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Comparison Chart: Motorola XOOM vs. iPad (Updated)

Update:  To those of you heading here looking for iPad 2 comparison, check out our new chart!

The price of the Motorola XOOM has been quite the topic of discussion over the last couple of days so we thought we’d drop some additional information into the conversation.  Here is a comparison chart of the XOOM ($699) to the 32GB 3G iPad ($729).  Yes, we actually compared it to the version of the iPad that matches up closest rather than to the $499 Wi-Fi-only model that so many keep referring to.  This battle isn’t even close.  Chart after the break.     

Looks like a steal to me.  And yes, consumers do care about tech specs.

Update:  Why would we not compare this to the iPad?  It’s the leading tablet on the market.  Normally when you do comparisons, you find the top product on the market and see how yours stacks up.  Some of you people are silly.  When the iPad2 comes out, we’ll make another chart.  We’ll also do charts for the G-Slate, the Toshiba Tab and the Galaxy Tab 2.  Chill.

  • Rlrson_Mn

    I have a original droid and IPad 16 gb wifi only. I have no need for a connected system since the vast majority of the time I have access to a open wifi network. In those time where there is no wifi network available to me my droid fills in quite nicely. I keep all of my necessary files on DropBox for ease of access. The Zoom is way more than I need for a tablet device. If it was close to the IPad that I currently have with just wifi I would consider it but that is not the case at this time. If memory serves me correctly the vast majority of the IPads sold to date have been the wifi 16gb version.

  • tc

    Two significant errors in the comparison chart above…

    If the XOOM’s screen resolution is in fact 1280 x 800 then it CAN NOT do 1080p, which requires 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    Also, the iPad does have a port, as I’m sure the writer knows. It can provide charging, data, audio and video.

    • Anonymous

      Any one of those functions requiring proprietary plugs/adapters, purchased at a premium price from Apple.

      The Xoom – I could plug my digital camera into the side of it when the cable provided with the camera. I can take the card out, put it in the Xoom. I can take a flash drive, plug it right into the Xoom. That external hard drive, plugs right in. In fact, pretty much everything I have sitting on my desk right now thats connected to my desktop, can plug right into the Xoom without me having to tithe more to the cult of apple.

      According to the specs on the motorola website, the Xoom plays video at 720.

      • The Xoom isn’t even released yet so the connectibilty of the Xoom to other devices like you are talking about isn’t even know. Just because it has a usb port doesn’t mean it will magically work with everything.

        My comcast box has a usb port on the front that does nothing.

  • Anonymous

    the price leak was $800. I dont see where you made up that number from. This char is missing alot of specs too, battery life is not there, number of apps, 60,000 for the ipad, 0 for the xoom. Since you are saying you will compare the ipad 2 to the xoom when the ipad 2 is out, i think it’s not fair to put 4g in the comparison yet. That’s not till spring. Another crucial spec you are missing out when it comes to tablets, is the thickness and the weight. Flawed chart.

    • Anonymous

      The price leak from Best Buy was $699.

    • 0 apps? lol?

      What is the Android market?

      • Android market works on SMARTPHONE SIZED SCREENS aka up to 4 inches. We are talking about a 10 inch screen here. All the apps will look pixelated and fuzzy. Apps already do on the Galaxy Tab.

      • Anonymous

        they are phone apps, not tablet apps.

  • DroidDaddy

    I think the iTunes store should be mentioned as an advantage for the iPad. Even though I’m an Android user it’s the one thing I miss greatly (basically the videos available, movies and tv shows). Currently there’s nothing even close for video other than the Zune marketplace but MS doesn’t have a WinPhone 7 tablet and Windows tablets are too heavy/expensive since they’re running actual pc operating systems. I wonder if Honeycomb will introduce the Google music store we’ve heard about.

  • Derkk

    Until Moto Opens up, they are just a wanna be Apple in my book. I won’t be moving to any platformed that is locked so heavily. At this point it’s easier to modify iPhones/iPads then it is the latest Moto Phones. Right now Moto, Apple, and Samsung can kiss off. My next phone will be LG or HTC for sure.

  • Racingmaniac

    Wish WiFi only one will be cheaper….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Doc

    A proper comparion would be against the iPad2. You are comparing the not yet released XOOM to a product that is about to be replaced with the iPad2 at around the same time as the XOOM is also released. You can’t compare a 2011 model against a 2010 model.

