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Thunderbolt Teaser Ad Goes “Private”, HTC Teases February 14th on Twitter

Remember that super intense HTC Thunderbolt teaser ad that Verizon released yesterday in Spanish?  We hoped you enjoyed it, as it’s no longer available and we’ll simply tie that into the news we received about the device being delayed with no ETA.  The odd thing here is the fact that the official Verizon Twitter account was raving about the commercial this morning and even reminded users that an English version was supposed to be on the way.  

As you can see from the screenshot I just grabbed of that tweet below, the video is definitely gone…

And in probably unrelated news with bad timing, HTC tweeted this message within the past hour…

If you check out their Facebook page, we’re pretty sure they are referring to Mobile World Congress which starts on February 14th, but it’s just too odd that the 14th was also the day we were expecting the Thunderbolt to land.  And maybe they’ll come out and announce the TBolt’s availability at MWC, although we’ll admit that doing so in Spain for a phone that’s strictly meant for the U.S. would be a little whacky.  Incredible 2 then?

Weirdest week ever.

Cheers @rusty_richards!

  • lurker

    How funny because I’ve been seeing this commercial on the Korean cable channels. Obviously the girl’s voice is counting in Korean.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    so what, what is the release date?


  • Cody Phillips

    Does anyone have any insight on whether this phone will REQUIRE the 4G network? I am interested, but really dont have a need or want to pay the additional they will add to the 4G.

    • Chrissy

      No, it wont require the 4G network, it will work over 3G as well, just like their MBB devices. 🙂

  • Roberto Taylor

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I see one of the Thunderbolt ads the first thing I think about is Gatorade…lol


    • Anonymous

      Hah it does look almost identical.

  • Pbeezy

    Isn’t it possible all this “will it or won’t it” drama is being done on purpose to drum up interest? How many people are talking about this phone now that maybe weren’t a week ago? Especially with the release of the i*hone this week……I don’t know if Verizon’s that smart or not, but it’s a lot cheaper to do this than go on a mad advertising bender for a week, and I really doubt that anyone who wanted the phone to begin with is not gonna order one now just because they’re still not giving a firm release date. Just seems fishy to me, but what do I know.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the delay is for everywhere but Best Buy and this is a last minute exclusivity deal? It seems weird that BB would start taking pre-orders and telling people the 14th with certainty (at least they did to me) when it’s not actually set in stone.

    • johnsdabeast

      I called my local Best Buy, (Columbus, Ohio, specifically the Polaris shopping center) and the man told me, “It was supposed to be the 14th, but it has been delayed and I don’t know when now.”

      That made me sad.

      • Anonymous

        Well, thanks for taking my money, then

  • KniteLyf

    Kellex – could u do a comparison of the TB & EVO? I know I could do it myself but just wondering if this is the verizon EVO or actually upgraded phone.

    • Anonymous

      Dr. Droid knew you would ask this question, but he thought you’d ask on Jan. 31. 🙂


      Primary differences: Thunderbolt has more memory, a kickstand that blocks the speakers, a better network and a carrier that couldn’t care less about it at the moment.

      • Anonymous

        And a newer 1GHz processor. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Ha! I was just coming back to edit my comment, but you beat me to it. 🙂

          I’d like to start a new rumor. VZW is negotiating product placement for the Thunderbolt. This is the cause for the delay. Apparently, some Hollywood execs think the phone would look great in the sequel to “Failure to Launch.” The working title is “Choking on an Apple.”

          • Anonymous

            And a newer 8megapixel camera sensor that’s supposed to be better than the one in the Dinc and the evo

      • KniteLyf

        Thx! I forgot the evo was in that article. I still kind of feel like I’m getting sprint’s sloppy seconds tho.

      • KniteLyf

        Thx! I forgot the evo was in that article. I still kind of feel like I’m getting sprint’s sloppy seconds tho.

  • Anonymous

    This been an up and down day for both the Thunderbolt and Droid-Life. We found out so much info about the phone today but still really don’t know anything about the important stuff.

  • Logan

    Why wouldn’t they just say mwc then ?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get people hopes up Kellex. 😛
    HTC is most likely referring to MWC .

    • Anonymous

      And I clearly stated that. 😛

  • Anonymous

    the tbolt will still be released by the 14th – in my opinion. im not feeling that bb screenshot

  • 1st