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Wednesday Poll: Is the DROID Brand Done for?

With yesterday’s announcement that the i*hone is on the way, all anyone can think about is how it will affect the DROID brand and Verizon’s Android lineup in general.  Will the DROID BIONIC be the last in a line of incredibly successful devices?  I sort of doubt that.  Will we see a lot less “DROID” branded devices than we saw last year?  I can almost guarantee that.  With the name as established as it is, there isn’t a need for every single Moto device that lands on Verizon to fall under the category that has helped drive Android to insane heights.  We should now look for the best of the best which is why the BIONIC is the only one we are currently expecting in the first half of 2011.  The DROID brand is far from dead, we just won’t be seeing new family member every other month like we did in 2010.  And thank god.

So what do you think?  Will it die off after the BIONIC?  Do we have years left?  Months?  Do you want it to continue on?

No poll needed, just drop your feelings on the future of the DROID brand below.

  • James Strickland

    Good take on this.  Years ago “Palm” was they brand that everyone thought would stay forever.  I’m pulling for Droid.  My last three phones have been droids (OG, X, Bionic)  I am hooked on the “Droid” line, but then again I did the same with “Palm” (Pilot, III, IIIc, Zire, Treo 700 and Centro) 🙂  The “Droid” line put imho Verizon on the map again.  I hope it is around for years to come.  This will only happen if they save the “Droid” brand for flagship dependable phones.  If they don’t will just become a name.

  • TBassham

    * Android that is.

  • TBassham

    The droid line should continue at least as long as the RAZR brand survived.

  • QDOG8

    Android? no.
    DROID? maybe.
    Did anyone else notice that at CES, only 1 DROID was announced?

  • Julian

    I personally left Android and went to the iPhone 4 last week and never looked back. My moto droid is my Alarm Clock now. I still have some love for Android though.

  • I think Droid will remain the big brand name but they will start having underlings with different names.

  • Zeadaplaya

    I agree they wont stop with the droids but what happened to all those Droid commercials?? They were sooooo awesome! Like the Droid x is landing commercial!

  • 50CalAL

    I think that 90-95% of current Android users will stay with Android, especially since it’s still the same ole 3G i*hone ATT has. Apple will release the i*hone probably this summer so why get stuck on the old version especially with VZW’s new upgrade policy.

    Android is sooooooo much more customizable, has Google Maps/Nav. Moto needs to not punish VZW for getting the i*hone and not send sub-par devices. Case in point is the Atrix, why release that on ATT, that should have been the Bionic!


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  • Tarsis Brito

    No it will never die because original Droid started all the Android fever and last year Droid x was the best phone coming second evo 4g bionic will be a blast only Android that will finally beat the Droid x and its another Motorola another Droid family. HTC is doing theirs too big props for them as well

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  • I think Motorola needs to make a DROID phone if it wants to be a large competitor with iPhone. DROID 1, 2, X, INCREDIBLE, PRO, INCREDIBLE, etc. is too much for the non-geek to handle.

    Motorola needs to focus on ONE phone and make it the best with innovation. Take off blur, and other crap that loads it down, and make releases a big deal. The DROID 1 did so well because of the hype around it. Out of all my friends (Im in high school) no one except me knows the BIONIC is coming, but they sure as hell knew when the first one came out.

    Make DROID into one phone, with vanilla Android.

    As for me I’m sticking with DROID 1 till that happens.

  • iPhone is better

    You droids are all the same. A brand based on following behind what others accomplished before you. Pathetic. The definition of the word droid means “unimaginative”. Idiots

  • Anyone who complains that people who have “regular” Android phones and call them a Droid needs to get laid and get over it.

  • Rivera939

    Droid for ever man! Where else can u download music completely free. Music wizard in the android market baby. FREE…. to all my iphone users. Yes l said free. Not 99 cents or 1.25 per song. I have about 700 songs on my droid x right now and didn’t pay for one of them. With an iphone at best that would have cost me 700 dollars. Ummmmmm iphone ….. kiss my A$$. Droid for life.

  • Anonymous

    1, The “DROID” brand does need to go to other companies, so they can have a crack at it.
    2. Don’t hate on the iPhone users, its community is good too. The iPhone users can always jailbreak and develop their own apps.
    3. I also have a feeling Android will soon turn out just like Apple (slowly and eventually) – I mean just look at their attempts (and successful) to stop rooting!

