m currently using cm7 ROM at the moment…

  • Is it possible to get this on a Droid 1?

  • LeeInMKE

    More like MotoBleh

  • Want to know what a real evolution would be? A shutoff switch for Blur.

  • k6tcher

    Sounds too “social” to me. Not all of us are teenie-boppers and need the constant approval of friends.

    I don’t need that “look at me… what are you doing” mentality.

    Blur = Fail.

  • LinuxLover

    Motoblah is junk that needs abandoned. When will one of these companies say “we’ve listened and we’ll sell you a phone with vanilla Android, no bootloader roadblocks, and timely updates when a new Android comes out”? Oh yeah, they did and it was beloved…but only for T-Mobile users.

  • I like the blur on my D2G. I really like how it handles contacts

    • Wes

      You actually like not being able to filter which Facebook contacts you want to sync? Blur pulls every single one of them to your phone, whether you want it or not.

      • Anonymous

        this is simply not true…at least not as of about a month and a half ago when my husband bought his DX…he doesnt have 500 contacts synced to his phone…just the ones he told it to sync

  • AndroidSapien

    Motorola is a giant hardware company with hardware engineers and hardware marketing executives who have been at the company for YEARS. They wield the power in that company, and they were basically done as the company was collapsing. Now along comes a small little department of coders who say hey, let’s try this Android thing, see how that works. BOOM! Motorola is a playa again. BUT all those hardware VP’s and the COO’s are still in power. And because the star is the OS, and not the hardware anymore, they are putting their mark on it. They will never let MotoBlur die, it is their baby! The poor programmers at Moto are just trying to make it all work as best they can, knowing in their hearts they much rather prefer to be working on a stock Gingerbread or even Honeycomb OS that would melt the phone. Corporations are all about egos, NOT the customer base.

  • rocketdaddy

    Meh. Not interested in any of those “services.”

  • Kaz

    is blur supporting google groups in their email app yet? that’s the thing that’s driving my wife the most nuts about it… and I’ve got my eye on the X2 when I am due for an update…

  • Anonymous

    Hey I got still the original Droid X. Does anyone know if we getting any of the new blur features and more importantly 2.3 Gingerbread update??? Whats the news thing or rummor out there?

  • Gg101

    Let me know what it reaches Extinction.

    • Just need that big meteor from Google! (or consumers, you never know)

  • Ryathosou

    Its like motorola doesn’t listen to customers. People who know what blur is hate it, people that don’t know what blur is hate it. The few who like it are oblivious to it’s detriment to their phone. Im rooted and blur free for 6 months now and wow! my phone works as intended. Never again. Hello HTC.

  • bvazkez

    That’s why I sold my DX, I hate Moto putting Blur on their phones and keep putting them on new ones when there enough techies complaining how they’d rather not have it at all. Techies are the ones that blew up Android to what it has become. Even though there are ROMS you can put on it, it’s just the thought of Moto continuing the stupid Blur cycle. What ever happened to stock Android?! Miss my OG Droid, but like computers, phones get outdated and obsolete fast. Had to move on to something else. Sorry Moto.

  • KilyeYet

    Honest question. What are Motoblur’s features. So far, its been narrowed down to this (taken from a post at the Motorola Forums by someone else). Does anyone know if this is at all accurate, or if there are other features missing. I mean, seriously, not trying to bash Motoblur, just want to know, other than the ugly UI, what it actually brings to the table. I’ve heard that many people using ROMs have complained about “missing” features from them, that are thought to be part of Blur, but I don’t know which these are. Can someone elucidate on this topic?

    1) Pull OTA updates

    2) Social widgets for Facebook, Twitter

    3) News & weather Widget

    4) HDMI output

    5) Image gallery that communicates w/ HDMI port

    6) and 7) Blur camera features (I assume this also applies to the video editing feature as well)

    8) Wireless Hotspot feature (maybe? I thought this was built into Android 2.2 & provided by VZW but if anyone knows for sure, please chime in)

    9) ability to unzip, zip files without an additional app for this purpose

    • Anonymous

      How about wonderful features like two forms (both broken) of contacts management and giving Moto your Facebook and Twitter username and password?

      The Dialer and Contacts apps have two different lists of contacts pulled from your Google account, both of which ignore your user created lists, but are also inconsistent in what they pull. If you’re stupid enough to use Moto’s Facebook integration (more on that later), and want to pull that info into your contacts, you pull *all* of your Facebook friends into contacts. Not just the ones already in there like you can with the official Facebook app’s integration.

