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Friday Poll: Ready to Buy a Motorola XOOM?

For some reason, we haven’t actually asked this question and maybe it’s because we’re still waiting for final pricing details, but I’m dying to know how many of our readers are actually ready to jump into the tablet game and buy a Motorola XOOM.  Pictures we have suggest that the price will land at $799 on launch, although there are rumors floating around which hint at a subsidized price of around $499.  This is supposed to be the first legitimate competitor to you-know-who and after getting our hands all over Honeycomb through the SDK preview, we can’t wait to pick one up.  What about you?

Will you buy a Motorola XOOM?

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  • Ry

    waiting for the wi-fi…. can’t wait!

  • Lmbrocks

    This is way over priced, you can get a sweet laptop that will do more for hundreds less!! I like tablets and when the prices become reasonable I will get one. I am thinking 300 bucks or around there. Just saw a nice laptop on QVC way more powerfull then any tablet for 500 bucks! To make it worse they want you to sign up for a data plan, thats nuts!! I have net at my home and on my phone and at my work for free, why pay for more when it is not needed at all!!

  • Terrencehicks

    Or Give me a WiFi – 3G/4G with an option to buy data like AT&T does with the iPad but I’m not signing a 2 year contract.

  • Bluemillion

    I keep looking at this insane 800.00 dollar price tag and I think to myself. There is no way. When the xoom gets released it will be cheaper than that. But it actually looks like they are going to do it. And if that is true, then myself, along with most other people will not buy the xoom for a ridiculous 200 dollars shy of 1000 dollars tablet and it will be deemed a failure. Looks like corporate greed wins everytime.

  • I’m waiting for a 7″ wi-fi only honeycomb device

  • furb

    if its $499 where does the line start!? and the *pad is on craigslist lol cant wait for this beauty!!

  • RL7189

    First of all to expensive $799 motorola knows where to shove that. locked bootloader they are crazy I came to the open source for a reason. Only want a wifi version don’t want to pay extra to verizon $20 for 1 or 2 gigs they must be out of there mind on my OG Droid I use 10 to 11 gigs a month I will be paying way over $20 a month. Motorola what are you thinking.