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Official Redbox App Lands on Android, Reserve Movies from Anywhere

While we’re doing our best to avoid all talk of Thunderbolt pricing for the next few minutes, how about some news of an official Redbox app on Android for movie fanatics?  It dropped onto the market last night and is as expected, available for free.  You can browse movies, see if they are available at any of your closest locations, and then reserve them.  All it takes is a Redbox account and the power is yours.

Download Link

  • This has actually been in the market since last week.

  • guest

    I’d prefer an Official RedTube app.

  • Guest

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but is it a good idea to post your current distance from multiple addresses? Simple triangulation gives us your rough location.

  • RedReserve is a better app. It’s not free, but has more features.

  • Mth2134

    No. Get back to the legal rape that is tbolt. Im outraged.

  • EC8CH

    Your move Netflix 🙂

  • SugaShane

    Completely unrelated: I need to unroot my phone or get rid of the superuser icon. I had no business rooting my phone in the first place. Can someone please help this noob out?

  • ZOMGGG!!!1!11!! N0W I CEN REsURvE MY TiX F0R TEH NEW TWiLIGhT !!!1!!!11

  • If only I could stream them from the app to my TV…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I am a tried and true RedBoxer user!

  • hulu plus and netflix has me covered… sorry redbox and blockbuster

  • thats pretty cool, itll be cooler when we can watch them from our phones for just a buck tho

  • YES!

    Finally I can rent movies on my way to somewhere, then on my way back, can stop at my local grocery store with Red Box before 9PM to pick up my reserved copy of “Where’s the Nearest Rest Stop?”.


  • Nathanbull33

    downloading now!!! and first! 🙂