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Android 2.3.3 Brings the Full NFC Experience

When the Nexus S and NFC (Near Field Communications) were introduced just a couple of months ago, the tools available for developers to use to implement this technology was lacking to say the least.  Then yesterday happened, and the Android team released 2.3.3 which adds all new NFC capabilities for devs such as a read/write API, more advancing dispatching to give additional control to apps when an NFC tag is present, and limited peer-to-peer NFC device support.

Android 2.3.3 will be made available to devices that have previously shipped with 2.3, which means the Nexus S is it?  Weird.

So we should see a ton of new NFC-capable apps, right?  Well, we would need to see NFC chips in a lot more devices first.  This is a good start though!

Via:  Android Developers

  • At this rate, they’ll run out of numbers to add on to 2.3.X, probably before the Nexus One sees any of them

  • Ed

    Who cares… there’s only one device on the market with NFC support and with gingerbread. All this fragmentation in Android is getting out of control.

  • now i just have to find out how to add an nfc chip to my droid 2

  • Trian1

    What about the AFC?


  • Zmezyou

    What company is supplying the NFC chips to the phone manufacturers?

  • Anonymous

    Call me paranoid but I don’t like the idea of the NFC chip. Same with RFID credit cards.

    • Big brother watchin over you?

      • Anonymous

        Well, there’s no way around that anymore and I’m not so worried about that anyway. It’s proven that you can get CC numbers with an RF scanner when you wave it by someones wallet(think sidewalk, concert, ariport, etc.) I personally don’t have credit cards and never have because I’m not a fan of revolving credit.

        I know with the NFC chip, you have to activate it with an application to have it broadcast but I still don’t really like it.

  • Can someone fill me in on some of the applications? I heard its like RFID and that this might lead to us using our phones as credit devices??

    • Anonymous

      This “splains” better than I could: http://tinyurl.com/385dgle

      • I don’t know, when I die, I’m gonna want my tombstone engraved with a phone that will look outdated in 1 year like the one in the pic… what a silly application. I really like the payment one tied to the public trans. system

    • Anonymous

      This “splains” better than I could: http://tinyurl.com/385dgle

    • Anonymous

      This “splains” better than I could: http://tinyurl.com/385dgle

  • Dr. Jekyll

    It would be cool if they could come up with a snap on or something for the phones which don’t have a NFC chip

    • Guest

      I think you will see microsd cards with both NFC functionality and the normal storage.

    • The Observer

      For a second there I thought you said ‘strap-on’.

      I need to pull my mind out of the gutter. LoL

  • KingDave

    will the Bionic and Xoom have NFC chips? thats what i wanna know

    • During the honeycomb talk, they addressed this, so i would assume the xoom has been hooked up. I’m not sure about the bionic tho…

  • Anonymous

    Android 2.3.3? Is this still Gingerbread? My Droid X is reaching famine status… need update soon! 😛

    • Dshudson

      Just give me a XOOM already who cares