  • takeshi

    The brand isn’t done for. If anything Droid and Android should benefit as additional competition is introduced into Verizon’s offerings. Verizon has room for more than just one major mobile OS.

  • Cd

    I love my wife’s Droid X and was interested in either the Droid X or Droid 2 for myself, but will wait for the Droid Bionic…..I can’t wait to rid myself of my iPhone.

  • toaster

    The droid brand has already made a name for great phones, and the iphone will appeal to some but not everyone likes it. I think the Droid brand is here to stay

  • riz

    The Verizon iPhone 4 feels like a dirty trick being played on the unsuspecting public! iPhone 4 is 8 months old and in Feb when launched on Verizon, millions will buy an old phone than consumer reports will NOT recommend. Millions will now be in contract till 2013! and millions will not be able to buy the much better iphone 5 which will launch in June just 4 little months later! I guess these people will be screwed and I should kinda laugh? Or just buy a Android!

  • Ignitros

    I thought that this article from CNN.com was pretty funny given the news yeserday of the iCrap. Wasn’t the original codename of the Bionic the Etna?


  • UFISH2

    verizon is just a money game…sell phones and service but slow on rewards to us……where’s gingerbread…..other updatess to phones……and who wants a locked down i*one…cant play with it what fun is that..give me android and gingerbread and let the jobs want to be’s have that crappy phone:) DROID rules :):):):)

  • vz should have swapped the bionic for the atrix….why does at&t deserve that phone

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • NateyFoFatey

    I don’t think the Verizon i*hone will kill the Droid brand.

    Here’s Why:
    The device is coming to Verizon mid cycle. i*hone users on AT&T are already talking about holding off until the 5 comes out. So I think early adopters are going to be existing Verizon folks that have not had a smart phone and will adopt the i*phone because they have a friend with one and because Apple’s advertising is very “accessible”.

    I do think that there will be some cross pollination from existing Droid users that run android devices because they wanted a good smart phone and didn’t want AT&T but would have preferred an i*hone originally. I’d guess that you might see a 5-10% move that incorporates that demographic. (Folks that ran android because there was no good next best alternative)

    There will likely be less movers from i*hone to android.

    So that leaves the growing market demographic. (Folks that don’t have a smart phone today):
    This is a HUGE group. These folks will need to chose a platform and when you look at the value of both brands, they both have their strengths.
    Apple has the strength of simplicity: One Device One Message One OS
    Droid has the strength of flexibility: Lots of choice, faster development

    In addition: The Droid devices are more valuable to the carriers because they can make more on them than an i*hone. (Don’t underestimate this)

    Both are very valuable in their own way. I can’t see any of the carriers killing off their android lines just because steve jobs allowed them to run his devices. At a minimum this would remove market competition from the upstream providers (Android providers, Apple) and create a near monopoly on that side of the value chain. VERY bad for carriers.

    Don’t worry. This will remain largely the same.

  • MAQSR1


  • Carlosdg23

    Android is like gum, different flavors but same boring gum that runs out of flavor after chew… P.S Written from my Dinc .

  • Carlosdg23

    Android is like gum, different flavors but same boring gum that runs out of flavor after chew… P.S Written from my Dinc .

    • Anonymous

      Love this 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Love this 🙂

  • Chadazz4

    I personally will get the iphone, but at the same time find it ridiculous to think that the Droid brand is done for or will even be hurt much by the Veriphone. People are loyal to what they love.

  • The Droid branding won’t be going anywhere… Verizon paid LucasFilm some major $$ to use the name. We are going to be rocking Droids for many more years.

  • I*hone is Junk, will never leave Android

  • As a previous i*hone user I jumped ship as soon as the Droid X was released. The i*hone was too small and lacked many of the features i wanted in a phone. Customization and individuality of a device is important to me and unless you jailbreak your device that was next to impossible. Android enticed me with its promises of flash and other exclusive and innovative features to provide a better mobile experience. Apple has one phone and one tablet and they are pretty much the same. don’t get me wrong i love my mac computers but when it comes to mobile devices why would you want to downgrade and move backwards from android especially if coming from a top tier device. I dont think i*hone sales to consumers who already possess smart phones to be that great unless they are stuck with palm os or a phone that is stuck at android 1.x but even still with dual core and LTE phones immanent why upgrade to something that is already obsolete? Loyal i*hone users from at&t may switch to Verizon, but who wants to pay for something you already own? I do not see the DRIOD brand dying off, it is probably the most recognizable android brands, will we see less devices i believe so but we will see better ones. i think DROID will become the future of the best Motorola has to offer. I could see them holding out for a Motorola Atrix style phone for the next big DROID after the BIONIC. I guess we really just need to wait and see what the future will hold, one thing is for sure fans will always love their trusty DROID.