    • Post the iPad2 stats so they can compare them correctly!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Did the i*ad apologists make a field trip over here? Sorry to say that its not even close, the i*ad is a piece of garbage compared to the Xoom. Specs don’t lie.

  • vadimr

    What are battery life times for those devices?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Jskim Jac

    Why not comparing with iPad 2 since both are not in the market?
    iPad did a great job as a year old device to match up with a device that’s not even out yet.

    Again, biased comparison, droidlife.
    Again, another disappointment.

    • Anonymous

      Apple wont give many specs about the iPad 2. All thar we know is that it will have at least one camera, has a screen that is almost 10″, might have an SD card slot, and maybe an apple A5 processor.

      If you do not like the way that Droid life writes, just don’t read it.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Apple won’t actually give -any- specs on any future devices. It’s all speculation at this point. Another point, all signs point to this being released in a month, which puts it several months ahead of the iPad 2.

      • Jskim Jac

        I understand your point.
        My point is, which I already made few days ago as well, that many of Kellex’s recent comparisons are too biased and so immature.
        Don’t get me wrong. I really was really proud of this website as a OG droid user.
        I was able to root my droid through this website.

        All I’m asking is a critical view based on facts, not one person’s emotion.

    • It didn’t do that great of a job. Single-core versus dual-core, cameras (back and front-facing) versus none, a good amount of RAM versus hardly any, USB versus Apple’s special connection, etc.

      Now, before anyone replies to me, we all know iPad 2 specifications have yet to be announced. But, my comment is in reference to the iPad doing a “great job” in comparison to the Xoom.

  • For me ipad shines in its screen and battery life (the rest is crap). We’ll see how XOOM compares.

  • Ej

    Normal users don’t need 32gb of flash ram, and most probably don’t need 3g, so until motorola comes out with a less featuredul model, sales won’t compare to Apple.

  • If consumers cared about Tech Specs then I guess we’ll see Motorola sell 17 million Xoom’s the first year then won’t we? Apple understands that consumers want products that are easy and fun to use much more than they give a damn about specs. The Xoom may appeal to those who intentionally run Android, but probably not the accidental Android users who fell for any of the “2 for 1” phone offers. You’ll never see Apple do that. Apple isn’t desperate.

  • Michael

    If the XOOM came with an IPS display it would be great but since it comes with what looks to be a low-tier TN panel, Motorola shouldn’t charge over $500 for it.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, where are you getting this information? No where does it say what type of panel the Xoom uses. Or are you just making up reasons to trash it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why the competitor of apple can make a high-configuration tablets with lower or equivalent price to apple. And why did Jobs declare that ipad isn’t support flash while all of its competitor didn’t do this? In my opinon, apple won’t give a out-edging hardware without considering the factore of usability, and each features they recommend to you are useful different from its rivals knoking together high-configuration.

  • Content is King

    Where are the available apps, available movies, available tv shows, and available music columns?

  • Content is King

    Where are the available apps, available movies, available tv shows, and available music columns?

  • Anonymous

    Well, this Comparison must bcz the news read that Motorola Xoom to make February appearance.
    But, this is the several tablet to be after iPad? “Come with Google’s Android Honeycomb operating system for tablets, a dual-core processor, a high-resolution (1,280×800) display, dual cameras, and the Verizon 3G (and soon-to-come 4G) network. ” I would say all this is an imitation of the iPad, though the iPad now don’t have these features, but who can tell why the tablet should get dual-core, it’s iPad, and high-resolution display , along with dual cameras, all these are bcz the one who used iPad think it’s lack of this features, or can be stronger(better in this field), so I’d to say iPad is the king, and now the iPad 2 is on the road!

    Yup, I’m waiting for iPad2. if Apple really do release a greater than Full HD screen on the iPad 2, then amazing! Even though now the 1gen iPad is also not bad with 9.7-inch high-resolution screen, perfect to me for watching HD movies, music videos(though sometimes need the help from iFunia video converter as lack of flash support) and playing around with thousands of iPad apps and iPad games.

    Well, it’s Apple creates a tablet market, so it’s no need to scared of the competitors, I believe Apple will be dominant for at least two years and probably far longer.

