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Is the Sony Xperia PLAY Headed to Verizon? (Updated)

According to a chart that went live at Wirefly’s site on February 3rd, the Sony Xperia PLAY is headed to Verizon.  Yep, this would be the Playstation phone that we’ve been covering over at Android Life, but was kept far from the pages of DL since we assumed it wouldn’t come anywhere near Big Red.  The PLAY hasn’t been announced on a carrier yet, but could be on Sunday in a press event that kicks off just before MWC.  I guess we’ll know at that time if that chart needs to see some quick editing.  And I have to admit that seeing this phone on Verizon would shock the heck out of me.

Update:  As expected, Wirefly has now changed the carrier to “To be determined.”

Need a few specs?  How does a 4″ LCD screen, Gingerbread, 5MP camera and the ultimate gaming slide-out keyboard sound?  Anyone interested?

The PLAY’s Super Bowl ad featuring Andy and his creepy thumbs after the break.  


Via:  Wirefly, PhoneArena

Cheers Jason!

  • Anonymous

    No, thanks, I would stick with the verizon iPhone, and now read the news that the iPhone 5 is rumored to be releasing around June 2011.
    However, how soon will they have the iPhone 5?

  • Anonymous

    just a curious question, why is sony ericsson only gsm? except for china-cdma…..wiered….why not come to verizon? att doesn’t do anything for them anyways.

  • Anonymous

    Yah i know i saw this so i posted it, then it got posted on this site. lol. I was happy when i first tiped it but just sad wirefly had to do this to me. I mean ill buy it outright but sort of as my android psp tethered to my thunderbolt.

  • Atil

    I read on engadget just recently that this phone is GSM only

  • Njd32

    I knew i shouldnt have bought a droid X at the end of last year 🙁

  • tominhistower

    I have a D1 with a GameGripper, and it’s buttons are just not the same as my PSP for emulation. This phone would be totally perfect IF it comes to Verizon I know how my upgrade will be spent.

    Would this be the first Sony smartphone to come to Verizon?

  • r

    i thought Sony Ericsson was only GSM?

  • NYCLawyer

    This is an interesting device. Not sure it beats the 4Gs or dual cores, but certainly interesting as a gaming device/smartphone/do everything device.

  • NYCLawyer

    This is an interesting device. Not sure it beats the 4Gs or dual cores, but certainly interesting as a gaming device/smartphone/do everything device.

  • Thank God my upgrade comes in May. Emulation on this puppy has me SOLD.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see this phone succeeding in the US as its April/May release date has it going head to head with dual-core phones and the update to android to utilize their heavy weight prowess. However the playstation platform should elevate android’s gaming above and beyond the iphone’s and hopefully inspire microsoft to deliver a hardcore xbox mobile experience.

  • Anonymous

    “kept far from the pages of DL since we assumed it wouldn’t come anywhere near Big Red”

    Are you implying this is not only Droid-Life but also Verizon-Life???

    • Jorge

      Yeah this is a Verizon and android site. Stoped being a out Droid a long time ago.

      • Tcal

        If you are correct, then Kellex should indeed change the web site to Verizon-life or VZW-life.

        • Jorge

          Lol, droid-life sounds better but this site does cover all android phones on Verizon’s network including non-droids.

      • Anonymous

        I just find it weird to pledge oneself to a carrier. Pledging to the Android platform is cool, but to a carrier? They’re all faceless, impersonal corporations who runs on consumer-leeched money.

        Besides, what’s in a name? The only thing that you could associate the Droid Incredible with the Droid family is the word Droid in it’s name. If it didn’t have Droid in the name, you would think it’s like any other HTC phone from Verizon, Sprint or wherever.

        You got plenty of Nexus and Evo owners visiting this site to justify it just being a Droid (or more generally, Android) site. No need to alienate those readers something as trivial as covering phones from only a certain carrier.

        Let’s all rejoice in the Android platform instead, and not in Big Red (with their recent policy changes, they aren’t looking too friendly)!

        Just my two cents.

        • Jorge

          I would never pledge myself to a carrier either, I don’t actually have Verizon but I find a few of the articles here interesting.

    • Considering that Verizon has licensed the usage of Droid as a brand name from Lucas films (and as such, no other carrier will carry a “Droid” phone), the blog is named appropriately.

  • Frank

    This will be my next phone if it goes to Verizon for sure. I’ll be first in line for it purely for the emulation possibilities.

  • Tcal

    What the …
    I thought Droid-life covered the DROID brand only?
    Shouldn’t the HTC Thunderbolt & the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play be covered by An.Droid-life?

    • Wolfedude88

      Whose to say the Thunderbolt wont be a droid phone? I remember the Incredible wasn’t branded droid at first, all of the tested and reviews box just said HTC Incredible, not until launch did we know about it being called the Droid Incredible.

  • Crappymo

    IPhone 5 all the way

    • Anonymous

      Time for you to leave, stupid

  • Anonymous

    Anythng theat rivals th i*hone works for me 🙂

  • Aubreyvt

    Isnt it weard how all the phones are MAGICALLY disappering from the Sprint line up……. oh wait.

    Not that this is a good phone anyway.

  • tutttt

    Im tired of all these leaks, delayed announcements and all of that crap surrounding the tbolt and xoom..pls bring some droot-life.com to the masses

  • Anonymous

    Is the HTC Thunderbolt headed to Verizon?

    • Anonymous

      of course? u comment on all thunderbolt things and there have been 50 articles…..

      • Anonymous

        You fail at picking up what Towelie420 is laying down…

  • Anonymous

    I think I was too creeped out from the commercial to get it. Looks nice though but I keep my Ps3 and xbox 360 for the games. Only something like angry birds for mobile gaming for me

  • Anonymous

    Hmm wonder where this came from….why doesn’t anyone go to phone arena and c who they thanked…;)
    Yah i would consider it beceause of gaming if it came to vzw…once again i didn’t think it would, they usually are always gsm but hey i hoped and still do.

  • DroidzFX

    Not a fan of PS. Not a fan of 2.3 not being released to any other phones.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s got dual core, front camera, 1gb ram, and gpu.

    • shr1k3r

      single core i believe :/

  • OG

    I wouldn’t be tempted to add another line for a new device if this thing comes to Big Red.

  • JumboMcNasty

    I’d definitely be interested. I’m a playstation plus member so hopefully all those mini’s and PS1 games would be instantly playable on it for a real gaming experience. Not to mention a real gamepad and buttons for the emulators. Also there’s no way I’ll be getting the PSP2 so this would be nice for a one device solution.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, if the PS store is available on the Xperia Play, and if it is possible to play those games, I would be really tempted to get it.

  • Anonymous

    Im interested

  • Eric

    I am def tempted to give up my Dinc for this.

  • Anonymous

    No thank you, i will stick with Motorola or HTC

  • SE seems to now understand the importance of the latest Android version. I would buy from them. I like this phone a lot, I just need to know how much PS games are going to cost.

    It would be awesome if they called it the Droid Play to give it the extra edge. I don’t think SE would be up for that but I can dream.

    • Anonymous

      Would be cool, but yeah, they’ll sell it on its Playstation background.