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Angry Birds Secret Super Bowl Level Revealed, Valentine’s Edition Too

Whether you like it or not, Angry Birds is here to stay and to tell you the truth, it might just be getting started.  A new version of the game called Angry Birds Rio which includes 45 new levels should be here in March, but before that we’ll be enjoying another 15 or so levels on a Valentine’s edition.  See what I mean about “just getting started?”  And actually, before that we’ll be unlocking the level that you are seeing pictured above using a code found during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV.  

As you can see, the blocks spell out the word “Rio” so we’re thinking it’ll be unveiling during a preview for the 20th Century Fox movie, also called “Rio.”

Oh, and what about that Valentine’s edition?  Some screenshots of this new version popped up over at AllThingsD and will be available some time around the 14th through the Angry Birds Seasons game you probably still have installed on your device.  Check them out below…

Via:  AllThingsD, Entertainment Weekly, Phandroid, Droid Gamers

  • Ts14rock

    So how do u type it in????

  • Executor32

    For those complaining about not having the Ham Em High episode, update Angry Birds. You’ll find a nice surprise.

    • matt

      I can’t get it too update. I will download it but not install with a message stating that the package file not signed correctly.

    • matt

      I can’t get it too update. I will download it but not install with a message stating that the package file not signed correctly.

    • matt

      I can’t get it too update. I will download it but not install with a message stating that the package file not signed correctly.

  • Jawshua

    You know the regular version of Angry Birds still hasn’t recieved the “Ham Em'” update or the stupid “Mighty Eagle” update like I’ve gotten on my iPod. So talking about the Valentines one seems funny considering Apple seems to get exclusive levels that we Android users don’t get. They just added 15 new levels to the Ham section with another 15 coming soon.

    So what’s up Rovio does Apple only get those levels? I’d much rather play on my DROIDX anyways.

  • The angry birds is one of my favorite game and it’s valentine’s edition that’s great.

  • Anonymous

    Great. I might as well say goodbye to dating again.

    Not now baby, I’m trying to get 3 stars.

  • just what I needed this month….more ANGRY BIRDS….me and my coworkers have competitions on who can finish it faster, and then who can get 3 stars faster

    • Jawshua

      Try throwing knives in between gaming sessions, it will spice up your tournaments.

      But if you’re at work, files and scissors will be appropriate, pens Abe pencils as well :).

  • Oh come on I already have like 10000 levels left on Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons….oh well more fun 🙂

  • FWIW, I’m sick of all the Angry Birds hype.

  • Jawshua

    You speak like you’re annoyed at Angry Birds? Why grow tired of it, it’s endless joy!

  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to download Angry Birds Seasons for my droid (OG) and I keep getting an “Installation error: Unknown reason -18”, does anyone know what this is? I have a couple of downloads that are doing this but then there have been other apps that have no problems.

    • wheels
    • Lani

      I am getting the same error message on my D2. Anyone know whats going on I haven’t been able to update my apps for the last week It keeps giving the same error “unknown reason-18” HELP, I need my angry birds!!!

      • Anonymous

        The link below worked for me. It basically gives you two options, 1)unmount your sd and install what you want then remount 2) delete a file/folder and then you risk having to reinstall some apps.

  • tbaybe

    i thought we’d get the valentines edition BEFORE valentines day….

    • Anonymous

      like we got the Halloween one on time

    • Jawshua

      Yeah I thought the same thing it would be dumb to get it afterwards. They did well with the Christmas edition though.

  • gives me more reason to install angry birds again. i got 3 starts on every level months ago

    • Jawshua

      If you got three stars why delete it, they will update at least until a sequel comes out.

  • Chris Nimon

    Who would have thought such a simple game would be so addicting 🙂



  • Angry Bird

    They need to release the Hang Em High levels for the Android version…

  • Anonymous

    With all the pink, I thought that was the Angry Birds Droid Life edition. 😛

    • The hearts didn’t give it away?

      Also, I consider that the Angry Birds: Lame Edition.


    • tjhrulz

      they should release a level creator then the droid life edition could become real

  • Mth2134

    Angry birds forever