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Last.fm No Longer Free Starting February 15th, Offers Users FREE 3-month Subscription

Starting February 15th, Last.fm will no longer be a free service for Android and iOS users.  The app will become ad-free, but you’ll be required to pay for a monthly subscription if you are in the US and plan to continue using it.  They are offering up long-time users free 3-month subscriptions for now as you can see from the email below, but the rest of you will be paying $3.00 per month from what we’ve gathered.

More info on Last.fm changes here.  Letter to users after the break.  


We want to share with you an important update about our radio service:

From February 15 you will need to be a subscriber to listen to Last.fm Radio stations on devices, including your Last.fm Android app.

No other features are affected by this change.

In taking this decision, we have given a lot of thought to how this impacts some of our early adopters and long-time users like you. We truly appreciate what you have meant to our growth and success, and offer you the following as a token of our thanks;

A free 3 month subscription to Last.fm
This will start automatically on February 15th 2011. As a result you will continue to be able to use Last.fm as you do today until the end of your subscription. If you’d like to see the other benefits of your free subscription, please visit the subscription page.

We appreciate you may have questions about this announcement, so visit our blog to read more about these changes and offer feedback.

We value your support and hope you continue to enjoy using Last.fm.
You can visit your profile at http://www.last.fm/user/xxxxxx

– Team Last.fm

Cheers Steven!

  • C-ya L8er

    I’ve used Last.fm almost every day since they first started. I’m also a musician who has uploaded music for to Last.fm to share. I’ve discovered tons of smaller, independent artists with Last.fm. Now they want me to pay them for my contributions (music and scrobbles) or be constantly interrupted by ads? No thanks. Such a shame. They seemed like a forward-thinking, progressive model before. Now they’re just blending into the fray.

  • christian

    For Android, there’s a free alternative called CoboltFM -> https://market.android.com/details?id=com.coboltforge.dontmind.coboltfm

  • Starving Artist

    Funny how people do not mind forking over hundreds of dollars to Motorola/HTC/Samsung/LG/etc. for the smartphone hardware and the minimum of $80 to $90 a month to Verizon/AT&T/Sprint for the phone & data service, yet they balk at $3 a month for the music content.
    These artists do not work for free. If they did, then the music scene would be worse than it is now.
    Last.fm has to license the music, because they have to compensate artists and their publishers.
    If you do not like paying for someone else’s work, then pick up the guitar/bass/keyboards/drums and learn how to play and sing yourself.

    Enough said.

  • bizarospeak

    why the hell would I pay for them when Pandora gives me the same thing for free?

  • Anonymous

    Meh, I like and use last.fm, but I dont think I would pay.
    Best of luck to them though. I don’t feel they owe me free service, and it is entirely possible that enough people do that they will make more this way.

    Its like a lot of paid apps. Some I choose to buy, some I don’t. Far be it from me to tell someone that they should not charge for thier app however they see fit, be it one-time or monthly.

  • Anonymous

    what? pay for radio? No thanks. I realize that it’s better than radio since it’s ad-free and you can choose the artists/stations but it’s the principle of the matter. I just don’t think subscription based apps are the way to go.

  • Azndan2

    monthly subscription apps should die. everyone stop using last.fm please.

  • This doesn’t affect me at all.. seeing as I only use last.fm for scrobbling and finding new music.

  • “We value your support and hope you continue to enjoy using Last.fm.”

    They can hope all they want but I won’t continue to use Last.fm anymore. Hello Pandora!

  • Kaufkin

    I don’t mind paying for a service that WORKS. but when it keeps jumping in and out of stream, and having constant issues when I have consistent 5×5 reception… sorry, cleaning history and de-installing app. I’ll keep it around on my desktop, and see if it’s worth money.

  • Jem Harris

    Should be free if you have XBOX live subscription.

  • personally I did not like last.fm Pandora and slacker were so much better. For me they kept playing the same songs over and over

  • DJyoSNOW

    UM I think I have an account from years ago…but never used it…OKAY THEN

  • Sublym1

    This is one of my favorite & most used app that I have. I understand that the company has to do this in order to keep running. $3.00/month isn’t all that bad. It’s a lot cheaper than satellite radio.

  • Nxus1ne

    This is what happens when you guys use adblockers on your phones.

    What is really strange is developers putting adblockers in their custom ROMs. That doesn’t make any sense at all…

    • Anonymous

      Developers that create roms make money from donations, not by putting ads into your OS.

      • developers do roms for fun not for a living

        • Anonymous

          Right but a little bit of extra money doesn’t hurt, I never said they were making a lot.

