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Download New LauncherPro Themes: BLURPS, Clouds, and Metro

Our man signals23 over at XDA has been busy updating all of the LauncherPro Plus themes that have now become so famous.  And actually, he’s released a whole set of new themes that we weren’t aware of and wanted to make sure you all checked them out.  He’s calling them Metro, Clouds and BLURPS and are seriously works of LP art.  You’ll find multiple colors that are all based off of the latest version of LauncherPro and work incredibly well with a variety of themes.  Show signals23 some love.

METRO:  Download

CLOUDS:  Download

BLURPS:  Blue | Red | Grey | Green


1.  Backup your current LP settings.  Preferences>Backup homescreens & settings.
2.  Uninstall LauncherPro.
3.  Download a themed version from above.
4.  When it finishes, tap on the download and click “Install.”
5.  When installation is complete, restore your previous settings.  Preferences>Restore backup.
6.  Enjoy!

The rest of the themes can be found over at XDA.

Cheers Picolas!

  • Followed the instructions for one of the theme’d launcher pro’s…There is no difference between what I installed and what I had previously. How come the theme doesn’t load? I uninstalled and installed the .apk. Looks like regular Launcher pro

    • Anonymous

      Do you have the pay version? I’m assuming that any theming is only on the widgets.

  • EC8CH


    I see there is a Droid-Life theme in the XDA post. Surprised you guys didn’t mention that 🙂

  • So nice pic….I really like it…Great article with excellent idea! I appreciate your post.

  • andrew

    how do i install to my phone? should i download it to my desktop or from my droid?

    • Jroc869

      i went straight to the phone, worked like a charm

    • download it from your droid after you uninstall your current launcherpro if you have one. if not, just download and install the .apk

    • Anonymous

      1. Backup your current LPP settings(while on homescreen hit menu button>preferences>backup settings)
      2. Uninstall LPP
      3. Download themed apk(with your phone)
      4. Install downloaded apk(pull down your notifications and pick the apk once download is complete)

  • signals23

    Thanks Picolas and Kellex for the shout. I’ve reached out to Fede to release these themes on the Market. I see it as a win-win, since people will be more apt to buy his plus features if they see more widget options, instead of the Sense-like stock widgets. I haven’t heard back from him yet. Ultimately, I would like to sign my apk’s with his signature so you can install them directly over stock. Also, regarding the theming, even if he implements theming, it would be impossible to capture all of these different themes since I change things in the xml’s and smali files. He would have to duplicate files 20x over again, and that would be horribly inefficient and slow. Generic theming usually only changes the images, simply put.

    As far as installing my apk’s, I use a different signature than Fede and because of that, you have to uninstall his apk to install mine. But, if you have any of my apk’s installed, you can install any other of my apk’s over it without uninstalling/backing up, etc.

    Oh, and I too am pi$$ed about the Tbolt release date! Then again, if I was messing with the Tbolt, I wouldn’t have any time to create more LPP themes… 😉

    • There has got to be a better way than clogging the market the way ADW themes do. I’d rather a janky and difficult to use theme managing companion app than have to sift through a bazillion adw and lpp themes to find any app with a colour in its name.

      • EC8CH

        I find the way Beautiful Widgets does their themes for clocks and weather to be a very convenient solution for users.

        • signals23

          I don’t disagree. Same thing for Go Launcher themes, if I search for Launcher, all I get is themes.

  • CallOnColin

    Can’t get it to work with Project Elite ROM. Can only uninstall LP “updates,” and when I try installing CLOUDS, I get an “Application not installed” checkmark. Suggestions?

    • signals23

      I haven’t looked, but I assume that ROM has LP in system/app? If that’s the case, you can remove via adb or go to the XDA site, download the appropriate update.zip and push it in recovery.

      • CallOnColin

        Yeah, system/app. Thanks for the help. Love your work.

  • Kevoskee

    I will pass but nice job.

  • DroidzFX

    Heads up!!! I just installed this over my current lancher pro and I didnt have to re-create any other third party widgets. It just updated and changed the LP widgets. Good stuff cause I have about 20 DVR widgets.

    • Mahers

      Ditto! Usually, I have to uninstall and reinstall, but for whatever reason this time, the new theme (blue blurps) just applied itself over the exisitng one without the need to reapply all my non-LPP widgets. Very cool!

  • Crmay1215

    Where do I get the dock icons from the set of pictures? Love them!

  • tanknspank

    Wow. Those look quite nice! Almost enough to get me to try LauncherPro again. To bad it’s only an almost… 😛

    • whatever else you are using is not as good as LPP.

