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Liquid Gingerbread 1.0 Released for Original DROID

If you are still rocking that OG DROID and want to get as close to Gingerbread as you possibly can, then I suggest you check out Liquid’s new Gingerbread 1.0 release.  Built  from CM and Google source, this has all of the goodies to make your phone actually feel like it’s running an official Android 2.3 build.  It comes with a stock kernel that can be clocked up to 1.0GHz, but don’t worry, there are plenty of others out there if you really need to go higher.  Liquid ROMs have been some of the best for the DROID since the beginning and it doesn’t appear as if their team is slowing down any time soon.  Definitely give this one a shot.    

Download:   LGBV1.0.zip



1.  Download the file from above and slap in on your SD card
2.  Create a backup in recovery or in ROM Manager
3.  Boot into recovery.
4.  Select “wipe data/factory reset”.
5.  Go into the “partitions menu”.
6.  Format “Boot”.
7.  Format “System”.
8.  Go back to the main screen.
9.  Install zip from sdcard.
10.  Choose zip from sdcard.
11.  Navigate to where you have stored the zip file and select it.
12.  Choose “yes”, let it install and enjoy!

Donate to Liquid.

Full support thread can be found here if you need it.

Cheers Geoff!

  • Madhousecp

    After installing this rom my market won’t function. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Anonymous

      I’m having the same problem and Maps wasn’t installed so now I can’t get to the market and download the maps application.

  • Smrzzy

    I’ve tried Saphire, Cyanogen, Chevy, PE and now this one rocks!

  • adam

    Cm7 work with camera and camcorder since build 30. When are they going to 1ghz kernals for cm7 Droid 1 users

  • _phlynhi

    Been running this since last night (and I came from Project Elite ROM, which I was reluctant to move from) and I have to say that I am loving it. Only thing I am having issues with is I get boot-loops whenever I install additional kernals (tried Chevy#01 and Slayher) from ROM Manager, so I’m maxed at 1000 OC. Any thoughts on this, they’ve worked with when I used them with other ROMS?…
    I will be sticking with this for some time, I think, and donating here in just a sec, very nice work devs!

    • _phlynhi

      Donation completed. Also went to the support link and DLed the specific kernals, installing now!

  • anybody been able to install angry birds using this?
    i could get seasons to install… but not the regular game

    • jayactiv

      I have the same problem. I’m also having mms issues.

  • Tharp15

    This a good rom the best one I ever got

  • Jothen2002

    Alln. My music files won’t play????anyone else

  • Sympleman

    i have downloaded this twice now but now i cant even find it on my phone

  • Pedro Guedes

    Check out the ShdowmodBR project for the first ever port of Gingerbread for the Milestone!

  • Been running this since last night. Very impressive. Too bad camcorder doesn’t work though…

  • Flyinion

    Disqus borked a reply, ignore

  • Garrett

    If anyone wants REAL Gingerbread download the ultimate droid 3.0.0.

  • tjhrulz

    I think I will wait for UD to be done the latest nightly is almost perfect

  • Brian

    I am having issues with a couple of things. First, Root Explorer is not seeming to work on this ROM. Getting the application stopped working deal. My video cam is not working either. Other than that, there is a lot that I like from the ROM.

    • Anonymous

      Besides the video camera, the only other issue I’ve noticed is with the keyboards autofill option not working properly, not recognizing a lot of the simple spelling mistakes the Froyo version does.

      • Brian

        Ive also just noticed that the contacts will not sync with facebook for whatever reason

  • DJ

    Zip file is bad. Downloaded it 3 times to get errors upon opening.

  • DJ

    Zip file is bad. Downloaded it 3 times to get errors upon opening.

  • Jot

    i tried to follow these instructions but they didnt work after step four there is not partitions menu and i really want to do this can some one put up a video to help me out i really want to get this

    • Anonymous

      Do you have RomManager? If so, go to “Install ROM from SD card” then select backup and wipe data/cache, hit OK. It’s that simple.

  • Jotsikitas

    how do i boot my phone?

    • Anonymous

      to Boot your phone from the off status…push the power button…to Root your phone, there are several different ways to do this…search this site and any others for the specific directions for your phone

  • Rich

    Ugh, Liquid finally gets some love on droid life and it’s for this rom. Liquid 1.9.5 is an amazing rom and I wondered why he never got any real mentions for it. LGB is nice, but still needs some ironing out of the wrinkles before it should be recommended. I reverted back to 1.9.5 for the time being. I am sure when the LGB rom is all polished up, it will be stellar… until then, try out 1.9.5. It makes BB roms and UD roms look like junk.

