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Verizon 4G LTE Phone Release Dates?

The most popular question we’re seeing on Twitter each day is easily, “When is [insert 4G device] coming out?”  And even I’ll admit that it’s one of those topics I can’t get off my mind.  The four devices that Verizon announced at CES were all amazing and it’ll be tough for anyone to decide which is the one to have, but maybe these little bits of information that we’ve receive will help you decide when you can jump on them.

Let’s start with the HTC Thunderbolt.  We broke the cover on this bad boy a few weeks before CES, and at that same time, we started seeing ads from HTC which claimed they would have another first to 4G.  We quickly jumped on the idea that this could be out sometime in January or early February.  And then it was officially announced at CES and Verizon was hesitant to give out any dates, but did mention that all of their devices would be out in the first half of 2011.  Talk about a downer.  The press release from HTC also removed their strong stance on being “first” and instead went with “one of the first” so we’re thinking there must be something else on the way.

We’re still expecting it to be soon though, and all signs (tips) we’re receiving keep pointing towards an end of February or early-March release.  An early March launch date gives Verizon time to sell the i*hone for a month, but also allows them to prepare their big marketing push which we’re assuming will be huge for these new 4G LTE devices.  The Thunderbolt will definitely be one of the first, so put aside those last few X-mas pennies for a St. Patty’s day 4G party.

What about the DROID BIONIC though?  This device is clearly the most coveted of the four with its dual-core processor, qHD screen and bold new look, but we’re getting the feeling that this may have customers waiting the longest.  We heard a rumor that the BIONICs on-display at CES weren’t actually utilizing both cores and that battery life was still a significant issue.  I can’t confirm that either way, but do know that every word we’ve heard has this device pushing that “first half of 2011” deadline.  Don’t be surprised if the BIONIC leads Big Red’s big summer campaign.  I should also point out that the Motorola Atrix 4G is now rumored to be landing on AT&T sometime around March 1st meaning Moto isn’t about to release the BIONIC anywhere near it.  The Atrix is their new king and the last thing they want to do is hamper sales of it by releasing a similar device on Verizon at the same time.

And then we have the LG Revolution and the Samsung SCH-i510 who seem to be the forgotten children.  While there have been few tips on either of these devices, we’re starting to expect at least one of them early on and at the same time as the Thunderbolt.  The Samsung device would surprise us as the device remains nameless at this time, but the hardware we played with seemed about as ready to go as you can get.  The Revolution on the other hand looked to be done, but then we keep getting unofficial specs, skinned and non-skinned versions, etc. so our initial thoughts on this device being ready for prime time could be way off.  We know that HTC isn’t as firm on being “first” anymore, so look for one of these two to tag along with it on an opening ride.

Lastly, we should probably touch on the Motorola XOOM, the first ever Honeycomb tablet that will eventually be upgradeable to 4G LTE.  Q1 2011 was all the talk at CES and with rumored shipment numbers coming out early this week, we can only assume that this timeframe is still a go.  While the device is definitely not shipping with an LTE radio in it, talk of a major Super Bowl campaign sound incredibly solid.  The first tease will likely happen on February 6th with a much broader campaign taking us through February.  Expect the XOOM to hit stores around the same time as the Thunderbolt.


  • HTC Thunderbolt – End of February, early March
  • Samsung SCH-i510 – March
  • LG Revolution – March, early April
  • DROID BIONIC – Early Summer, June

Now, take this all as speculation at this time.  We’re just going with every little detail that’s been dropped at our doorstep and are then attempting to piece the story together.  All I can say is, can these get here fast enough?  Anyone else bored with all of the current devices?

  • Droid Bionic,.. The #1 Best verizon Android Phone ever,.. 🙂

  • What youre saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I also love the images you put in here. They fit so well with what youre trying to say. Im sure youll reach so many people with what youve got to say.

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  • How many people are switching ATT to Verizon because of this? I am. Verizon’s service is just much better.