      In original Blur, you were forced to create a Blur account in initial setup. With second generation (D2, DX), you could defer and do it later. Blur’s Facebook and Twitter integration use this account to store your authentication into those services. That’s right. When you sign into your Facebook account using Moto’s integrated version YOU ARE GIVING MOTOROLA YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD to store on their servers. To make matters worse, they broke the accounts management system so that it no longer works with the official Facebook app. I can’t speak to the Twitter side of things because Touiteur (now Plume) doesn’t integrate in that way.

      My main problem with the D2 when I had it (warranty replacement for my Droid) was the contacts. No matter what I did, I could not get it to pull several contacts I needed from either Gmail or Google Apps and manually entering them on the phone did not sync them with my account contacts. Spent a week working with Moto and VZW support to deal with the problems Blur caused, but finally ended up back on a refurb Droid.

      As long as Moto continues to shove Blur on their phones, I won’t be buying another one.

      • KilyeYet

        Dude, take a xanax, or something because you sound like you are headed for a breakdown. I asked about what Blur provides as “features,” not whether you or anyone liked it or not. I think it’s a safe bet that most of us do not. My comment was trying to be constructive in trying to cull features that the phone would not have absent Blur. I never said to use Moto’s Twitter, or Facebook built in apps, nor did I suggest they were good or bad, I merely asked what features came with MotoBlur that absent it, particularly in Roms, we would have to do without. More to the point, I was interested in what added functionality I or anyone who rooted, flashed ROMs would miss. My comment was in no way intended to give you a heart attack, or cause you a stroke.

        I hope that helps.

      • Lookbehindyou


        I hope you don’t own an HTC sense device. I mean, think about it, if you use any of the sense widgets for facebook, twitter, etc, you are GIVING HTC your USERNAME and PASSWORD. OMG!

        Wait, did you install Launcher Pro on your device? OMG, YOU HAVE TO GIVE Federico YOUR USERNAME and PASSWORD to be able to use his LPP Widgets!!!! EVERYBODY PANIC!

        • Anonymous

          There’s a difference between auth info being stored locally on your phone and it being uploaded to a third party server where it has no business being.

          • DrathosSmathosLMAO

            Uh huh, sure. Aren’t you such a gullible little one.

      • DrathosSmathosLMAO

        Wait. You are concerned about GIVING MOTOROLA YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD to store on their servers for Facebook and Twitter, but don’t mind using Plume (Touiteur) by LevelUp Studios to store on their servers? So, is it Motorola you are paranoid about, or any third party company having access to your account, because if its the latter, I think you’ve been had (and you had to pay Toutieur to STORE YOUR PASSWORD on their SERVERS for you)…LMAO

        • Anonymous

          Plume doesn’t store your username and password on LevelUp’s servers. In fact, Plume doesn’t even store that info on the phone. It uses it one time for OAuth. Plume is also free unless you pay for the Premium version to get extra features (which I don’t).

        • Anonymous

          Plume doesn’t store your username and password on LevelUp’s servers. In fact, Plume doesn’t even store that info on the phone. It uses it one time for OAuth. Plume is also free unless you pay for the Premium version to get extra features (which I don’t).

  • Mth2134

    So is this the new sbf and files TBH is referring too? I know the full 340 is out now but he keeps mentioning a new one that’s unrootable…

  • Vitodintino

    If they turn around and try to put this on the Xoom, there will be no turning back. Motorola will never get my money again, I promise you that.

  • Remote wipe sounds nice since Google is still not providing that to personal accounts, but the rest… sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Moto,

    Evolution implies adaption, survival of the fittest etc. For Blur to truly evolve, one thing is needed: A disable option. While you’re at it, free the bootloader!

    Charles Darwin

  • Pooch

    Motox, How’s your new HTC Thunderbolt??? Did Best Buy sell it to you today???? Please send us pictures. Boy you were right, I do feel like a sucker for not believing you. I will never doubt you again.
    Original Post from Pooch – I really wish that people would stop talking about Best Buy having it on the 14th.
    It’s not going to happen. Best Buy and all of their misinformed, jump the gun employees have
    gotten you all worked up for nothing, and you will end up feeling like a sucker for believing

    Reply from Motox – nope, you’ll be the sucker who misses out on 1.

    • EvilMonkey

      I think your in the wrong article.

  • Kevoskee

    Motoblur can evolve into the trash can where it belongs. I don’t care for it

  • EvilMonkey

    “so you can focus on what people have to say – not how that say it.”
    Wth does that even mean?

  • John


  • Anonymous

    I don’t think this will be as good as Evolution of Dance is.

  • Anonymous

    well, at least they are moving blur forward? only good overlay i hear people actually liking is Sense.

    • Anonymous

      Forward with a ?
      and you are correct about sense.

  • Anonymous

    Ladies and gentlemen, once again, I introduce you to Root, so that we don’t have to live with blur.