  • Hercules

    So, with the Droid Brand slowing down. It looks like this blog will as well.

  • nah i think the droid brand will be fine, it’s verizons flagship device and it makes them tonss of money.

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  • Lala

    Im not changing over, I love android. i*hone no flash , no removable memory card and battery = no care.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone needs to let go of their fears. If Android users want to switch back to the inferior Iphone let them. Maybe they’ll realize how much of Android they took for granted and want to switch back or not. Might just be me but I think the Iphone hitting Verizon will strengthen Android more than anything and I’m pretty excited about it too.

    I know exactly what I want out of my smartphone device and I choose accordingly. Openness, customization, widgets, rooting/roming and whatever else you want to throw in there. Long live AOSP.

  • Trombone Dixie

    i was an i*hone user before i joined Team ANDROID and i can gladly say that i will NEVER go back.

  • I think it will last alot longer, I on the other hand am bot crazy about the name droid bionic.

  • If Verizon drops the Droid brand it will be the worst thing they have ever done. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people ask me if a certain phone is a “Droid” phone when they are pertaining to android phones. It’s great marketing and you can walk around just about everywhere and most people know what a Droid is.

  • jboy06

    Droid has been an absolute failure in branding. If it would have succeeded, there would be no need for the iPhone on Verizon. The superior iPhone 4 will soon send Droid and Android to an early grave on Verizon. If only Android phones didnt need to be rooted to get to near the user experience of an iPhone.

    Droid Done!

    • I had an i*hone and what experience on an i*hone is better than a Droid? How long did it take before you could change your wallpaper? how about putting a custom launcher or even just icons on your i*hone? hey how about those widgets? oh wait you can’t do that, customize your lock screen? nope.. hmm view flash content on the web.. no not that either.. removable and expandable battery and storage.. no.. i could go on all day..

      • I disagree with you. I currently own a Droid Incredible and I am disgusted with how it has been updated. I am forced to keep crapware that Verizon likes on my phone. If I want to remove it, I must flash to a different rom which I did and install all of my apps and settings on that new rom. Next comes apps force closing. The thing about different android phones is that apps don’t work on all of them. I can’t count how many times I had to go into airplane mode just to get my 3G service back and that was ON THE STOCK ROM!

        Android and iPhone are now like Windows and OSX. With different customizable options that windows offers also comes skinned roms and crapware that manufactures want to force on you. OSX offers less customizing but a more robust experience.

        I would rather have LESS customization than MORE force closes, random reboots, phone lock ups and having to use Gingerbread’s app manager. Not to mention it is a pain to “sync” my itunes to my Droid as well as listen to music on it.

        I will sacrifice widgets for apps that work on all devices and games that are up to par with psp

        • Anonymous

          you say apps that work on all devices…thats kinda hard not to do considering with apple you only have one device

        • I have all the same bloatware on my Droid X and don’t have a problem with it, maybe because i don’t use it or allow it to auto update. my phone has rarely ever force closed an app (one or twice since i owned it and only with beta launchers). Since your phone is obviously rooted if you’re flashing to roms maybe the stuff you have done to your phone caused it to be this way? You say some apps don’t work on your phone, such as what? i havent found one app on the market i want that i can’t run on my DX. read the app description if it only works on certain phones it will usually say so, either in comments or in the developers description. With the iPhone what you see is what you get, with android you have the ability to make it your own. I dont see myself ever switching back to an iPhone, not since i have seen the freedom i have with Android. sure you can jailbreak your iPhone but that still doesnt even begin to scratch the surface of what you can do on your DROID. Maybe you should have gotten a different phone or researched more before you purchased yours. Try to reset your phone to factory settings and leave it stock see if the problems persist. if they do your device may be defective and return it to Verizon for a new one.