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Tuesday Poll: Does 3D Technology in Smartphones Interest You?

It has basically been confirmed that LG will release some sort of 3D smartphone product at MWC in February, but we’re still trying to figure out if we care.  Obviously 3D technology in cameras and displays is going to be the next fad, so are you interested?  NVIDIA is almost ready to launch their Tegra 2 that was built specifically for 3D displays which means phones with the technology are right around the corner.  Are you ready for 3D fun in your smartphone?  Do you care if your phone has 3D features?  Still waiting to see how it’ll play out?  Let us know!

Does 3D Technology in Smartphones Interest You?

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  • james braselton

    hi there i have a 3d phone go too 3d websites that non compatale with 2d technolgy browser and having websites pop out of the screen 3d youtube 3d movies on 3d phones are alwsoume 3d games are also alwsoume

  • james braselton

    hi there i am light years a head of you 3d fans a sony 32 inch 3d bravia 3d tv comcast service in my area has 10 3d channeles from 790 too 800

  • james braselton

    hi there i am board with 2d like i have been too a lot of 3d movies at theator dont have 3d tv yet i have a 3ds and aptik i2 3d camcorder the 3ds nintendo video service has 3d videos and netflix are releasing 3d movies for 3d technolgies

  • Caddydave82

    I bet u guys still want a projector phone too

  • I haven’t seen a 3d movie yet. I’m slightly interested in 3d tv (play with it every time I go to Costco). And I have no care for a 3d phone.

  • Would be cool to shoot 3d movies now because in 10 years 3d screens will be the norm.

  • chris

    I don’t think anyone here knows what they mean by “3d technology” in smartphones. The way a 3d tv works is by wearing special glasses while watching the tv. just like in theatres. without the glasses everything is blurry. well I’m usually always carrying my phone but i cant wear the glasses 24/7. but without them everything would b blurry. so thats obviously not wut they mean. the 3d technology is just an improvement to the display of the icons, background, and everything else on the screen. Idk if this is exactly wut it will b like but an exmple is the 3d gallery. the stuff doesnt pop out at u. it just has that 3d effect.

  • Anonymous


  • 3D is just another way for the electronics manufacturers and big corporations get us to spend more money to keep up with unnecessary technologies. HD and 4G is fine for me. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    It would be cool if they made 3D glasses that showed everything in 3D, not just the movies or phones. Could you imagine seeing your whole life in 3D? That would be epic!

  • Anonymous

    It would be cool if they made 3D glasses that showed everything in 3D, not just the movies or phones. Could you imagine seeing your whole life in 3D? That would be epic!

  • Jorge

    New technologies don’t become popular until apple adopts it, at least with most people. Then android users want it too so we can show our phones are better. I never cared about front facing cameras and I feel the same way about 3D

  • I heart headaches! Lets go 3D!

  • Taylor

    Was there a point in removing my post?

  • Taylor

    You people are horrible. Don’t you realize 3D is the future? Glasses free 3D tech in the palm of you hand. Sounds like a prerequisite to holographic tech if you ask me.

  • Beneathonyxskies

    I support 3D in all its various forms. As long as it doesn’t kill the battery or cost much more I say its great!

  • Anonymous

    Here is the summary of this thread

    If it has glasses, we don’t want it
    If it is a hologram, we want it immediately
    If it is 80s style holographic card then we want to know more

    According to this thread, I do like how most people think that your going to need glasses to see it.. are you kidding me? These companies aren’t THAT stupid.. it will definitely be something of interest to us in particular, I can guarentee that, but until they show us what they have in the works.. I want 4g dual core gingerbread devices 🙂