  • Tommyw2

    Release if formally “Summer” according to Verizon and Motorola as printed in the Wall Street Journal today April 19

  • Brickcity_alex

    these phones are just to big

  • Rji1969

    Seems that a lot of the 4g stuff is half baked and not ready for prime time. Be an early adopter if you will but 3-4 hour battery life and spotty 4g service even in metros is pretty crappy. Off to VZW to get my 1year contract with an x or a incredible

  • tbolt214

    the thunderbolt will arrive March 10, 2011. Are you wiliing to wait 10 days.?

  • Mcfallken

    thunderbolt $249 wtf?

  • Bmc90000

    T- mobleisthe first to release 4G. I am tired a wasting my time waiting on Verizon

  • Bmc90000

    T- mobleisthe first to release 4G. I am tired a wasting my time waiting on Verizon

  • Bmc90000

    T- mobleisthe first to release 4G. I am tired a wasting my time waiting on Verizon

  • Bmc90000

    T- mobleisthe first to release 4G. I am tired a wasting my time waiting on Verizon

    • Diamondtell2

      You will even more frustrated with t-moble most horrible company they always have dropped calls, if you can even get service and customer services is horrible!!

    • Diamondtell2

      You will even more frustrated with t-moble most horrible company they always have dropped calls, if you can even get service and customer services is horrible!!

  • Fran

    After seeing the comparison chart, I feel that Droid bionic is the better choice. I will definitely wait for it.

  • doc

    talked to a verizon guy at the mall…. said the thunderbolt is comming out b4 the iphone…. my guess is look for 1st commercials at the super bowl

  • Newbie

    I will not have 4g in my area for while. I currently don’t have a smart phone and would like to wait for the new Thunderbolt, but will this phone be much better than a verizon 3g phone without 4g service? Sorry I’m not very well educated on phones! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • John

    I’m new to the whole smartphone thing. I understand what all is good on a phone and know what I want on it, but when it comes to companies, I’m lost. I was going to get the X when my contract is up in February, but now I’m looking into the Thunderbolt. Someone tell me why it sucks, and why the Bionic is the only good phone coming out. On paper, besides the HDMI input, the HTC seems to be better. More RAM, more MicroSD space, I hear Sense 2.0 is supposed to be good? If the Bionic is THAT much better, I’ll wait, but I hate my phone and want an upgrade badly. I’m a teenager. I like to take pics, videos, and text. Of course web browsing will be cool, but I don’t need all of those businessman directed features.

  • Wcgjoed

    I sure as Hell hope Verizon isn’t going to drag their feet on releasing *any* of these devices. AT&T already HAS the iPhone, which Big Red has been dying to bring over. Doubtless, the iPhone 4 will make it to the store shelves first with such a big campaign going on right now.
    Now – AT&T has also announced the Atrix, a device that is sufficiently drool-worthy if you’re an Android fan… so Verizon needs to boost its own lineup and promote that LTE 4G network they’ve been running their mouth about. The iPhone 4 isn’t going to able to take advantage of it… being a 3G device – therefore the best bet WILL be to get that Bionic into Verizon customers hands as soon as possible, along with the other truly 4G-capable phones. Just because the Atrix will be on AT&T, why would Motorola “not want to release the Bionic anywhere near it and hamper its sales”?
    Do you understand how phone manufacturers and carriers work? the Bionic is a VERIZON exclusive. If they want to sell ANY Bionics, they better start getting them out there before the iPhone 5 makes its debut sometime this Summer, or another phone maker gets the jump over on the Bionic in the next 6 months.
    I’d expect to see these maybe at the latest, the end of March or very beginning of April… any later, would just be stupid.
    I’d also fully expect Motorola and the other manufacturers to drop maybe one more phone apiece in 6 months time or so into the 4G pool – while spending time reverse-engineering whatever comes out of Cupertino and preparing for the return volley.

  • BRM75

    Anyone know whether the Bionic or Thunderbolt will be world phones?