          • From what I’ve read the developers use 100% of the donations toward purchasing phones to toy with, and whatever else they need it for. Which I think makes a lot of sense, every developer I’ve seen states they really enjoy doing this in their spare time. Don’t quote me, I are not developer.

      • Nxus1ne

        i didn’t say rom developers are putting ads into their OS, they’re putting adblockers in them to block ads from other apps, thereby taking away money from developers trying to make a living.

        those rom devs putting adfree (and the like) in their releases deserve no donations, and will get no money from me.

        • Anonymous

          I still dont have ads on my angry birds or any other app. Im fully stock and and un rooted so explain that one cause i gave up trying lol. But i agree, ads are there to let people know of new products and other apps. That pays the way for more free apps and more devs to more over to our OS. If a little pop up happens for two seconds so i can have a free app so be it.

    • Anonymous

      No, that’s not what happens. This is happening because there are already ad supported options like pandora and slacker. They are going subscription based. Android ads are still worth way more than iAds

    • I alway turn the adblockers off when I move between new releases of BB and CM. Heck I even have ads turned on in ROM Manager even though I purchased the Premium License. I figure I will at least support the developers with ads whether I do or don’t purchase the app. I am pretty sure I read, or heard somewhere that Angry Birds on Android is making Rovio approximately a million bucks a day from ads. Someday I might be that developer trying to support my work with an ad supported app.

  • The350zWolf

    Just got the email… :^( oh well, life goes on…

  • Ricky

    They got to kidding? ROFL That’s crazy, they will be out of business by the end of the year. Thank I’m a Pandora user.

  • Ricky

    They got to kidding? ROFL That’s crazy, they will be out of business by the end of the year. Thank I’m a Pandora user.

    • Parrotheadmjb

      Not a chance, only the app cost money now. Streaming on pc, desktop, etc is free (ad-supported)

  • elgreendude

    3 months really?…Even Shazam did a better job in giving premium status to their long time users…I can’t believe Last.fm could not offer that to their long time users…really sucks

  • Anonymous

    Hmm.. I use Last.fm all the time. I haven’t seen this email yet. That’s sad. I really like this app.

  • Anthony G

    Dear Last fm, I guess stealing our info is not enough, now you have to charge us!?SMH

  • Michael

    I’m not sure how people expect companies like this to stay in business. If they try to sell ads, people either complain that they interrupt the stream or try to find a way to block them displaying. So they charge a nominal fee – $3 is pretty cheap if you use the service compared to Satellite radio or buying music from iTunes – and people complain about that too. Of course, running a company takes money, and doing the VC thing is just delaying the inevitable – if they end up with a smaller, but paying, core group of customers they are much better off. Servers, bandwidth, and RIAA licenses aren’t free…

    • Nxus1ne


    • Anonymous

      The problem comes in when there are free alternatives such as pandora or slacker radio that are ad supported. Pandora is extremely popular but has ads. Last.fm should have just had a subscription as well as an ad supported model. If pandora forced a charge I would pay it, but most people wouldn’t if there was a free alternative.

      • I pay $3 a month for Pandora….. sooo worth it

      • Hiway12

        I willing pay for Pandora. been a subscriber for years.

  • umm eww, as if!!!

    lol. i’m not using them anymore. anyway they skip all the time because of the 3G go in and out of 1X while driving.

    i guess i’m sticking with Pandora now.

  • Keithsmnr

    Not free? BYE LAST.FM! There are better alternatives that are actually free!

  • Man, I thought you meant in general instead of “on Android” just from the headline. I nearly had a heart attack.

    • Its no longer free unless you go to their website, use their desktop app (likely Windows only), use an Xbox or a Windows Phone 7. Noticing the trend?

      • That they want people to pay for their service, because licensing fees are effing expensive? I don’t see a problem with that. If you want to stream your music and want it to be legal, you’re going to have to pay. That seems to make sense.

        $3/month is nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Guess thats the LAST of em

  • Last.FM how could you 🙁

    I am deeply sadden that a long time user such as myself is only worth a 3 month subscription

    • Umm… If they aren’t making money off you, do you really think you’re worth anything to them? They’re in business to put food on the table, not to “make you happy”

  • Cheers to you as well.


  • Oh well, just started using them instead of Pandora since it kept playing the same songs over and over. Looks like I get to go back to repetitive garbage :-/

    • Anonymous

      Download streamfurious

  • Slagg3r

    Got this email this morning … looks like after my 3 months is up ill be going back to pandora since there still at least free

    • Slagg3r

      sad thing is ive used these guys for ever