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Froyo for Samsung Fascinate Released for Rooted Users (DL30)

Not “DROID” or 4G-related, but being Verizon news and of this magnitude, we couldn’t pass it up.  To our readers rocking a Samsung Fascinate, you will be more than thrilled to learn that an official Froyo ROM has been released and is untouched, well aside from root being added.  The build is DL30, includes all bloatware, bugs, and is available for you to finally use if your Fascinate is rooted.  Thanks to punk.kaos over at XDA, this is seriously as official as it gets.  He left everything intact to give you an idea as to what the official build will look like from Verizon, which means he will not be providing much support for it.  Oh, we’re also hearing that Bing is gone, so please verify that if you’ve already flashed this.

Instructions and files can be found here.

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • My wife is having trouble with it…we think something she restored from titanium isn’t playing nice…she’s working on it though.

  • Nateoslo21

    Yay Bing is gone!!!

  • Larry

    Anyone extract the Ocean Waves Livewallpaper from the 2.2 build? Ever since upgrading my Droid X to 2.2 that Wallpaper refused to work. Hopefully the updated one in this 2.2 build will work. Anyone get their hands on it? I tried extracting it and installing, but it gave me an error on the X.

  • Awpilot

    This release is actually very decent. I like a lot of the subtle and not so subtle changes that have been incorporated in this build. Having Flash and the JIT compiler (finally) is worth the install alone. For all of you bashing the build without even installing it, you’re being nothing but trolls. Samsung (and Verizon) deserve the vitriol but this leaked rom is a blessing. It works, and even has incorporated a few of the galaxy tab features as well.

  • dawn smith is a hottie

    • Anonymous

      . . . if she lost about 20 pounds, maybe.

  • creini549

    Anyone have any screen shots? I’d like to see if touchwiz changed at all

  • Kevoskee

    This is great news for you Sammy users but back to Droid now

  • Daniel

    I tried to make Sense of TouchWiz but it just gave me a Motoblur.


  • Lilsoccakid724

    Let the Samsung bashing begin…

  • Mrkylelovett

    what a bunch of crap… I sold my fascinate 3 weeks ago and went back to my trusty HTC incredible, a big FUK YOU SAMSUNG AND VERIZON ON THAT ONE !

  • Stephen D

    Bing and almost all of the bloatware is gone. It has a nice new notification bar and things like that.

    • Anonymous

      That’s great to know. But that also means this is likely not the final build and Bing will be put back in before it goes out.

      • Stephen D

        Yeah. It seems like it is a leak from Samsung, rather than Verizon, so they weren’t able to bloat it up. I can’t see Verizon actually removing bloatware.

        • Jherman

          I have it loaded, and still seems some what ‘bingified’. When i do a search the address bar in the browser, it uses bing 🙁

  • “which means he will not providing much support for it.”

    Don’t worry. I’m sure Samsung owners are used to that already.

    • Anonymous

      Hah, indeed.

    • Stephen D

      Samsung supports all other Galaxy Ss and the US carriers are to blame for the lack of support…Even the Canadian Vibrants and Captivates and Fascinates have official Froyo from Samsung.

    • KleenDroid

      This is good news for those girls with a Fascinate. The only problem will be talking their husbands into flashing this for them!

      • Anonymous

        Why does everyone hate on this phone so much? Ive owned a d1, then d2, now a fascinate and it is easily the fastest of them all. The screen is beautiful and I love the overall size of the device. Sure, samsung hasn’t done too well with updates, and they are probably the worst manufacturer when it comes to coding, but the hardware is amazing.

        • KleenDroid

          I don’t think anyone can hate a phone unless they have owned it… 🙂 I think all phones have their good points. The fact you don’t have a locked bootloader and have the ability to flash this new update beats me with my DX.

          • Anonymous

            If the bootloader is unlocked why aren’t there gingerbread roms?

          • Mr. Sniffles

            because the kernal source hasn’t been released by samsung.

          • Mr. Sniffles

            because the kernal source hasn’t been released by samsung.

        • Anonymous

          Totally agree JIGGAMAN, i have an INC & an OG DROID (both rooted/oc’d)….but my tech impaired brother has a fascinate (that he wont let me root, although i dont even think he would know the difference) that i play around with a lot & 2 b honest it really is a great device……fast, smooth & a GORGEOUS screen that is in my opinion the perfect size…i wouldnt take it over my INC but its def a solid device that gets a bad rap due 2 samsungs update nonsense

    • Hah! I see what you did there.

    • Hah! I see what you did there.

    • Hah! I see what you did there.

  • Kellexisahottie