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Friday Poll: Super Bowl XLV, Who You Got?

This has nothing to do with Android and I don’t care.  It’s Super Bowl time, people.  While many of us will be keeping our eyes glued to our HD screens during breaks so that we don’t miss the new Motorola XOOM and Angry Birds ads, we also can’t forget about the game itself.  One of our readers who won a trip to Super Bowl XLV is already there waving his Terrible Towel with his son, but what about the rest of you?

Cheese or steel?  Rogers or Big Ben?

Super XLV, who you got?

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  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how most of the ones voting for the fudge packers don’t even like football…if they were that good they wouldn’t of had to be in the wild card. DON’T POST IF YOU DON’T CARE LOSERS!!!

    • rockmonkey

      What a stupid comment . 6th seed wild card but second best in our division. Oh yeah and we just won the superbowl AND wiped the floor with every team in the playoffs. And had the number two defense and arguably the best qb. Sorry loser we won

      • Anonymous

        It was a good game, i’ll be waiting for you to make to the super bowl another 15 years:)

  • Doc


  • droidinmind

    Green Bay could not even beat Detroit how are they going to handle Pittsburgh? Liberty 1. 5 rocks!

    • droidinmind

      Guess I’ll eat my words!

  • Mexican


  • Anonymous


    Go Pack Go!

  • Anonymous


  • Josh Nolte

    the city of shittsburgh will be very upset this sunday. first the pens will get their asses handed to them by the caps…and then the packers are gunna walk all over the stealers

  • Floyd

    Go Greenbay!!

  • Tux

    Count me under ‘Who cares as long as the commercials are decent this year?’. It’s really all I watch for.