  • Dsdowdy2112

    Ever notice AT&T always releases devices before they have the infrastructure to support them. Waiting sucks but at least with Verizon what you get actually works.

  • thunderbolts the best

  • Sjf707

    Dear verizon.motorola,
    Please make a 4 inch version of the droid bionic.

  • Anonymous

    no no no no. the TB will come out late jan/ early feb. i know this because they have already started advertising accessories for it a week ago. and when they do that, it means that the device will come out within a months time.

  • Noneedtopanic

    The one question I have about the new LTE phones is will we finally be able to do voice and data simultaneously on them?

  • Coolchicknyc

    I am still rocking a crappy En-V 2 and my upgrade is due tomorrow. Supposedly Verizon is also doing away with the “New Every 2” promotion so everyone might want to check to see just how much of a discount you’ll get upgrading to your next phone. I was willing to hold out for the Bionic, but my En-V is pissing me off so much with shutting down every so often for no reason, that I may just get the HTC when it’s out.

    • DBK

      They are. But if you upgrade before the 16th (yeah I know the deadline is up), then you can get one more NE2. You’ll get the 2 year discount and the mail in rebate from now on, which means you only get the 2 year discount. There are no discounts for the one year contract, just the rebate, which means there are no discounts for the one year contracts, and thus you will be paying full retail for the phone. That’s also a blow fro those who bill the cost to their account, since they may not be able to do that anymore because of the higher prices.

  • Russellmarc56

    thunderbolt is real soon offwire is already selling cases so i’m guessing february probally the end cause of the dumb ass i phone on the 10th but not fot that the htc thunderbolt would drop in the 1st or second week of february. the bioninc will be the last month of the first quarter along with the xoom. and as far as the other two who cares nobody wants them

  • Anonymous

    There was a time when leaks were abundant, now the only thing on the airwaves is about the vz iphone. Geesh, come ppl where is that Android love. I want my.Htc thundebolt, pleeeeease

  • Duchessrevolution

    I am still on an eris. So yes. I am tired of the old devices.

  • SealBerry

    I got the Storm 2 because I needed a GLOBAL phone and didn’t want to switch to AT&T. So the Storm 2 was pretty much my only choice. Does anyone know which of these smartphones being discussed here will be quad-band world phones?

    • Robertjm

      I asked that question on another board during CES and the answer I got was basically NONE of them. SIGH!! At this day and age, with the cost of these phones WHY wouldn’t they make them Global out the door? VZW has started marketing all their phones with a little globe when you walk into their stores. However, pay attention, most of them actually say they’ll work in 40 countries. Which 40 you ask? Well, the ones VZW is located in only. LOL!!

  • Jake

    I’m still on the Htc touch, (Xv6900) one of the really old htc on 6.1 haha. You got nothin on me.
    I’m not sure if the thunderbolt is worth the wait over the Iphone. If it came out sooner, for sure.

  • Cchorner1975

    i disagre about the sales pitch factor in the iphone/ thunderbolt timeline. I think its 2 totally different client base so they could certainly come out together. Most people have already decided what they want and already know about whats coming. I’ve been waiting for thunderbolt since it was still a mecha, or DINC HD, the faster they come out the faster i can upgrade again in 20 months or whatever deal is now, i’ve already been saving upgrade since august for either thunderbolt or bionic. so STOP DRAGGING YOUR A$$E$ and release a 4G PHONE and stop bragging about having it if we can’t use it!

  • Anonymous

    The wait for the Bionic is fine with me. My last NE2 comes in october, which will be pretty close to when it will show up for sale.

  • Tomjr

    Bring on the Droid Bionic SOONER!!!

  • Jweissman89

    On the bionic the rumors(mind you take them for what it is) keep mentioning sometime between end of march or beginning of may. Who knows I guess we will have to wait it out :/

  • Anonymous

    If Verizon is falling into the apple pit and willing to ignore everything else, than i’m gonna say f u Verizon, peace..