    P.S. watch movies and vieos on iPad freely

  • Anonymous

    i want an 8 inch version of this.. 🙁

  • RoninX

    Is there going to be a better way to download movies than the POS Blockbuster app? I love my Droid 2, but the Blockbuster app is crap.

    • Anonymous

      yeah rip your dvds.

  • Does anybody knows anything about the Battery life of the Xoom?

    • Anonymous

      Only what Moto has stated, supposedly 10 hours of video.

  • Rob

    Spec comparison is completely hollow without…. selling date, mature OS, no ecosystem support nor content, no profit from selling apps, untested OS in the ‘real world’, superseded OS and hardware in a few months like all android devices… fragmentation merry-go-round.

    • Rob

      P.S…. no mention of battery life huh… that spec was left out by Moto… and a pretty key item in the comparison no doubt which will be thoroughly tested in the market.

  • One important difference … One has a huge library of beautifully designed, feature-full apps like Pages and Keynote, while the other, for the most part, only has apps designed for phones. That can and will change over time, but it’s a significant advantage for iPad right now.

  • You can’t just compare the tech specs and then say device A is better than device B. What about the software? Is there anything remotely similar to iTunes for the XOOM? No.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Amazon.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, software is key. Did you know I can’t even hook my iPad up to a computer and have it act as a flash drive? It demands I use this bloatware called “iTunes” just to put some damn music or pictures on the thing. My Incredible on other is more or less a drag and drop affair, so so so much simpler.

    • Anonymous

      this was basically covered by the guy below, but why would we want iTunes? how’s that flash working for ya?

  • Darwin

    There are alot of silly things about this comparison. By the time the Xoom is out so will the iPad 2. Even more importantly the iPad has a wealth of apps. We dont know how the Xoom will be in practice. Its still vaporware.

    • DBK

      i*ad 2 = Summer

      Xoom = in 2-3 weeks

      Demos prove that the Xoom is a pretty decent piece of tech.

      Think first, type later, avoid foot in mouth.

  • Anonymous

    the ipad is the undisputed champ right now. the moto xoom looks like the #1 contender. just hope the xoom isnt a “great white hope” ( boxing references ).

  • Charbax

    The leaked price of xoom is $799, why do you write it as $699?

    • Rob

      Exactly the point… http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/21/motorola-xoom-priced-at-800-at-a-minimum-according-to-verizon/
      Yes let the comparison be accurate for a change huh?
      Or was it artfully dodged to suit the article…

      • Anonymous

        It went from $800 to $700, or did you not read the update on the same page? Either way we’ll know when Verizon or Moto decides to reveal it in the next couple weeks.

        • Rob

          From the Engadget Story and the Android story MAKE NO REFERENCE to price drop from 800 to 700…
          “Wow, insider tipsters are getting efficient! Verizon appears to have only just added Minimum Advertised Pricing for the Motorola Xoom to its internal systems, but already it’s been leaked out by more than one source. Android Central has the damning evidence, which lists an $800 levy for any prospective owners of the flagship Android Honeycomb device. It’s accompanied by a listing of the HTC Thunderbolt at $250, with the logical conclusion being that the Moto tablet will come unsullied by subsidies while the HTC LTE handset will probably cost that much on a two-year deal. That makes plenty of sense to us — the typical smartphone price is $200 and Verizon can point to the 4G goodness the Thunderbolt brings as justifying its $50 premium, whereas the Xoom’s cost seems to be in line with the Galaxy Tab’s pricing. Now, how about some launch dates, leaksters?”

  • Nick

    This looks very good. If they are honest about their battery I would buy it without any second thinking. The “flash” issue with apple is really ridiculous and more of an ego war than a technical one, a war, you apple will have to fight on your own.

    good thing about the apple products is that they are well designed and know where to place their priorities. Wouldnt mind buying them if they werent so closed and protected. The rumour about them changing the screws on the iphone to avoid 3rd parties using 3rd party hardware or fixing them is, if true, a great shame for a innovating company.

    • Anonymous

      Everything they design they design to be serviceable only by them so that people have to pay 20 times the price. That’s not the half of the little tricks they pull to maximize revenue and shut out the competition. I’m telling you, Apple is an evil little greedy sack of a corporation.