      • tanknspank

        Trust me, usually I would admit defeat to something like this, but it just is not true. ADW EX had everything and more that I would want. LPP just seems over simplified and short on quality features. It has widgets that are easily replaced with the market. I can’t see a reason to use LPP when ADW EX its the clear winner in my eyes, though we are entitled to our opinions of course.

  • Whodat

    As much as I like those themes, it seems incredibly cumbersome to have to back up your settings, uninstall launcherpro, reinstall this version, only to switch your theme. Why can’t Fede implement theming the way ADW Launcher does? You want to change your ADW Theme, go to the market, download the one you want, apply, done. want to switch to another, go to settings, switch theme, done.

    • Nemesis099

      I agree expecially with the warning that comes up with saying widgets cannot be backed up does this mean I would have to add all the widgets each time? If so I will wait till a better system is worked out for this.

      • Mike

        I’ve never had to re add any of the launcherpro widgets, just others.

    • Mike

      He may implement a themes feature in the rewrite, you never know. Hope that rewrite is done soon…

    • Jroc869

      it took very little time or effort. the backup itself took about 5 seconds and the uninstall was about the same amout of time. dl maybe a minute and re install about 5 more seconds. didnt seem very cumbersome to me but i guess thats just me

  • MrWolf

    It’s incredible how great these themes are. A big fan of the BLURPS Blue theme. Really hope signals23 and Fede work together to make theming a major part of the new LPP.

    • Jroc869

      blurps blue is what im rocking on top of the blue rubix 1.9.7 focused rom. it looks ridiculous!

  • viewthis66

    love it, thanks signals23!

  • jay

    Is this for launcher pro +

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it’s the widgets.

  • Looks like there is a lot going on…

    I wish i could have been trying this on the thunderbolt today… boo delays!

  • Agacom24

    i know this has nothing to do with this but if someone can PLEASE help me that would be awesome….I have a Droid 2 and I recently unrooted it and factory reset the phone….i had to download the 2.3 system version off of a website somewhere…The problem is i am just wondering if my “About Phone” tab in settings reads what the stock version would say? If someone could please tell me what theres looks like for the droid 2 that would be awesome! mine says this: android version:2.2
    -System Version: Version.2.3.20.A955.Verizon.en.US
    -Baseband Version – BP_C_01.09.07P
    -Kernel Version –
    [email protected] #1
    -Build Number – VZW
    ERI Version – 5
    PRL Version – 52189

    Somehow if someones stock D2 is different from that please let me know! and if indeed it is wrong, maybe a way to get it completely back to normal?! Thanks in advance hopefully this awesome Droid-Life community can help!! Cheers!

    • tanknspank

      The D2 does not have Android 2.3 a.k.a. Gingerbread in any shape or form, let alone one suitable for a stock phone. 2.3 stands for the Motolola/Verizon numbering scheme. It means that is the version 2.3 of Motorola’s blur for the D2. What it says under System Version is the latest if I understand correctly. 2.2 is definitely the latest though for the Android version.

      • Agacom24

        lol i know that…there is a system verson sent out by verizon back in november that says 2.3.20 etc. I know its not gingerbread lol im not THAT dumb….do you have a d2? if you do could you please tell me if your about phone tab looks like mine? lol like exactly like it?

        • tanknspank

          Sorry, I don’t. D1 here. Just going off what I’ve read and heard.

      • Keithsmnr

        tank you are incorrect, this is System software version, not OS version. Droid X has system ver 2.3 as well.

        • tanknspank

          Still don’t see how what I said was wrong though 😛

          • Agacom24

            all im asking is for some person with a D2 to put down there about phone information lol i jut want to compare the two so i know i didnt mess up my phone from rooting it then unrooting it….it was my mistake by not writing down all the About Phone info prior to me messing with it….lol soo if anyone with a D2 phone could just put down there info so i know my phone is ok that would be amazing!! lol

          • tanknspank

            I’m still pretty sure that is the latest official release. Don’t shoot me if I am wrong though. i’m not perfect 😛

          • Agacom24

            all im asking is for some person with a D2 to put down there about phone information lol i jut want to compare the two so i know i didnt mess up my phone from rooting it then unrooting it….it was my mistake by not writing down all the About Phone info prior to me messing with it….lol soo if anyone with a D2 phone could just put down there info so i know my phone is ok that would be amazing!! lol

  • Been using the Blurps green one for 4 days now… It’s great!