  • DroidxKid

    im happy with the verizon phones but i mean Isn’t the Motorola Atrix 4G better than the Motorola bionic. And the LG optimus 2x better than the LG revolution. Can someone enlighten me to why Verizon wouldn’t push to get these phones. I know they have the best coverage and don’t need the best devices but come on.

    • SjB

      i’m guessing that since they have the iphone, they know they’re gonna sell crazy units; so they aren’t compelled to shoot for exclusivity for other devices like they had been. seems like they just shrugged their shoulders at the atrix and settled for the similar bionic w/o having to pony up for outrageous exclusivity rights.

  • Viper1549

    they really needed to give the bionic at least 768 RAM i cant do it.. i cant force myself to wait and accept a dual core with only 512.. just not going to happen..

  • Anonymous

    i actually went into a verizon store today..the guy said i was due for an upgrade, i said i know..i might be waiting for the bionic..and he said that should be coming in shortly. i was like hmm? u never know if these guys really know what they’re saying..he did say the thunderbolt is comin soon too..so at least he didnt have the two confused..so take-ith what you will-ith

  • pir800

    is it me or does the BIONIC default wallpaper look like an x-ray of Bozo the clown’s head?

    • Anonymous

      probably just you since most x-rays are black and white 😛

      but i totally see a clown in there!

  • XorDie

    My DX is still ridiculously fast, soooo idk if i want to get any of them.. but.. the front facing camera seems pretty sweet

  • Danny

    Much appreciated. Even though it’s pure speculation, I’m glad to see you guys pulling thing together for a best guess.

  • Puffy98

    I’m still waitn 4 Dual Core 4G LTE..or IPHONE5….will never buy Moto…DX has so many issues…

  • I hope giving this slow release timeline all these phones will be released with GB. Well, the least Bionic must be released with GB.

  • JayCity

    My update time with verizon is 5/30 and I want the Droid Bionic, so I’ll be ready but that will be the longest month ever…lol

  • I don’t understand the bionic and the atrix are on two different networks so why wouldn’t they release them at the same time?

  • A bigger question on my mind is when am I going to get LTE in my city? Until then, I’m not nearly as excited. Of course, my D1 will help me “get by” until my upgrade is due. By then, all of these questions will be answered.

  • Anonymous

    Is the Bionic going to stay with the black status bar, I HOPE. I think the Tegra 2 processor is the deal maker for me. This puppy should be fast and less lag because of the dual cores. I heard a 2300 Quadrant score. This can only get faster….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been able to upgrade for a year now, i’ve past opportunities like the Dinc and DX. Good thing i did cuz i can’t wait to flaunt a t-bolt or bionic 🙂

  • Anonymous

    so if the LTE phones are coming soon, does that mean that LTE will be going nationwide beforehand or will it still only be the initial cities that got LTE last month and the rest of us have to wait?

  • Anonymous

    I see it going something like this:
    February: iPhone 4
    March: HTC Thunderbolt and LG Revolution
    April: unnamed Samsung 4G phone
    July: iPhone 5
    Its the most logical way I can see them spacing out all of the major phone releases.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola’s design + Motorola’s Specs + HTC’s Unlocked Bootloader = The Best Phone!

    “BionicBolt” anyone?

  • Can’t wait for the Xoom and Bionic 🙂 and my upgrade is in august. 🙂 the prefect b-day gift to me from me 😀

    • pumahh

      Hey me too!

  • Up2bcrazy

    From what I’m told the Bionic is nowhere near ready for release anytime soon. Last conversation I had with my contact is that as mentioned there are still serious issue getting the software to fully utilize both cores. The software is nowhere near done or ready for prime time. And the battery life is terrible still as nothing has been optimized yet because of the processor issue they still have not worked out.

    that all said his guess if there is no way the Bionic will make it in the first half of this yr. If we are lucky we’ll see in late summer ( IE Aug /Sept ) time frame.