  • Bruce

    The other thing to remember is that, the ipad has been out for quite some time now. Everyone and their brother has tried to “one up” this device, and now that Motorola (the first and only competitor right now to the ipad) has come up with an “ipad killer” the new ipad 2 is rumored to be out soon with even better specs…

  • Posted by CmdrTaco on Tue Oct 23, 2001 01:20 PM
    from the well-thats-not-very-exciting dept.

    The BrownFury writes
    “At an invitation only event Apple has released their new MP3 player called the iPod. iPod is the size of a deck of cards. 2.4″ wide by 4″ tall by .78″ thick 6.5 ounces. 5 GB HDD, 10 hr battery life, charged via FireWire. Works as a firewire drive as well. Works in conjunctions with iTunes 2. Here are Live updates”

    . No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

  • DevStar

    In fairness you do need to also add apps available and apps targeted to it (tablet apps, not phone apps). You also need to add battery life and weight, as those are pretty big factors for a tablet.

  • One has an Apple on it, the other doesn’t. Game over. Branding matters, and though Motorola is building a name with the Droid line of phones, nothing resonates well with the masses more than Apple. It’s a fact that can’t be argued, and the Verizon iPhone sales will reflect this.

  • Leebase

    One is a real product that’s been shipping for 9 months, sold 15 million units, invented it’s category and is going to be refreshed within a couple months.

    The other is ONLY a list of specs at this point. A version of the OS still in development, the “product” shown at CES just ran a VIDEO of what the device will look like.

    I like Android, love the competition and what it’s bringing to the market for everyone. But even Fandroids aught to be calling “Barbara Striesand” on this article.


    • DBK

      There was a demo of the device at CES as well and another demo at the Luncheon (sp?), which shows Honeycomb running flawlessly. Think first, type later, avoid foot in mouth.

    • Anonymous

      “Invented it’s category”

      Forgive me if I LOL!

  • I surely would like to see this comparison republished when iPad2 comes out. I’ll be watching Techmeme.

  • Well done, Motorola, considering you are ONE YEAR LATER.

  • Joseali

    Apple invent things that the People love always. Techcrunchies: best tablet 2010: iPad. Why? Same reason.

  • Alexportman1200

    It’s just technology and for one Apple stands by their products and for Android I would say not always. This is being done on my iPad right now. I don’t care about flash or other things that Android might do better, I like iOS 4 and Android. I’m a lover of both worlds. I got the Samsung Continuum. So people don’t freak out and hate. Star Trek inspired it all. Lol ^_^

  • Colin

    What are the xoom’s dimensions? Battery life? Just asking?

  • The unexplainable interest in tablets is clear evidence we’re doomed as a nation.

  • Anonymous

    I am hesitating which one I should buy. By the table know XOOM is cheaper and more Multifunctional. But It seems that iPad is very very hot now. which one I should choose>? http://www.aneesoft.com/tutorials/ipad/index.html

  • Tyler Durden

    Thanks for the update. Its only fair that way. IPad v2 will also be insane from the leaks I been reading. It will be close.

  • Anonymous

    FAIL!!!!!! iPad two will freaking own this. Duo core, 260 dpi, ios 4.3, cameras, and access to Apple’s app market. This device is barely competition for the current iPad let alone the second gen. Also, nothing in here about battery life… I would be curious about that. Also, what about weight and general feel? What about it being more expensive than iPad? (This is out of my budget because it offfers no low end deal.) Many fails here, while it will boast 3.0, when will 3.0 be available? So many questions, and so few answers. I’ll stick with my Apple devices. Although, flash would be nice…

  • BarZaTTacKS

    Great thank you for doing this… please include the Notion Ink Adam in these comparisons. Thank you 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow people are being really silly here. We know these are the specs that the XOOM will have, and we know its coming soon. By the end of February you’ll be able to walk into BestBuy and buy one of two 10 inch tablets; the iPad or the XOOM. To say that this isn’t fair is to ignore the fact that people will still be buying the original iPad up until the iPad 2 comes out, and for current prices at that.

    On other note, holy f*ck the XOOM has a barometer? A barometer?! That’s…. interesting.

    But yeah

  • Bestberet

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question but does the Xoom make phone calls? Does the Ipad? Maybe that should be on your chart too unless the answer to both is “no”.