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CONTEST: Win a Limited Edition Droid Life Hoodie!

Back in December, a limited edition Droid Life hoodie went on sale for 3 days only and we know that many of you missed out on the opportunity to grab one.  Well guess what?  We happen to have an extra special version that you won’t find anywhere and are willing to give it away today!  You’ll notice in the picture above that the DL logo is in our custom pink, which wasn’t the case on the limited edition version.  The winner of today’s hoodie will have something that very few people will ever have the pleasuring of caressing.   

And here’s how you can win it!

1.  Follow us on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Follow @droid_life to win a special edition hoodie! – http://goo.gl/TavGp #android #contest

3.  And feel free to “like” us on Facebook as well.

We’ll choose the winner tomorrow, contact them via Twitter and let them pick the size.  Good luck!

  • is this over?

  • you should do a limited run all 100% pink one. i know you would least have 1 buyer lol

  • Chrissyblueeyes30

    I would like to win it and i do have a twitter @nickandmattsmom and follow on facebook as well.. thank you for the chance to win!

  • Most Excellent, I love hoodies. Thanks for the chance.

  • already did it! I hope I win! you guys are awesome!

  • Raptor Md8

    I have a twitter account and I was happy to tweet this on. Sure the hoodie is cool, but supporting your Droid sites is cooler.

  • Reverepats09

    wow i would love to win that…..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sean

    i already follow and like you guys..

  • danny rube

    It’s my birthday, I feel as though I should win this.

  • Tsteege

    All Tweeted. Its cold here guys so I need that hoodie … 🙂

  • Tsteege

    All Tweeted. Its cold here guys so I need that hoodie … 🙂

  • Magical 1

    Why punish die hard followers of droid-life for not having twitter or facebook accounts? I read this site 3-5 times a day and yet I’m not worthy of your contests because I’m not plugged into the social network?

    I love droid-life and I think you guys do a great job. I hope in the future you choose not to segregate your giveaways between the plugged in’s and unplugged.

  • dblj

    Please don’t get me wrong, I jumped at the chance to order one of these when they were available but there is one thing about it I don’t like. The hood is way to small. I ordered an extra large, just like all of my other hoodies, but the hood fits like it was made for a small child. The rest of it fits fine though and I proudly wear it everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    already following, Tweeted about it though.

  • i hope it’s time for me to win something!

  • OMG I was doing a double take..”My hoodie doesn’t have PINK!” I love my Hoodie..Wear it every day….Don’t worry I still wash it 😛

  • Andy Bayler

    Twitter blows

  • phaise

    Dont have twitter or facebook, I guess I dont really matter to any of you tech blogs

    Kellex you used to be cool

  • phaise

    Dont have twitter or facebook, I guess I dont really matter to any of you tech blogs

    Kellex you used to be cool

    • Waknatious

      Ugh… dude, really? Stop your whining. You’re probably one of those people who say “Text, what would I text for if I can just dial and call?” This is the modern world – feel free to let it pass you by, I guess. And you’re right – Kellex is no longer cool… cuz YOU aren’t on facebook or twitter.

  • Nice Hoodie, always nice of the boys at Droidlife to throw out a chance to win some swag.

  • Tweeted

  • Tweeted and FB-ed! I really want that hoodie. It is too cold to live outside.

  • Df

    Kellex found this in his closet while cleaning it last night 😀

  • Sign up for Twitter for a kick-ass hoodie… HELLS YEAH! Figure it’s worth a shot… 🙂

  • Agacom24

    hopefully i win!!

  • tehshift

    Awesome hoodie, and I would be glad to support you guys… but I’m not making a twitter account.

  • it’d be pretty sweet to show this off at work 😀 everyone has an android phone, but nobody would have this amazing hoodie

  • Entering now

  • Done (twitter), Done (tweet), and Done (Facebook)

  • Twitter is 4 stalkers

    Help out some people that don’t have Twitter accounts!! Give it away on Facebook!

  • Anonymous

    I say this: If you don’t like twitter.. Don’t sign up. Twitter is EVIL and signing up for twitter automatically makes you a member of al-Qaeda. So, Please don’t sign up..

    (I need to offset the chances of me winning.. GOO TWITTER!)

  • I got the limited one for Christmas from my wife would love to get her the pink one in return 🙂

  • That hoodie is freaking awesome!

  • Anonymous

    i have the same exact hoodie but it doesnt say droid-life on it. forgot where i got. its a fantastic quality sweatshirt too. congrats to whoever wins!

  • Trooper

    Would be nice if you guys did contests that did not involve having Twitter and Facebook accounts. Lame.

  • its through twitter and facebook if you dont like it than keep moving man past couple days it has been nothing but people complaining on here