    • Anonymous

      I am not waiting that long for that. If the LG comes out before that I’ll jump on it.

    • Anonymous

      If that’s the case then how are they making the Atrix work? Will they end up putting 1Gig of Ram in the Bionic? The battery is a 1900mAh battery isn’t it? Where the D1 battery is a 1300mAh….

  • Tshuman

    I spoke with a VZ rep. yesterday and she told me she wouldn’t be surprised if they launched all the devices at the end of feb. early mar.

  • Rousellbrandon

    What about prices for 4g……?


    bionic or evo 2 “thunderbolt” hmmm??? BIONIC

  • Anonymous

    your friend is not as high up as he thinks he is.

  • UFISH2

    Just give me GINGERBREAD for my X and I would be a happy camper u >)))~>2

  • dbone

    Are any of the 4g phones going to have global capabilities? I haven’t seen anything indicating that they would. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    The infamous VZW insider black_man_x posted a riddle/poem on his blog saying that the “dual-core gold” (Bionic) will be released “after the passover event” – passover ends this year on like the 27th of April. So Bionic probably in May.

    Just in time for us Incredible owners to use our (last) annual upgrade!

  • Anybody know if VZW will release LTE phones in markets where there isn’t any coverage yet? Let’s not forget that nasty “tell me your zip code” form field in order to see a list of phones.

  • globalphone

    is there a global phone in there?

  • Kellexeatsmanass

    Feb 3rd iphone can’t wait….kellex sucks tims cock daily

    • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

      you’re an embarrassment to the iPhone users/fans. Act your age, not your shoe size and come out of the closest!

      • Keep your VeriPhone.

        Your comment didn’t help them. Haha!

  • Sigh


  • Anonymous

    While the device release dates are interesting to know, I wish VZW would be more specific about where and when LTE service will be available. I realize NM will be late, but “sometime in 2012” is too vague for me.

  • EC8CH

    Is it just me or wouldn’t this be the longest wait for a release after a phone has been officially debuted, especially for the Bionic?

    Before it seemed like only a matter of weeks after the debut that a phone was available.

  • Anonymous

    +1 for the blacked out Verizon logo on the Bionic, they need that on all phones as long as they are sticking it on the front.

    • EC8CH

      I can think of somewhere else they could “stick it” 😛

  • Larrythetub

    Droid Atrix 4 G….that would have had such a nice ring to it.

    I do hope Moto decides to make a Droid that matches or exceeds the Atrix 4G. I want me a laptop dock, 1GB RAM, dual-core processor, NVIDIA card, etc. but with the Droid Bionic size and camera. Till then, I’ll likely not upgrade my Droid X.

    • Anonymous

      The Bionic IS the Atrix, only with less RAM.

  • ISUVetMed

    Some possible news, I have a good friend who is in a higher position with verizon. He said they are expecting the TB to be out before the Iphone. They have scheduled training for both of these devices for January 27th for all of their stores in the region. He expects it to be out b/w jan 27th-feb 10th.

    • EC8CH

      Don’t know if I believe you… but I like what you’re saying.

      • ISUVetMed

        Yeah I am skeptical as well, he told me about the iphone and an early feb release date a month before it was announced, so I try and give him the benefit of the doubt. Fingers crossed, i hope it happens.

    • As someone who knows a little something about business I would say the chances your friend is correct are somewhere between slim and none. From a business perspective that move would be beyond idiotic. Verizon will release the iPhone in Feb and sell millions of units. They will then mount a marketing campaign introducing the worlds 1st LTE phone the HTC Thunderbolt. Verizon will sell a few million of those. Then a marketing campaign introducing the world’s first LTE/dual core phone and sell a few million of those. The time line posted above is about right with the Thunderbolt probably coming 6 to 8 weeks after iPhone 4.