  • Anonymous

    It’s been a while since you guys featured a ROM this ugly…

    • Mr. Joe

      lol, seriously the water I was drinking came out of my nose after reading this.

  • JoeyG

    Anyone know if the camcorder works on this build?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Everything works.. what are you guys talking about? Although, like all CM releases it is a battery hog..

  • Anonymous

    So far so good liking the smoothness, will play around with this Rom more later.

  • Thanks for the shoutout Kellex! Pretty cool seeing my tip on the main page!

  • Thpaintpirate

    I’m running Sapphire 2.0.2 with a near total GB theme. This LGB is ugly as sin, stayin with cvpcs thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Also Quadrant updated this week and is now compatible with gingerbread rom’s… the only thing is I haven’t gotten a score over 1300 on the stock 1ghz. The DC and the nexus on 2.2 still score higher.

  • Kraymanbauer

    Hate to correct yab kellex but jeffv2’s gingerbread is far superior to liquids. I love lfy but this kids version is stable enough for daily use, only has the camcorder not working and flies on a stock 800mhz kernal….worth a look. Been rocking this rom since christmas and its my fav by far!

    • Anonymous

      Jeffv2 is just a mod of the CM7 nightly builds. The last time i checked him out he had stopped updating everyday and was going to be creating a theme of a CM7 nightly.

  • I rooted using one click, how do you load this using that?

    • Ed

      You don’t. Now that you are rooted you follow the steps above using ROM Manager to load the ROM.

  • John

    This is gingerbread. But the ROM isn’t perfect. I ran it over last weekend.. main gripe was slow accelerometer response.. i.e. tilt to landscape and it took a few seconds to kick in, and vice versa.

    • Corey

      Last weekend was a preview version, landscape to portrait and portrait to land are instant now. I still wouldn’t call it perfect, then again I would never call any rom perfect. Keybord back lights are fixed, and it is much smoother.

  • Corey

    Yes this is based on CM7 source, meaning it is gingerbread not another froyo rom made to look like it. If you want the kernel follow the link in the article, they provide a download link to 3 kernels there, 1.0, 1.1, & 1.2ghz versions…the 1.0 is what comes built into the rom.

  • Porno


    Is that what happens if you eat some bad gingerbread and get diarrhea?

    • Anonymous

      …c’mon man…

  • Mike

    This is actually Gingerbread! Notice how Kellex said it will make your phone feel like your running an OFFICIAL build of Gingerbread, meaning that if the Droid were to get an OTA for Gingerbread, it would be like this ROM.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have been using all the pre-versions to LGB and they have been great. The final release is awesome. Not one FC, no lag in the redraws, it is super fast (using 1.2 ghz RDZ kernel). The one and only downside is the video camera doesn’t work, but that has been the case with all GB ROMS, currently. I can live without the video camera until I go and visit my grandkids in Oregon…Who knows, by then it might be Thunderbolt time…
    BTW if you don’t like the lockscreen, just change wallpaper.
    Kudos to the Liquid Team!

    • Droid1

      Project Elite video works just fine running gingerbread.

      • Anonymous

        PE is still Froyo v2.2.1 and running Gingerbread parts.. LGB is 2.3.2

    • Flyinion

      CVPCS (of Sapphire fame) who is now working on CM7 for the Droid supposedly has the video camera working on GB as of the last build. I haven’t tested it though so no idea for sure. I’ve avoided CM in the past for other ROM’s but with cvpcs working on CM I’m looking forward to it because his sapphire ROM has always worked great on my phone.

  • gonzo319

    This looks like a great ROM with respect to speed, but I’ve been rocking CM7 Nightlies and they are getting very close to an actual RC and a true gingerbread ROM, love the built in theme changer.

    • Anonymous

      have the cm7 nightlies been getting better…i stopped using them after the 29th…it was killing my battery life…i’m using PE now, and get almost 3 days out of a full charge…with cm7 nightlies i was only getting 20 hours tops

  • Amiel

    If someone is looking for a “Gingerbread-like” ROM, check out Project Elite…it’s absolutely amazing. Smoothest animations I’ve had on any phone, and this is after testing the BB .5, CM7, CM 6.1.3, LFY and a few others


    • Keithsmnr

      Nowhere on this site does it say what devices this rom is compatible with. This information is pretty damn important…

      • Anonymous

        oh i dont know…does the title mean anything? “Liquid Gingerbread 1.0 Released for Original DROID”

        • Anonymous

          Haha +1!

