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Samsung Fascinate Update EA28 is Ready, Probably Fixes Emergency Call Bug

Another Samsung Fascinate update is ready to be released from Verizon just 3 weeks after the last one which brought riots to the streets of the interwebs over a little emergency call bug.  The PDF for the update looks a little spicier than the last at least, but if you take the time to read what is included, you’ll realize it’s exactly the same as DL09.  It’s got to be a fixer for that bug, right?  Let’s hope so, we don’t want anyone having to waste time creating “proof” videos, do we?

More info.

  • shokar

    Samsung Fascinate.. My phone is finally updating as we speak to 2.2!! about time!!!

  • Johnwhite82

    the iphone is a waist of money and i will never own one again. i am much happier with my droid phone

  • Steve Fahey69

    for email, I now have to hit “More Message” for any information to appear. Anyone having this issue or know how to turn off this setting. There’s nothing obvious in any menus.

  • Anonymous

    anyone have a fix for not being able to mount the sdcard on our fascinate. when we plug in the USB cable, it’ll start charging the phone, but i do not get the option to mount the sdcard or anything else for that matter…

  • MattyP

    update took a hurting on my performance smartbench before: 700, 1900 smart bench after: 500, 1300

  • Gallyjh

    Been running the leaked Froyo for almost a week now without any snags so far. In fact my phone feels even more stable than it was with 2.1.

  • Brandonv Gillis

    If this would have been the iPhone…. Steve would have told everyone that “It’s not an emergency device” and left it without 911 capabilities.

    • Michael

      if this was the iphone, it wouldn’t be dealing with this ridiculous issue in the 1st place! so funny how Android OS are such a mess!

      • Anonymous

        Go away.

        • Anonymous

          In a way Michael’s right. The only problem Android has is that manufacturers keep putting crappy skins on their phones thinking the people want it. They don’t understand people buy the phone for the hardware not their stupid skin in most cases. If they made it stock Android there wouldn’t be these kinds of problems. Things would run smoother & updates would come faster.

          • Michael

            i’m so glad you can admit to this, rather than being blindsided by certain flaws of Android OS. and the same thing can be said about iPhone and its iOS, but personally i think iOS is much more stable and responsive, and the updates are actually significant and fixes prior issues.

          • Anonymous

            Apple’s so timely b/c its afraid of all the soccer mom’s who would revolt if it wasn’t. LOL

      • Endisky

        Michael, seriously why would you spend your time on an Android blog? Personally I spend time here to learn more about something that I enjoy using. This is akin to an athiest going to church and talking sh!t to all of the parishioners. Can you come up with a logical answer to this besides I*hone FTW!!!!!!!!!!!?

        • Michael

          yes. i currently own droid since it was the only thing available at the time i was due for upgrade and iphone was not, until now. so you’ll be seeing me around until june/july when iphone 5 comes out. unitl then, i’ll be coming in here for latest updates, apps in regards to my droid and at the same time, defend iphone when android fanboys bash on apple products childishly.

      • Brandonv Gillis

        Because the iPhone doesn’t have problems. Its the consumers that are the problem.

        Steve said so. More than once.

        • Anonymous

          Like not have reception b/c your holding your phone wrong. LOL

          • Michael

            hey apple isn’t perfect either! yeah they messed up on antenna issues, but they resolved the issue through various compensation. plus iphone has other pros that makes up for it.

          • Anonymous

            I know. I was having a laugh. The thing is Job’s said it wasn’t Apple’s fault. That’s where the laugh comes it.

          • Michael

            very true. i despise his ego!

  • Romma1

    Maybe they’ll roll Froyo into it…?

  • Anonymous

    Was it not able to call 911? Another Samsung fail then. :[

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much.

      • Stephen D

        Pretty much what? It was still able to call 911. If either of you would have read up on the issue, you would know that the emergency call button when on the pattern unlock screen did not always work. You act like other manufacturers have never released an update with a bug.

        • Anonymous

          That’s why I asked if it couldn’t make an emergency call. The fail refered to the phone if it couldn’t make emergency calls. Since it can, its not a fail. Maybe you should have read my post. :]