      • Anonymous

        You are absolutely correct. While Verizon may indeed be doing some training on both devices at the end of this month, there is no way they will release their first LTE phone before the iPhone (considering how much fanfare accompanied the announcement of the iPhone on Verizon). It makes absolute business sense to stagger the release of each of these phones by about two months. Meaning a June or July release for the Bionic is highly likely (really the only phone worth considering here unless you’re a fan of the crappy plastic and ridiculously poor battery life of HTC devices).

        • Anonymous

          How would a june/july release for the Droid Bionic fit in with the i*hone 5 coming out around the same time? I’m assuming Verizon will get that phone as well as AT&T when it comes out, unless I’m missing out on some other info that was part of the deal to bring it to Verizon in the first place.

          I’m hoping the Bionic comes out April-May and that there’s an as-yet-to-be-named droid on the horizon for the end of the summer 🙂

          • Guest

            Verizon is not getting iBlow’ne 5 until next year. I’m looking for links, will try to post shortly. My own personal thought is that they skip 5 and go right to 6 as that’ll be the first LTE iBlow’ne.

          • Bjoes10320

            i phone 5… no there is going to be three versions of the iphone being released. one in which will have a qwerty keyboard. but no new iphone. and ofcourse there will be a new android in the summer and in the fall and one right before the new year

          • Bjoes10320

            i phone 5… no there is going to be three versions of the iphone being released. one in which will have a qwerty keyboard. but no new iphone. and ofcourse there will be a new android in the summer and in the fall and one right before the new year

        • I am a huge fan of HTC phones. I actually prefer a light-weight phone which i can install CyanogenMod on.

        • Bjoes10320

          you dont know much about the thunderbolt because it is actually in a bi-metal encasing

        • Bjoes10320

          you dont know much about the thunderbolt because it is actually in a bi-metal encasing

      • EC8CH

        I think the timing of the i*hone is poorly chosen. The majority of smart phone users on Verizon are locked into 2 year contracts starting when the OGD came out. Most people getting the i*hone on Verizon will need to be new smartphone users who haven’t jumped on board the Android bandwagon yet, or they will be paying full price in order to make the switch.

        It probably would have helped their sales numbers if they could have waited until the late summer / early fall for the i*hone release. Would have been lots more smartphone users eligible for renewal.

        • Anonymous

          I’d imagine they’re more worried about pulling in AT&T users than selling it to people who are already paying Verizon customers.

        • SP

          You’re assuming that people already on Verizon abandoned their current cell contract for OGD. Some of us just wait a few months to get the best phone available using the New every 2. I’m 26 days away from trading in my Storm for whatever is the best one available.

      • Titeserrday

        ya moms tities all up in my face

    • hmmmmm


  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t care less when the phones will be released. I want to know what the iPhone and 4G phone data plans’ pricing and terms are going to be. I’m sick of VZW making all these announcements and leaving out the really important information people need to plan and make decisions.

    • Gee

      Well I I*hone will not be out till Feb. As for data enjoy your behind the curve 3g handset. While we all enjoy our 4g Droids. Once again apple kicks out an out of date product for the sheepeople to enjoy.

    • Anonymous

      Just go to VZW and find out. All the pricing and data rates are right there for the i*hone

      • Anonymous

        No. not. there. From the VZW iPhone FAQ:

        “Are there minimum service and data pricing requirements?”
        “Yes, iPhone customers will need to choose from any of the current Nationwide plans. Customers will also be required to activate a data package, pricing will be announced at a later date. ”

        And that’s my big complaint. Lots of announcement from VZW, but nothing concrete enough (like monthly pricing and terms of the data plans) that really helps anybody planning their upgrades. I have 2 original droids that will be upgraded this year. My daughter will likely want to swap her iTouch and feature phone for an iPhone. I want to know what its going to cost (equipment + fees) so I can plan (and comparison shop). I’m thinking I may switch all 5 phones on my plan to Sprint if VZW doesn’t deliver. They’ve announced a lot of changes that impact me negatively as a 10-year customer — what are they going to do to keep me?