          • iamaLlama

            Hooked on phonics worked for me!

        • Brandnew

          Hey idiot, he is talking about the link he posted.

          • Anonymous

            hey…chill with the name calling…what link?i see a link in the story titled “Liquid Gingerbread 1.0 Released for Original DROID” for the file, a link to donate to Liquid and a link to the forums…where else is there a link? so before you go name calling, why dont you read what was written

          • not an idiot

            Hey idiot, the link from Amiel.

          • Anonymous

            who’s amiel?

          • Rjfrank

            Oh, I don’t know… I click on Amiel’s link and right there, staring you in the face is the statement “Droid 1 Only.” So I’m just guessing but I suppose Project Elite is for the Droid 1.

        • Brandnew

          Hey idiot, he is talking about the link he posted.

      • Cigarking12135

        Droid 1

    • Spamcoholic

      Ditto on Project Elite. I was a heavy LFY user but tried out Project Elite and was blown away. Sticking with Project Elite.

      • Mrjinx73

        Project Elite 4.2 is just froyo 2.2.1 not 2.32 Gingerbread.Do like some of their themes pretty cool.

    • Bachinphx

      +1 For Project Elite 4.2 with transition animations. Try this and you will not go anywhere else. Promise!

  • Is there any way to get that “stock kernel that can be clocked up to 1.0GHz” on CyanogenMod7?

    • Porno

      Yes just flash a new kernel using Rom Manager.

      • I know you can get custom kernals, but I was hoping to get a version of the stock kernal that can go higher than 800mhz.

  • Shadydave10

    I lost root… Cant do much with my of droid 🙁

  • Jay P

    Off topic anybody want to buy OG Droid I have one for sale. Crsystal condition. let me know Thank U.

    • (v)urphy

      How much?

  • scottisdumb

    so uh it’s NOT actually gingerbread???

  • scottisdumb

    so uh it’s NOT actually gingerbread???

    • It is gingerbread

      • Anonymous

        its not actually gingerbread…its a rom that is programmed to be as close to gingerbread as you can get…the only official gingerbread you get from your over the air updates

  • Anonymous

    Built from Cyanogenmod? I think I’ll just wait for CM7 to be complete and then be able to run an actual build of Gingerbread!

    • pezjono

      I agree, “this has all of the goodies to make your phone actually FEEL like it’s running an official Android 2.3 build”. It makes you feel like you have it, but it is not. I will be patient for an actual Gingerbread release, but I appreciate these guys doin what they do!

      • Anonymous

        This is gingerbread and actualy it it farther along than cm7 is it has a working camera as well as gps. And when he is refering to as close as your going to get the real thinng he means when an officail version is released by moto. This is Gingerbread its just modified from the Nexus S to work on the D1.

        • Bret

          I’m running CM7 nightly builds and have no issues with camera or GPS.

          • beng8686

            CM has always been buggy for me… from touchscreen issues to laggy interface. LGB is AMAZING. I’ve tried them all and in my opinion this one OWNS.

          • Jake D

            I have the latest nightly build (#26) from CM, and everything working on it (gps, 3g, camera, camcorder, wifi, etc…) Runs perfect. If anyone is having problems with the latest build, maybe its your phone, area, or just you. These are builds, so whatever issue you may be having, will get fixed sooner or later. Patience is a virtue.

    • pezjono

      I agree, “this has all of the goodies to make your phone actually FEEL like it’s running an official Android 2.3 build”. It makes you feel like you have it, but it is not. I will be patient for an actual Gingerbread release, but I appreciate these guys doin what they do!

  • Droid

    kinda ugly

    • Keithsmnr

      I agree, I don’t like the lock screen or call screen at all.

      • Anonymous

        Change your wallpaper. Done.

        Edit: Or add a theme.

      • Anonymous

        I’m running this ROM and it’s fantastic. However, the lockscreen is UGLY. You are correct about that. And, worst of all, the picture of the lockscreen you see on here would be an improvement to the actual thing. The version from the screenshots here must be of the preview release. The final release has an ugly box-like border around the sliders that I hate. It’s almost enough to make me want to go back to another ROM, but it runs so well.

      • KeithsmnrIsDumb

        yeah but we dont even know what device this is compatible with right? so who cares

        • Jot

          with original droid

  • tbaybe

    go liquid!! i miss this rom