        • Anonymous

          They must have tweeked the page a bit since last I looked. I know its $200 for the 16GB & $300 for the 30+GB?. Both two year of course. As far as data I would just think it would be the same for any 3g smartphone. I guess it could be different. It will be out in less then a month. So its not that long a wait.

  • Frustrated

    Frustrating. I am sitting here on a BB Storm1 with a now month to month contract with Verizon patiently waiting to leapfrog over the Droid X to the BIONIC. Hurry up!

    • Anonymous

      At least you have internet and some apps. I’m in the same water but my boat is the LG Voyager. I am ready to disembark toward an Android smartphone and the wait is killing me.

      • Jam

        Now I’M in your boat… or actually, one just like yours but even crappier. I was using my unspeakably bad Samsung Glyde, had to get it replaced several times, until the warranty ran out and I no longer could. It then kicked the bucket entirely, with a busted touchscreen preventing any calls or texts to be sent. I then had to spend two months without any phone at all, until finally switching to a crappy (but functional) old LG flip-phone from 2004.

        So yeah, I’m anxious to get my hands on a nice, fun phone that I can really enjoy… I’ll never make the mistake I did with the Glyde ever again.

        • Anonymous

          Ouch!! Samsung. That LG flip wouldn’t happen to have a blue outer face, outside screen w/ play, rewind, and fast forward buttons underneith did it? If so, that was a pretty good mutimedia phone for that time. I had that for almost 3 yrs before I went to the Voyager. That was only b/c the #6 key was going out after 3yrs of dialing & texting.

        • CAD

          I’ve had the Samsung Omnia I for over 2 years. During that time, I’ve had to replace it twice, the screen has locked up completely three times, and it just sucks. Don’t buy a Samsung phone – wait for a nice 4G (non-Samsung) phone or the iPhone 4 (or 5)

      • Lippylulu

        I’m in the same boat. I have a half dead LG Voyager and am months overdue for my upgrade. First I couldn’t decide between BB and Android. Now I can’t decide between Android and Iphone. If I get an Iphone, what happens when the new 4G phones come out? I am not in a position to buy more than one new phone except at upgrade time. I hate these 2 year contracts. At this rate I’ll never get a new phone.

        • sp

          Just spoke with a verizon sales rep and he told me that the iphone will be using the iphone apple app market and they will be charging for a majority of their apps and iphone will also be charging for gps $10.00 dollars a month, iphone 4 on verizon is also only 3g not 4g. if they release a new iphone 5 it will be 4g and possibly a 32 and 64gb phone. The rep also said you would have to him alot to switch to a iphone…He said waiting for the droid bionic is the way to go…..

    • Doc

      I’m still using my Samsung Omnia!!! I was going to get a Droid 2 Global but I can’t decide if I should wait for the Bionic.

      • tetsujin619

        I’m stuck on my BB Tour. None of you got anything on me! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I have a razr, in my desk in pieces…. lol

        • FutureAndroidOwner

          I’m also stuck on a BB Tour, but mine has a completely busted screen. I can only make phone calls on it because I can’t see anything on the screen.

      • jro

        me too!! 🙂

      • Pookie89

        the droid thunderblot is a better phone in my opinion….

    • LeeInMKE

      Yep. I’m month to month with my BB Storm1 also. But I can’t decided between the Bionic or the TB.

      Bionic is probably 3-4 months longer wait than the TB.

      Everyone talking about 4G, it doesn’t matter if you’re not gonna have the service until 2013. The only people for whom it matters is those that will get the service soon (ie. this year), otherwise you’re best off waiting for the next big thing to come out.

      Do I really need dual-core? I mean really? Do I? Probably not. *shrug* No HDMI-out is a bit disappointing, but being able to use the TB as an external HD on my computer via USB is nice. And I like the way the TB looks.

      Also, I live in an area that WILL be getting 4G this year so it’s not like I’ll be getting a 4G phone in 2011 that I won’t be able to utilize until 2013.

      Comments? Ideas?

      • Treknologist

        I’m still on WinMo 6.5 phone, the HTC Touch Pro. I’ve been due for a new phone since November and I’ve been waiting for LTE phones to come out. I like HTC phones, so chances are I’ll get the TB. It may not be dual core but it has more RAM. I’m not too concerned about the HDMI – a nice to have but not essential. It does DLNA, after all. I also live in an area that will have LTE.

        Now when it comes to tablets, there I want a dual core! So, the Xoom looks great right now!

    • Also Frustrated

      A-freakin’-men, Frustrated…the only reason why I ever found out about Droid Life was as a result of trying to do some due diligence on X vs DInc & then started seeing all this Merge/IncHD news & have been plugging away on my Storm. I’m month to month beginning the 20th and really don’t like the thought of having to wait until July for the Bionic. Eff. Ing. Ay.

    • Im on a freaking AT&T LG Shine. downright awful. been month to month for like 8 months now, but on a family plan so we couldn’t switch to Verizon till a month ago. now I’m just waiting on that TB. actually, whenever I find out a for real release date, i’ll probly buy a Droid X a month before the TB comes out, then use that 30 day warranty to swap. and if I’m lucky, i’ll get another somethin nice at Google I/O 🙂

      • Bmrauckman

        Don’t do that they just changed the return policy to 14 days and are charging a restocking fee of $35. On top of that their is some other thing in their about only having 3 days with smart phones.

      • angermeans

        Not only is the 30 day WFG changing to 14 days, but you can only do one WFG. Verizon isn’t going to let you keep changing phones. By the way don’t ya think you should just wait to get the phone you want? Misusing a great program is most likely the reason (well, the iphone is most likely the reason) that we are now shortened to a 14 day window.

        • Fascinate

          actually sorry the 30 day WFG is still 30 days in california it cant change becuz california state law is 30 day return policy sorry

    • SilverV

      I’m doing the same – BB Storm 1 here also. Droid Bionic – ……..waiting, waiting……

  • Mrhug3

    Didn’t the presser at CES say that the Bionic was the end of waiting? Then why oh why must I possibly wait even longer?

    • Anonymous

      Hah indeed it did.

    • EC8CH

      The Bionic is the end of waiting… which implies a wait must exist before you get it.

      See what they did to you there?

    • Runner5353


      • Gbush

        What’s the guarantee? Do you guarantee to give every reader a check for $300.00–enough to pay for the Bionic when it actually is released) if you are wrong?

      • Jon Doe

        Really? Monday, my thuderbolt will be there? Why is it they told me there is no date at this time.

      • Smeloofellow

        missed the 2/28/11 date. Probably not going to hit the mark on bionic either.

      • Smeloofellow

        missed the 2/28/11 date. Probably not going to hit the mark on bionic either.

      • Savannah1169


        may do your guarantee a REAL DATES

      • Conorko

        the HTC thunderbolt was released on 3/17/11

      • Brettrob13


      • doxielover

        well that date had come & gone & we’re STILL WAITING for the Bionic!

      • Jess_smith701

        wrong young chap still not here and it is may here in my world verizon burn down?

    • Is 4G LTE That Much Faster Than 3G Or Even 4G?

  • bole4g


  • Already signed up for email alerts for the HTC Thunderbolt. Cannot wait for this bad boy to release. I’ve had an upgrade to use for the last 2 months and it is burning a hole in my pocket. Hopefully they get all the battery issues worked out with the LTE radio, battery life is already crappy enough.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you on that Mr. Bernard. Can’t wait for this phone.

    • EC8CH

      It seems to me that HTC phones seem to do more with less (hardware specs).

      Don’t know if it’s just that Sense is smoother than Blur, but my wifes DINC is never laggy, whereas I have seen lag on comparable speced Moto phones.

      This makes me less concerned over the fact that the TB is lacking Tegra 2… plus no crappy bootloader… hopefully 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I think what I’m going to do is keep my incredible and use the Thunderbolt ROM on it.